So in talking to some friends tonight I find myself looking up Zeta Gundam designs. And apparently nobody will cop to designing the Bolinoak Sammahn. And... I get that, and yet I want to know.

This Wikipedia page in Japanese credits Nobuyoshi Habara for roughs and "林裕樹" for finishes. I'm not sure how to translate that, but the name also comes up as sub-mecha designers for Galvion and Srungle.
Habara also worked on Srungle, as well as Dorvack, Dancougar and Machine Robo among others. But the person who did the finishes, I can't find them anywhere.
If anybody knows that name, and knows more about the animator, let me know!
BINGO. The finishes are by Hiroki Hayashi.
So assuming Japanese Wikipedia is correct, we have an answer.
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