Are you still chasing a feeling that you think someone else gave you in a relationship? Not realizing that the magic you were feeling was actually created by you.
Learning how to run energy properly will help you feel more tuned in, grounded, connected, awake, aware, “turned on” and will break the addictive cycle of thinking you need to be in a relationship to feel aligned yourself.
When you are in love, did you realize the sensations you feel are coming from you? You are literally feeling yourself. Possibly its so unfamiliar, you attribute that feeling to someone else. As if someone else is the source of those feels. But the sensations are happening within.
We often don’t give ourselves permission to feel our own love because of stories we have been told or because we think love is about being worthy. We think if someone else loves us we must indeed be loveable and we allow ourselves to be literally “turned on” like a light bulb.
It is true there may be certain energy centers where we are blocked or closed off that light up when we are with certain people. We may feel more creative, more attractive, more safe. For example, as a heart healer I often allow for people to feel their hearts open fully.
This way of loving works when the person is present but what happens when the relationship is complete? It’s natural to think you can’t experience the feeling of being in love unless that person is there. But it’s untrue. Your magic is always available, waiting to be discovered.
When you move out of “chasing a relationship to catch a feeling or a vibe” paradigm your relationships become less about the addiction to needing someone else to fill you up. You find if easier to so no thank you when you see red flags. And it align with something healthy.
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