Some sample low light scenes #shotonfxtecpro1. It's decent, although I have to hold the #FxtecPro1 really still for these results. I'll miss using the #Pixel2 for getting excellent pics with ease, but I think I can get used to this and be more deliberate in composing pics.
The fingerprint sensor on the #FxtecPro1 is so sensitive and yet inaccurate that I've all but disabled it. The BT is also finicky, it's not pairing with my #QC35. Sure I can use the 3.5mm jack but I like how easily my Bose pairs with multiple devices.
OTOH, the #FxtecPro1 keyboard is cool, and I'm back to normal battery life, yay! (50% in 12 hours, regular usage; while the #Pixel2 drained 40% over the same time just being IDLE.) And the display looks great! I just have to get used to its curves not touching them accidentally..
more photo tests (as I use the camera a lot). These are taken by snapdragon (stock) camera. [1] donut waiting to be consumed [2] orchestral performance on TV [3] Tampere cathedral in the rain [4] 2 persons walking in front of me as I was also walking #shotonfxtecpro1 #fxtecpro1
Next set is taken with Open Camera - refer to prev tweet for photo descriptions. I find it focuses better but the contrast/colours don't look natural. also file sizes are halved. more testing needed (need to play with the settings)
I got this clear soft case that's meant for Huawei P20 Pro which fits the #FxtecPro1 pretty well. It immediately solves some issues: adds protection against scratches on the back, esp the camera; better grip, and less accidental touches on curved part of the display; ... (cont'd)
... no triggering the sensitive fingerprint sensor. However as the port positions are different on the 2 devices I'll have to mod it to access the USB-C, 3.5mm jack amongst others. One good thing though the camera cutout already fits so my pic-taking isn't interrupted! #FxtecPro1
Found a gcam port that works pretty well - only limited testing so far but already amazed by the results. Portrait mode working fine too (although I won't share my scary disheveled mugshot). Thanks to Oliver at 
With the above-mentioned gcam port, re-creating the pics from the first tweet in this thread ( - brings out so much more from the already great #fxtecpro1 camera. #shotonfxtecpro1
OTA update with keyboard fix installed and working great. Thanks @teringleider and @thefxtec!

Adding this tweet to my #fxtecpro1 experience thread. Or should I use moments? Who uses moments anymore? 🤔
3+ months later, still not a scratch on the #fxtecpro1 :)
Photos by the #FxtecPro1 running #SailfishOS. A bit noisy, but otherwise pretty decent!

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