A message to @sidharth_shukla
Dear Sid, 
I have spent the better part of the past 4 months watching you every day on screen. I am not emotionally ready for you to leave and I am not prepared for the amount of crying I will be doing. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
So, I would like to dedicate this post to the wonderfully beautiful soul that I will miss, OH SO MUCH.  #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
I was 14 when I stumbled upon you on TV as Rahul Kashyap. I was well aware that the words you spoke through that character were not your own but it took someone truly remarkable to convey the emotions meant for those words. And that someone was YOU. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
From Rahul in Love U Zindagi to Shiv in Balika Vadhu to Sidharth Shukla in biggboss, it has been an incredible journey for you and for myself as I have literally grown up watching you. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
I thought I had prepared myself for this moment but apparently, I couldn’t have guessed how difficult I would find to say goodbye to you. 
You have taken me through a wonderful journey with your character as Rahul & Shiv but even more so as JUST #SidharthShukla in BB.  #SidNaaz
I have never in my life seen a man as real, as sharp, as confident, as good listener and as excellent speaker as you are. Throughout the years and throughout all the crazy, you always stayed true to yourself and I honestly couldn’t have been prouder.  #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
Your clarity of thought and exposition is breath taking. If your gift as an tv actor have been outstanding, your abilities as #SidharthShukla have been remarkable. #SidNaaz
Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself no matter how many fingers are raised against me, no matter how low I am or no matter the situation. You have taught me to be strong and to stand for what’s right no matter the situation. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
People claim that you have no heart but for me there is nobody as soft-hearted as you are. You wound up as the most generous, open minded and non-judgmental man in my eyes. You have courage, wisdom and kindness all in abundance. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
Tonight is the night for you!! If you win the trophy people will label it as biased and fixed, but only we know how hard this journey has been for you and for us. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
The blood, sweat and tears that we went through as a supporter and you went through inside as an individual makes you the most deserving winner of this show. There has NEVER been anyone like YOU and there will NEVER be anyone like YOU.  #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
While you go home and take the most needed break from 150 cameras, I hope you are reminded that you are a performer and a fighter. I hope you are reminded that you are celebrated for who you are, for your TRUE SELF and not for anything else. #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
I hope you are reminded that you lived an extraordinary journey that we are so proud to be a part of. Thank you for making this journey an incredible one, Siddy. You will be missed ❤️❤️❤️ #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz
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