🔔 1. #WWG1WGA Thread
The Holy Grail ~ Medieval Legend ~ Unicorns🦄 ~ Red Castle ~ Templars ~ Switzerland ~ #watchthewater ~ Octogon ~ Infinity ♾ ~ Blood of Christ ~ Knighthood ~ Biblical Pomegranates & Bells 🔔 ~ JFK & his Honey Fitz Bell ~ Avengers Assemble🎥 ~ #ChristWithin
2. Oh it’s amazing what happens when you slow down & work on a Bible study & just happen to rewatch something you haven’t seen in a long time w/ new eyes 👀 No coincidences. This is such a time.
It tied together numerous pieces of the puzzle 🧩. BIG pieces! #symbolism
3. I had info ready to tweet regarding #JFK’s #WWG1WGA bell 🔔 & something Biblical. Then I happened to watch a video I’ve seen at least twice b4. And realized how interconnected they really are! So let’s explore the Holy Grail...
4. We’ve heard many ideas regarding the Holy Grail. I won’t go into all; I may go in2 some you never knew. B4 I start I want to pose different lines of thought here:
- A physical literal bloodline &/or physiological
- An esoteric - allegorical meaning
- What if it’s both+ #mirror
5. I’m going to start & recap the video b/c it’s all important.
Medieval legend tells of The Hunting of the Unicorns. Famous tapestries depict the hunt & killing of 🦄’s.
Pop culture 🎥 makes suggestions.
Theories say the hunt of Jesus’s bloodlines.
6. Where is a unicorn’s 🦄 horn located?
What else is located at the forehead? Is this an allegorical representation of enlightenment? Activating the 3rd eye?
Why would [they] want to destroy such a beautiful creature if not allegory & why would Christ be associated to it?
7. Oh, in case I forgot to warn you, we are going deep deep deep in this thread. 😉
8. The Holy Grail ~ Sangreal 👉🏻 Grail an ancient Mesopotamia word for Nectar of Supreme Excellence. “Some interpret as blood of Christ allegedly consumed by antediluvian gods & kings.”
SANG - REAL 👉🏻Sang (past tense) Real (Reality, now, present existence) Hmm Interesting 🤔💭...
9. Reminds of a Movie “Reel”- not so Real. 🎥 or is it? 🍿
Are you enjoying the show? 🍿
10. So, is the Unicorn the representation of [their] hunt for the Bloodlines of Jesus Christ? Is the Holy Grail the cup of the messianic blood of the crucifixion? Or is it a higher state of consciousness? You may know it as Chakra, or energy centers.
11. Ok back to video. Man is doing a video in Switzerland🇨🇭🏰 & introduces us to THIS. Sense Schwarzwasser = Blackwater. Water on both sides, & a Grasburg Castle, said to be of Templars & Holy Grail bloodlines there. Is that a Red Castle?! Bear, water💦 #symbolism, Red = Blood🩸
12. Grasburg he says is not for the Grass. He states it comes from Grail but in Switzerland🇨🇭they don’t pronounce the “L” & that’s how it changed as it sounded. I don’t know that language, never been there & can’t confirm, BUT making note since the answer does seem to be elusive.
13. If you’ve been following me you could have already learned that I follow very closely the 8 #Infinity ♾ 888 #TripleEights & everything that surrounds it. So when he says the place was Founded by the Templars, 👉🏻“These guys from Octogon” my spidey senses went up. 😳 ...
14. I have so many tweets on 8 #infinity 888 etc... that best just search w/ my handle or here’s a link. Original thread was cut that was on Thoth, Hermès Thrice Born, Emerald Tablet, City of 8, Jesus, etc... But this is what brought me on to twitter!....
https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1227682444779937798?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1227682444779937798
15. For a quick recap on how the Templars #symbolism reveals themselves watch this video 👉🏻 .
See my graphics & it’s in my thread above on #infinity ♾ 8 & it’s recently been connected to the coronavirus. Not a coincidence.
16. Just a mental note of the #Keystones within this old red castle as well. #watchthewater
He claims the Royal bloodlines of the Pharoahs came to this castle. The video shows a clear indiction by stones & structures to have had rituals performed there as well...
17. So what does all that mean? Follow the symbology. It shows us front & center. 💧Water, 1 of the 4 alchemical elements = 3 lines (looks like water) to the downward or upside down triangle🔽 to the ancient symbol of femininity to the Chalice. A chalice obviously holds water.
18. #watchthewater 💦
Per Robert Sepehr: “Carl Jung says water is the universal symbol of the unconscious mind. The lake in the valley is the unconscious which, lie, as it were underneath consciousness.” Ie: subconscious, A well = Sacred Portal to another world...
19. Per Robert Sepehr, Anthropologist, “the Grail may tell of a bloodline, it also contains symbolism into the subconscious mind and possibly the soul as well.”
20. B4 people flip - disclosure time. You will hear Manley P. Hall 33degree Mas0n. I am tweeting only a few points, So you can hear on video 👉🏻Remember #DarkToLight secret societies don’t keep lies secret. They keep truth secret. So hear & discern yourself
21. 1 of legends is Joseph of Arimathea (gave tomb up for Christ to be in) brought the chalice / Holy Grail to Britain, approx 50 or 60 AD w/ “handkerchief” of St Veronica.
Chalice said to have been buried in “Chalice Well.” Recall what was said about the Well!
22. That was in Glastonbury. A swampy 😳🤔💭 ( #draintheswamp just sayin 😏) grounds also known as Avalon. The last sleep of King Arthur legends.
Interesting building when you see it in a different perspective right?
23. 3 top Quests were for the Holy Grail, the Spear of the Centurion (aka Lance of Longines) & the “Wreath” of thorns (aka crown of thorns). The searches massive & spanning geography & time. YET, there is still much debate over verifying which it is: literal physical or esoteric?
24. Again... what if it’s both?
There is always a search. Seeking. What are we told to do?
“Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God...”
What do you think Q is teaching? #QAnon is teaching the people to search. How to seek truth...
25. They’ve searched for “church of the Holy Grail”. Never found it. “Fruitless”
It’s not a place to join, no membership, it’s just you. On your own quest. “Dedication for the search was part of the knighthood back in medieval.” Interesting🤔 Know anyone?
26. It’s Biblical, & it’s true baptism. Prayerful but also quite. “Be still & know that I am God.” This is meditation🧘🏻‍♀️Seek ye first, control earthly, carnal nature; Christ within you, stilling your mind-taking no thought, listen for intuition, Holy Spirit
https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1208974114649759744?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1208974114649759744
27. Another piece that made me go😲, was Hall called this (knighthood / journey / pilgrimage / meditation)
👉🏻“an Assemblage of enlightenment... a myth of Egypt, Greek & ancient peoples...”
I remembered Avengers End Game. 🎥🍿
💥Avengers Assemble💥
Coincidence?🤔💭. Don’t think so
28. So let’s look at the Holy Grail as a symbol, not a literal cup. This painting caught my attention when searching. It is telling us something more. Look at the placement of the Holy Grail & the bread over his heart❤️area. Why is that interesting?
2nd pic doesn’t have the bread
29. Exodus 28 is very specific about the making of the “Holy Garments.”
Notice words “wreathen” “forehead”. More symbolism that we mentioned earlier?
Notice the golden bells & pomegranates. It’s all about gold & jewels & then there’s pomegranates interjected into the design🤔.
30. Where is that location? It includes the heart ❤️ and the Thymus. The Thymus of an animal when used as a food, is called “sweet bread”.
31. Pomegranates represent “fruitfulness”, abundance, fertility, part of the tree of life. It’s bursting w/ seeds & life! We could say it looks like a bell🛎. But there’s more. The female energy of a pomegranate. We’ve seen a golden bell 🔔 before #WWG1WGA. male, solar energy.
32. Look at the Bell & the pomegranate from a diff. angle. Either way it resembles a Grail / Chalice!😲
The same can be done w/ the Thymus & heart❤️
The Thymus has been called the seat of the soul!
Thymus & the heart are the connect pathway b/w our electric & magnetic energies.
33. Enter Frank CHESTer who studied the... Chest area. You guessed it! I can’t make this stuff up! The Chestahedron.
Blood flows in an embryo b4 the heart is even formed. How?! The vortex of clockwise yet counterclockwise direction of blood flow. Reverses. Dynamic rest. STILL.
34. That’s not all! Pomegranate & Bell!🔔 “The bell shape has been used in ancient Egyptian paintings to represent the human soul, coming down to earth from the heavens to incarnate in flesh. These bell shapes, seeds of spirit, are the geometric templates for growing a human ❤️.”
35. See when the 2 cones of the Chestahedron are spinning, the shape through motion is the shape of a bell.
When does a bell work? When it makes a sound right? How does it make sound? By vibration & frequency. We are also vibration & frequency...
36. This is the Heart Chakra. It’s GREEN. 💚 Sanskrit “Sound produced without touching two parts.” (2 bells 🔔) Element is Water. Remember what was above? Water to Female to Chalice etc.. 😉 Seems to connect again across time, geography & cultures, religions. Gem = Ruby ❤️
More to come...
37. So I’ve been saying all along that I believe President Trump & Q Team are taking us through ascension, enlightenment, raising the consciousness to prepare for the awakening. See, 1 has to reach a point where intuition & discernment is accessible to accept truth, & handle it..
38. I do not believe that being Valentine’s Day yesterday was a coincidence at literally the same time I’m working on this thread. The heart ❤️ day. So much so that I realized, why do we use XOXO💋 & where did it come from? Oh it’s more than we think & it relates to this thread!
39. Well would you look at that! 👀
The Christian cross, more specifically “Chi Rho” as it repr. the Greek word for Christ” which is really Christos = Annointed oil, more on that later!😉 Ah! Constantine! The original propaganda machine!
“...flanked by POMEGRANATES” & a wreath!😳
40. The Pomegranates and the wreaths?! Like no way! What a coincidence! 😏 How is that possible?
Remember reading up above in my thread found in tweets #23, 31, & 32 (at minimum) about the wreath (aka crown of thorns) and pomegranates. That doesn’t just happen by chance.😊
41. #Q quotes #JFK in numerous QDrops like #2573 & even provides a prayer RIP JFK in #703.
Take note of the “...as we ring the bell of FREEDOM”🔔 reference & also the “...but to light the candle...”🕯 Not only does it relate to what is in here, I believe there‘s more to words...
42.🔔&🕯👉🏻Bell, Book & Candle & it’s a method of excommunic. by the Catholic Church. That’s pretty horrid!🤨 Who do [they] think they r, Creator Almighty?! Ring a bell to evoke death toll & snuff out a candle, removed from light of God?! 🛑No! Q is reversing this blasphemous act!
43.Let me make myself crystal clear. No 1, I mean NO ONE has authority to snuff out your light w/in removing you from the light of God!!! That is how backwards the world is & that “church.”
The bell (ring) & candle (light) are esoterically significant b/c it’s also physiological!
44. And I will attest that a meaning of these QDrops as found in #41 is we will ring our bell of FREEDOM & light the candle! In saying it with words ⚔️ and in doing so we gain the power to complete the task, reversing spells, raise our own vibration & ring our bell! 🔔
45. Remember @RudyGiuliani’s tweet of Capital building upside down? I knew it then! It’s a symbol of the Holy Grail, the Bell 🔔 and reversing [Their] spells.
(I know I wrote White House, but I meant Capital)
👉🏻Up next, explore physiological meanings...
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46. I’m not even done this thread. BUT other threads are merging on this & I have to share! 🤯 We discussed Bells🔔 b4 but I had forgotten. @realDonaldTrump’s ROCKY! Oumuamua, ABELL, Cain & Abel, #TripleEights 888 tracking for months! #Infinity ♾
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