I don't like making a big public deal out of this sort of thing, but I am scared out of my mind this week thanks to stalkers stepping their game up and the incident last night I'm still trying to recover from, and this is really not helping. Remember this? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1225566656329592832
I'm not sure why this person has decided to start stalking me and writing such bizarre fanfiction about me, but people have been running with it, and tagging really dangerous transphobes into old threads of mine as a result, leading to having to post this- https://twitter.com/SecretGamerGrrl/status/1227147771389542400
and spend a good chunk of the past week set to private while encouraging careless people to delete posts placing me in danger. And now that I'm off private, despite having this person blocked, they have immediately jumped back in, screenshotting posts- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1227937560581869568
Coming up with strange new conspiracy theories about me- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1227933986489499648

(For those joining in late, I have had no employment of any kind since coming out as trans beyond freelance writing, most of which is RPG related, relying heavily on my patreon account which isn't
even enough to cover my rent, and don't want to give the same account of a traumatic event on twitter and face to face because it'd make it way easier for the stalkers threatening to kill me to hunt me down).

Continuing this nonsense too of course- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1227933984971280384
Claiming I'm friends with the king of the transphobes- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1227928115894247424

Which... I'm sure I've posted plenty else that shows how absurd that is, but the initial obsession here started off with quoting things I was saying in the wake of him painting a huge target on me.
And is going the extra mile of... specifically badgering people who follow me and support me on patreon not to do so. The patreon that's the only thing between me and homelessness. Classy. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1227965935480377346

That in particular is an excellent example of one of the ways that
this sort of stalking and harassment can easily get vulnerable people like me seriously hurt or killed. When you make up random villainous stories about people, people believe you, and those people's reactions can have very real consequences. That's why you don't write fanfiction
about strangers on the internet. Unlike fictional characters, you are impacting the lives of actual human beings.

Anyway, I bring this up publicly, because for some reason I have a fair number of mutual followers with this person, and hopefully one of you can do some much needed
talking down here. Barring that, the rest of you (who I would very much appreciate if you avoided any impulse you may have to jump into this person's mentions with the sort of direct confrontation that never solves anything) could do me a favor and help report all this harassment
Oh and I missed this pinned tweet here: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1228091643682861057 Report that too please.

What the hell makes people obsess over complete strangers like this?
And... continuing with Weird Crap I Have To Formally Disconnect because people are taking this weird stalker at their word- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1228124266220204035

The "nuked website" in question here would be Storify, a blogging site that existed from 2010-2016 which was kinda handy for quick
archiving of long twitter threads, which I found handy around 2014 for collecting longer twitter rants about neo-nazi crap, and the odd long form piece like this one- http://archive.is/RhN6k 

It is not a site that I owned, work for, or profited from in any way, and most of what I
or a couple of monsters in the back of this month's Starfinder AP, depending what we're counting as articles.

None of which of course has any connection to my patreon account, where people collectively donate almost enough money for me to pay the rent on my one room apartment.
This attack is still going on by the way, with this person now instructing followers to brigade my patreon and cut off my only source of income and force me out onto the street. Please report: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1228683938773786624
And... I don't want to link these for the sake of the safety of the others being targeted, this is accompanied by the rest of the standard playbook popularized by Gamergate:
- Searching for the last time someone was attacking me in a similar fashion, attempt to rekindle that...
- Shouting that I'm a pedophile, in the hopes that such a serious accusation will drive off supporters without them bothering to check if there is anything at all backing that up (and including random screenshots of random conversations to look like there's evidence if they had
time to check).
- Insinuating anyone calling this out as a totally baseless attack on an innocent person is also evil and must be destroyed, again targeting sources of income, supporters, making outrageous accusations.
- Directly tagging friends of mine demanding they denounce me
and/or suggesting that I am secretly plotting against them (again, offering up as "evidence" literally random screenshots of conversations involving no people or topics even adjacent to the accusations).
- Stalking me via multiple burner accounts.
- Vaguely insinuating sinister
motivations behind me taking the basic protective step of blocking those burners when I identify them.
- Repeatedly claiming to be some sort of vigilante champion for justice "investigating" to find "dangerous people" (which of course justifies absolutely anything, regardless of
morality or legality).

Please take a few moments, if you can, to go through and report as much of this as you feel comfortable.

This sort of crap gets people like me killed, regularly.
So after a full day of this stalker and their followers shouting about me being a pedophile without even a tortured explanation of their logic, I found one here on yet another of the many alts I've been having to block: https://twitter.com/PointSalute/status/1228694696152719360

Quite the fascinating glimpse here.
The logic, such that it is here would seem to be:
- I have decided to appoint myself a hunter of pedophiles.
- This person (whose life I am endangering) is suggesting that I am dangerous.
- If people see me as dangerous, they will take my holy mission less seriously and I will be
rendered less able to continue my hunt.
- Without me to rid the world of this great evil, the pedophiles, who only I can see and combat, will roam free.
- Only a pedophile would want that.
- And look, I'm hunting her.
- My logic is a perfect mighty circle, unbroken and eternal!
In all seriousness though, that sort of thing makes me livid. Aside from that being a grotesque accusation to frivolously toss at anyone, but especially against a trans woman, where you're weaponizing oldschool queerphobic myths about preying on children to grow ranks (and more
likely than not, throwing that crap at an actual victim of CSA), I've personally been pretty heavily involved in actually exposing, documenting, and properly reporting actual pedophiles. People who do unspeakable things to innocent children. They are the absolute most evil people
on the planet, and also some of the most dangerous. Really working against that shit isn't some fun little game where you stand on a soap box pointing and shouting at people. It's steeling yourself to dig into websites posting things so awful you'll be in therapy the rest of your
your trying to forget, documenting it all. Filing detailed reports through all the proper channels. Hoping none of those reports get intercepted, because when that happens everyone's home address ends up on terrorism sites, murders start to be attempted, and you get to see the
most absolutely disgusting DARVO crap with them calling the police to scan your hard drive for photos you may have pulled off their disgusting sites, or search facebook for photos of your youngest relatives to photoshop their faces onto the worst images in their collections.
So those are the sort of memories I have flooding back in right now thanks to the PTSD I have from dealing with these monsters for real. That and the suicide attempts from the friends who couldn't handle what they had to look at.

The flashbacks are worse than the stalking.
This seems worthy of highlighting from today's pile of weird crap people should report by the way: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230151994326835200

All I know about this Clawshrimpy person is they're stuck dealing with the same stalker I am, and I still actively discourage directly engaging this creep,
but this is basically hostage taking.

Our creepy friend here claims to have a bunch of incriminating information on someone they're making some pretty damn serious criminal claims about. If they actually believed their own claims, actually had real evidence to support them, and
actually thought they were doing a public service by exposing this person's crimes, there is absolutely no logical reason not to just dump it all as soon as they acquired it.

Instead, we have this very clear threat that amounts to "every time anyone notes that I am terrorizing
randomly selected trans people, I'm going to do it some more, and it's not going to be the person I'm really gunning for, it's going to be this bystander, so the blood's going to be on her hands." Or, I suppose, the hands of whoever says "WTF is your problem here?"

What a thug.
And I see today we're moving on to bizarre, plainly false claims about me having my account set to private, which is at least encouraging in that it suggests I've finally gotten all of this creeps alts blocked: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230540979834380290
More efforts to attack my Patreon, here. Simultaneously admitting that I do not get paid to post anything on Storify, in no small part because it has not existed for years, and apparently suggesting that I ACTUALLY write for David Futrelle's self-run site? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230539664114802693
And... OK this is just straight up openly admitting to terrorizing me and trying to get the attention of one of my much more dangerous stalkers... apparently because it makes this person feel big to do that? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230515336136577026

There's a ton more to report that I'm not going
to link here. Round-ups of anyone liking posts from people calling this out as the abuse that it is, a massive list of e-mail accounts and passwords allegedly belonging to someone else this creep is stalking the hell out of (which is very much against ToS and the law, by the way)
I cannot handle the stress from this. I haven't gotten a solid night's sleep since this started... what, almost a month ago now? I can't eat. My hands are shaking. I've had severe stomach pains which... apparently seem to be the result of some pretty severe internal bleeding.
People I care about are treating me like I'm radioactive. People are yanking Patreon pledges left and right (although thankfully that's been balanced out by a few people throwing in new ones out of concern, thank you). I have freelance work piling up, effortsto get more falling
through because twitter support spam has shut my e-mail down completely again. Other people being targeted by this person asking me WTF the deal is and why this creep thinks I'm connected to them. I had an incredibly important appointment today I missed because I'm just laying on
the floor balling my eyes out and suffering blood loss. This is literally killing me, physically, in addition to the blatant attempt to destroy my financial support and what passes for social support for me.

And I mean, fuck. I don't usually talk about it, but this isn't even
an unusual week for me. I have more stalkers like this one that I can count. They never let up. I have no life left at all. No hope for any sort of just even basic... watch TV and feed my cats normalcy or safety again. And frankly the ever-increasing incentive to just end things
so stalkers like this might stop making secondary targets out of anyone perceived as vaguely adjacent to me.

Somebody please just help me make this all just stop.
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PERSON!? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230668582159343619
Seriously, what the hell even is that? Or this? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230678345693704193

This person has been obsessed with how much I get through patreon this whole time and I'm barely surviving. Is the idea to try and work out where I live based on my rent? Some bizarre notion that this person
is going to somehow inherit all those pledges if they kill me? That wouldn't make any less sense than the rest of this crap and I am terrified out of my damn mind at this point.
So uh... while I'm asking people to help report things, this KF creep right here- https://twitter.com/thermokiwi 

... is rather transparently operating two different accounts impersonating me, and harassing people with them:
Please report.
So, I'd love to stop perpetually extending this thread of really seriously horrific crap to report from this stalker, but every day this week I continue to wake up to stuff like this: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230859352350842887

So first off, this is some SERIOUS Gamergate Red Lines crap, where this
creep is making some really disgusting implications about Arthur, by way of him defending me from these disgusting attacks, with those disgusting implications applying to me because of my "defending someone else" to whom they surely accurately apply. Some kind of Six Degrees of
Kevin Bacon thing on the assumption that Kevin Bacon has a thing for an anime character.

I'm going to guess the one person in the chain actually being accused of being into Pokemon porn is this Clawshrimpy person mentioned in half these incoherent ramblings I'm having to report,
but I can't for the life of me work out how I'm "defending" someone I don't know the first thing about... beyond what seems to be the logic in play that pointing out this person going after me is a dangerous stalker whose statements are completely disconnected from reality casts
a massive cloud of doubt over the accusations being lobbed at any other targets that stalker may be going after.

On that note why don't I go ahead and do some of that? This is worth pointing out for the completely baseless crap about me "painting critics as not disabled and cis"
https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1230852368998293504 but while I'm looking at it this uh... seems to be suggesting that this Clawshrimpy person should be fully aware of such facts because someone, presumably this stalker from the context, hacked their blog and made this rambling post full of personal details
and another post in the river of crap I've had to wade through all month to report and catalog violent threats against me claimed to be a list of every e-mail this Clawshrimpy person has ever used and the passwords to those accounts.

So... first of all, holy crap if you're even
glancing in the general direction of this stalker, make sure ALL your stuff is 2-factored with good passwords, even that old website you haven't touched in a decade.

Also, while "I didn't actually post any of that, my account was hacked" is usually a pretty weak excuse, it gains
a hell of a lot of credibility when you seem to be... personally bragging about hacking that person's account, and directing people to instructions on how to do so themselves.

If I DID have the free time and level of personal investment to spend defending this person, I'd think
there would be very little work left for me to do after being provided with that.

As things stand though, yeah. Reminding people to 2-factor your stuff. Reminding people that my only real presence on the internet since coming out has been this, my only twitter account, and this
tumblr account that, honestly, I actually had forgotten to 2-factor until just now: https://secretgamergirl.tumblr.com/ 

Also that I asked people to report 2 accounts impersonating me just this morning.

We've got THAT kinda stalking going on here, apparently.
After taking the weekend off apparently, my current most-enthusiastic stalker has returned with this pinned thread- https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1231546503363256321 which in short order:
- Throws out another bizarre baseless claim about me.
- Threatens to sue me for "unprofessional behavior."

- Threatens to... ask a local newspaper to run an article apparently written about me and various other stalking victims.
- Threatens the creation of a video covering them same.
- Employs some open intimidation, encouraging anyone who has in any way pointed out any of this horror
to delete any mention of it from social media or have it included in this... unpublishable article and video where the inclusion of such would subject it to easy take-downs.
- A further specific threat against another victim that the same will happen should she "defend herself."
The first point worth mentioning here, which should hopefully ease the worries of this stalker's other targets who have started following me, is that these threats are about as hollow as they get. No respectable newspaper would ever publish anything like this creep's baseless
baseless ramblings, and a video from someone with no youtube presence is no more dangerous to anyone than a bunch of libelous statements on twitter, while also being easier to report and get taken down. Meanwhile the threatened legal action here is a complete and utter joke.
The other point worth stressing here though is that all this blustering really isn't in service of any particular goal.

Usually if you see someone going "hey, I'm going to take this to the press" it's followed up with "if you don't ____!" But this creep isn't making any demands.
Nobody is threatening this person, there's no harassment going on, no personal relationship I'm aware of being this stalker and myself or any other victim here, of any sort. This is just someone who so far as I can tell just got up one day and decided to start terrorizing several
random unconnected struggling trans people, attack my sole source of income, and intimidate anyone in any way seen as friendly with me or speaking in my defense.

There are no terms of surrender being offered here. There is nothing I can say or do that will make this stalker stop
I, along with everyone else this person has decided to attack like this, have no recourse at all other than to sit here and live with this, until this person gets bored, or gets bold enough to cross the line of committing a criminal act that can be easily prosecuted without any
serious risks or costs to victims (and honestly that line might already have been crossed? If there's something I've linked in this thread I could take to the police and get a better result than exposing my legal name in exchange for a toothless restraining order, let me know).
And here's the thing- While this specific stalker does not seem to have a tremendous amount of reach, and has been providing some truly excellent live examples of how people following the Gamergate playbook love to do this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gish_gallop and really do make inroads even
when the "evidence" they shove in people's faces directly contradicts their own statements, no further investigation needed... being under attack like this takes a really serious psychological toll.

Some of the other people this person is targeting have contacted me to express
their fears about losing support/income/being left suicidal/suffering serious mental health effects.

Personally, this is not my first rodeo, and this stalker is objectively doing a much worse job than anyone in the very long line of people who have come at me like this before,
but here's the thing- None of those past stalkers have ever gone away, and this person is bringing them all back into action by chumming up the water like this. So yeah, this is just one weird stalker trying to drum up a harassment mob without a good handle on what to do with it,
but it's dragging out KF creeps, setting up impersonation accounts to go raise hell in this person's wake. Old school diehard Gamergate weirdos digging up 5 year old attacks and throwing them into the microwave. Various and sundry other old attackers haven't shown up on my radar
yet, but I've sure as hell been seeing runners dispatched to hand them all their party invitations.

And that of course is triggering the hell out of all the PTSD I have from half a decade of halfway competent stalkers and harassers burning down my career, my support networks, my
basic sense of safety, forcing me to flee my home, change my name, pack up everything I could and move. All the former friends who bought into this crap and stabbed me in the back, or got too scared and decided to cut ties with me for their own safety.

I've been a complete wreck
for weeks now. I can barely eat. I don't remember when I last got a solid night's sleep. Stress is literally destroying my body from the inside out. My hands are shaking so much I can't open my daily medications without spilling pills all over the floor. The ONE friend who has
stuck with me through the years on all of this just decided she couldn't handle it any more and walked out of my life.

To be perfectly honest, I can't think of a single thing I have left to live for right now. Stalkers like this have taken absolutely everything from me.

I can now add to my list of uniquely horrible experiences:
Called a suicide hotline. Talked for an hour. Was asked if I was still considering it. Said yes. Was told welp, I gotta go.
Having two hotline operators give up like this in one night is... something. Any amateurs want to take a swing?
I did at least get a nice "but doctor, I'M Pagliacci!" moment during the second call. Guess if I'm going out, that's kind of a darkly funny note to finish a life on?
Hey, remember a month ago when some creepy stalker was coming at me with a bunch of ridiculous BS, trying to encourage people to brigade my patreon and cut my sole source of income, and bring other stalkers out of he woodwork, leading to me having a brush with suicide and going
totally dark for a month? If you missed out on all that, I'm extending the thread cataloging it with this very post, so you can click through and scroll up. Or, you know, down, because the second I came back online, he's jumped right back into it: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1240261317384187905
This of course was posted right alongside this exchange with a perfectly innocent and trustworthy source, picking up hot tips about how I'm "a dude pretending to be trans to slide into people's DMs" and "atalking [sic] Zoe Quinn." As I'm well known for. https://twitter.com/prime_matrix/status/1240336085248606208
And of course by "a perfectly innocent and trustworthy source" I mean a hardcore Gamergater who also enthusiastically keeps up with the big name career transphobes.

Particularly given how this stalker's ENTIRE angle is all about playing the red string conspiracy game, suggesting
I have a villainous nature based on other people he's stalking tagging me on Twitter and Graham Linehan following me enthusiastically before he went off to become king of the bigots, accepting a DM full of dirt on a target from a big fan of a child porn site and Ray Blanchard may
So, for anyone who wants to really keep away from this particular stalker, in addition to his main account there, you should also consider blocking https://twitter.com/FoenixCollectiv  and his more dedicated witchhunter handle https://twitter.com/PointSalute 

Plus whatever account he's clearly using
to keep tabs on people who have all three of those blocked, which I haven't had the energy to try and work out. Also might be wise to take a look down his feed, blocking all the people he's RTing as they happily aid in the stalking efforts here and eagerly await this video he's
cackling about.

And while you're at it, this account impersonating me is still live:

Twitter is really quite weird about reporting things like this. Because Violet Hargrave is my pen name, not my legal name, when I attempt to report it, Twitter demands I
submit an ID bearing that name (which I of course don't have) or the trademark registration (which I guess means Ronald McDonald can shut impersonators down no problem, but I'm out of luck).

So getting twitter to act here would actually be far easier for anyone else reporting it
if I read their e-mails correctly, the greatest chance of getting it taken down would be a report from someone I have written things for, if anyone for whom I've done so wants to lend a hand there with a "someone I represent" post or whatever.

Still don't know how to deal with
the dozens of accounts that pick names off KF's arbitrarily long list of "known aliases" with which to crudely impersonate me and harass people who interact with me in any way. Just, sheer volume of reports and all their other rules violations I suppose?
So it's been over two weeks now since I'd heard anything about the stalker urging people to try and get my patreon account taken down with an ever-growing pile of baffling lies and I honestly thought he'd finally abandoned this strange obsession, but nope! https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246112210230837249
As usual I have no idea what "platform" I'm supposed to have, why this person insists I'm a journalist, or who any of these other people he's obsessed with even are or why he thinks they're connected to me. Yet here he is just, cold calling random people? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1245338052102406144
I also really cannot stress enough that every time I mention this, people make the mistake of trying to confront this stalker directly and getting nothing for it but being added to the pinboard: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246191290716282880

DO NOT engage. Do though perhaps consider warning any of the
various reporters/queer rights groups/random people you know who this creep is shouting all this nonsense at if you know any of them, to stem the tide of the damage done to all these people by this.

And particularly stem this: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246451926327230464

In my experience one of the
most dangerous things a stalker like this can do is weaponize followers to spread lies about their targets for them. It creates a fog of war where damning statements gain credibility. If you look at any of this stuff in the original context, you don't need anyone to explain how
it's all complete BS from an obsessed stalker. Everything speaks for itself quite nicely. But when some random follower says "hey, everyone should block Secret Gamer Girl, she's feeding puppies to kittens" because they just blindly trust this creep that floats around, coming from
someone with no clear reason to say such a horrible thing without good reason (people forgetting that "sharing unverified gossip feels helpful" is a reason to do a thing is part of what makes Twitter such a hellscape),so people with better judgement echo that, lending credibility
and so on and so on until it just becomes a "well-known fact" that "everybody knows."

Similarly, we have the tactic of trying to get this crap to go viral on other sites here: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246452367639425025

When this sort of thing is contained to twitter it's easy to look into context
as I stated above, I tend to inevitably learn when a new volley of attacks is coming in (I have this stalker blocked, but he keeps tagging me, so I see the reply-all responses all these random cold calls get form others), and at least on a theoretically level, it's easier for me
to report the harassment. Twitter, again, on a purely theoretical level, has strict rules against users harassing other users that they might some day choose to actually enforce, but as a general point of policy, nobody ever lifts a finger when someone uses social media site A to
direct attacks against an account on social media site B. Realy that kinda takes things full circle here too since this particular stalker only became aware of me in the first place because there was a hot minute a few months ago where the talk of the day was about Graham Linehan
created his own sad little twitter clone on which he could shout blatant lies about me without fear of any punitive action (sparking a bunch of speculation on why the hell THAT creepy stalker was so obsessed with me of all people).

And personally, I lack the ability to even make
a facebook account from which to report harassment for a shot at seeing justice, because when nobody was looking, they changed their policy from account creation being so easy people who never registered had ghost accounts made for them to this horrifying system requiring more
forms of ID than getting a passport, and even beyond that, they have some weird discriminatory policy where they just decide for themselves that some people's names are too "weird" not to be fake.

But again in practice I don't think in 6 years of constant stalking and harassment
I have EVER had twitter act on any report I've ever filed, except maybe when the one bigot who was bragging about being filmed assaulting a trans person half her size, after a year of her stalking me. So, if anyone who isn't on twitter's auto-reject-all-reports list wants to take
a stab at reporting... really every single thing quoted in this thread, I'd appreciate it a lot. Like this one: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246458817665273857

This creep keeps ranting and raving about "business partners" and "platforming" and "promoting" when the only one of these half dozen names and
handles he's throwing around I even recognize is Linehan's, and I don't think any reasonable person thinks some horrible bigot ranting and raving about me being "a big ugly perverted bearded man and a nazi" (paraphrased slightly because I really don't want to look the quotes up)
while linking to a dedicated stalking site with strong links to violent terrorism can honestly be qualified as "promotion."

And... OK that seems to be today's major action items against me. Again, please report as much as you can. And there's more targets https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246455644674277377
And again, the focus with all of this is just so nakedly violent. How does this person make their money, and how can that be weaponized? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246475321756585987

On which note, hey, it's really super great to see this stalker continuing to be so determined to cut me down when the
whole industry I rely on for the occasional scrap of freelance work is shuttered until this pandemic is over and I've got this letter about pulling the plug on my food assistance benefits because I'm currently completely unemployed (which is apparently a thing now?)

... and my
cupboards are honestly starting to get pretty bare again.

I know I've asked this before, but is there any sort of legal recourse I have about this sort of crap that won't cost a truckload of money I don't have or get me doxxed for my troubles?

Restraining orders aren't really
enforceable here I don't think, suing for libel requires a lawyer and I'm fairly certain a more substantial platform for the libel than someone's twitter account. Am I just screwed, barring this person finding my address and showing up in person?
This week's new tactic seems to be this stalker pulling out the weird baseless claim that I'm "spreading rumors he isn't trans." https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246820497024782337

Doesn't take a lot to debunk that one. I don't believe I've mentioned this stalker anywhere beyond this thread, and a quick
scan back through will show not only that I have done absolutely no such thing, I spent a good deal of time avoiding any pronoun usage for this creep, as I generally strive to do when someone does nothing to indicate how to refer to them. You may also notice the larger pattern of
him just randomly reassigning accusations he's lobbing at other people to me, as further illustrated here: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246835963021705217

The initial bullshit was claiming this other person was "starting a rumor he wasn't trans," because upon looking in on this harassment, they asked
if he was trans himself, or there was some other reason he was so fixated on trans people specifically. I don't have a damn thing to do with said person (nor any of these other random targets), but as he is way more invested in attacking me than this other person, we see here in
real time as he first decides to split the credit for this imagined crime between the original target and myself, then fully onto me. Meanwhile the actual motivation for making this accusation against me is pretty clearly a twofold effort to preemptively paint me as some sort of
traitor to the greater trans community so that my most likely would-be supporters will block me on his word alone before stumbling across, you know, this thread, and also to set up the "I can't be a transmisogynist! I'm trans myself!" defense. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246808796451811328

And yes, I
did see all the replies to these where other creeps seem to be willfully misgendering me with no pushback from this stalker. So, yes, projection is likely also a factor in this.

And, you know, in this. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246843202642087938

Believe me. There is VERY little I want more than to
never have to think about this creep again, but if he doesn't want to deal with people yelling at him during a pandemic, he should probably stop cold-calling reporters to accuse me of being a pedophile during said pandemic. And he should definitely quit @-ing me while doing so.
And of course, speaking of these DARVO tactics, here we have some disgusting conspiracy crap suggesting the brief spike in my patreon donations during this prolonged attack from this person was some sort of pay-off and not sympathy from folks watching this https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246839109919924228
Turns out when you actively target a vulnerable trans woman going through a health crisis' sole source of income, some people try to offset the harm you're causing through generosity.

Also turns out this stalker namesearches his targets to find supporters https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246903661877395463
On the upside, at the very least, he seems to finally be backpedaling on his initial claim that I slept with 5 Grahams Linehan in exchange for positive reviews of my website, or whatever the hell he was trying to suggest with that. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246839724351905798
He's also been nice enough to compile several posts of his which save me the trouble of debunking his particularly disgusting claims about me being/promoting/platforming/defending pedophiles:
All claiming to
offer "proof" of the outrageous claims he's making in the form of screenshots of random out of context twitter conversations which... make absolutely no mention of this clawshrimpy person he keeps insisting I'm somehow in league with, and all really conspicuously cropping out the
first post of the short thread from Hazel Monforton to which I am seen responding. With, you know, this post, that you can just look up directly: https://twitter.com/SecretGamerGrrl/status/1212515453895151616

And then, you know, scroll up a little for the actual context. Where she was expressing her horror over yet
another person's post, which ALSO has not a damn thing to do with any of this stalkers claims, but is instead archiving a string of posts from another dangerous stalker (who, coincidence of coincidence, has been palling around with my stalker in his mentions these past months),
wherein this other stalker is explicitly advocating violence (on the same level they apparently would against nazis) to explicitly be directed against, specifically, the most vulnerable potential targets who create art they do not approve of.

I have no earthly idea what specific
context THAT horrific comment was being made in. Nor did I need such to make my brief contribution there, that the person in question is generally dangerous and already blocked by me half a dozen times over for showing darkening my life with numerous past instances of terrorizing
random innocent trans people (the one clear instance I can recall, having been reminded recently, being a real stretch of a witchhunt wherein the usual suspects for this sort of crap were insisting that Zinnia Jones was secretly part of a government think tank advocating the use
of nuclear weapons in Afghanistan, "supported" by her advocating that people not vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election).

I'm not sure how many leaps in logic it takes to get from there to the sort of thing this stalker is claiming, but repeatedly posting carefully
cropped screenshots of something plainly unconnected as "proof" certainly suggests he is, in fact, aware of the fact that he is spreading baseless and harmful lies here.

And, I can't stress this enough, tagging queer news sites in the same threads. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1246112213255012352
I am absolutely terrified out of my mind by this stalker, and he's just out here continuing to terrorize more and more innocent trans people as this all goes on: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248655352922550272

This is all just absolutely textbook Gamergate shit that anyone should be able to recognize.
"Look, I found another mouthy trans woman pointing out how I've been terrorizing her. Here's the best way to attack her financially, everyone jump in and spam it for me."

"And you know all Those People are sexual deviants too!" https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248665611070210050
And in case anyone has convinced themselves that everyone recognizes this guy as an absolute crank telling the most obvious lies, do note there's plenty of people happy to buy in and repeat this shit, to friends of mine no less: https://twitter.com/trashidentity/status/1246557116334313479
I can never follow the logic of how this guy tries to rationalize his actions. Like what even is this? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248741626001920009

We see "Look what you made me do!" as a standard card abusers play, but here he's telling one of his targets he "has to" keep attacking them because he
feels like he's under attack by what his other totally disconnected targets are saying. And that's before getting into the fact that none of these attacks he's using for this justification are actually happening, anywhere.

https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248742408566853632 is more standard, but also a lie
I spent a good month off twitter entirely,and THE DAY I started posting again, this creep was right back on me with.... I mean you've seen this whole thread.

Plus the posts he keeps quoting as "people talking about him" are just his own posts? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248963342078787591
Like, this is how this stuff keeps coming to my attention. This guy just contacts someone out of the blue to spread some random lies about me like this: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1248968847190679552 He @'s me in it. They respond. I get a thread, where he urges people to do a search of his own posts.
And plenty of this creep's followers are happy to take his most absurd lies and play the telephone game with them. Here, it seems I am a "murderer" because this stalker's talking like my meager Patreon income made me a millionaire made me question his age. https://twitter.com/MintPossum/status/1230692918744289280
No real commentary here. Just more of him cold-calling anyone he sees as noteworthy in the trans community to keep pushing this crap. And of course, posting screenshots of his own posts to remove the context of his abuse: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1249068397880586241
Shoutouts to another famous stalker for teaching people like this how victims filing restraining orders against them can actually enable further stalking and prompting this sort of bizarre fan fiction: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1249079858594033665

Could stand a rundown of my legal options here though
Just leaving this here, without comment, as a possible insight into this stalker's actual motivations: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250061170859552768
And of course, today, we have this creep trying to spread these lies to one of the loudest voices in the trans community, in response to a thread expressing frustration about trans people attacking each other. I simply have no words: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250082656206938112

Honestly though, this
right here is not only a perfect example of that thread's message, it's one of those rare cases where publicly calling this out is actually the only real way to deal with it.

This isn't a misunderstanding between two people here, or someone acting in good faith but on bad info.
If you look over this thread, particularly the way all this started up top https://twitter.com/SecretGamerGrrl/status/1228074678993989632 it is very clear that appeals to reason or compassion aren't going to make a difference. Nobody is going to be able to get this guy to chill out by talking to him. Sending messages
of support to me, or to any of his other targets is appreciated, but doesn't do a damn thing to really help the situation.

This is... a fascist with some big hangups who spends all his time trying to cause pain and suffering to an ever increasing number of innocent trans people
by inventing and spreading what it's clear from the way he self-edits he is fully aware are completely baseless lies, designed to cause maximum harm, actively spread by directly courting other trans people, to turn us against each other. The ONLY way to combat that is through
actively spreading awareness far and wide, so people are inoculated against his lies before he's convinced them to join his weird little witch hunts.

And honestly, I have to say, the fact that I haven't been seeing people passing around links to this very long thread where I've
been documenting all this as clearly and transparently as I can for months now, or just openly talking about how this particular guy is a clearly dangerous creep, or debunking the utterly horrific lies he keeps throwing out there about me has really been doing harm to my mental

I mean, I have more mutuals here than I can count who normally bend over backwards to denounce attacks like this against other people, including plenty that are a hell of a lot lower stakes and harder to disprove than this one, and it's really hard for me not to start
wondering if the relevant silence here is because you're all hedging your bets because you think this scumbag is actually telling the truth?

Does anyone seriously need me to personally reassure them that I have neither ever slept with Graham Linehan nor come close to being in a
position where he'd be asking me to do so for me to harshly reject him? Do I need to pull up a wikipedia article on Storify to confirm that I did not own the site? Remind everyone that twitter follows are public and it's easy to confirm that I don't know any of this creep's other
primary targets? Take everyone on a trip down memory lane about my role in taking down 8chan or relinking this piece as a reminder of where I stand on pedophilia? http://archive.is/RhN6k 

Is there perhaps some past instance where some random creep has targeted me with this sort
of a witch hunt whose lingering memory I have to put to rest by digging out something to clear my name to put your minds at ease?

Please just tell me what the hell I have to do to for people to show some solidarity and help me get through this before I lose my apartment to this
creep's efforts to cut off my only source of income and I end up dead in a ditch somewhere, or by my own hand. Please. Just... please help me however you can, anyone.
... And I THOUGHT I was done discussing this creep today, but here he is doubling down on some of this crap again and helpfully offering up a big ol' list of his alts for people to block: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250188869502414849
I'll be taking a moment to do so right now, recommend you do as well
And, this is an interesting new lie. How would he even be aware of it if this claim had any actual basis in reality? https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250205176306204672
Also it says a lot that this guy is monitoring my Patreon pledges more closely than I am. Apparently I'm down a bit again this month. https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250216212010762244
Another weekend, another person in my mentions replying to this creepy stalker and alerting me to fresh things to report. Back to the original baffling lie, too!

1- Shit he damn well knows never happened.
2- An open call to cast me out of trans spaces.
So this one I feel the need to highlight for use of the phrase "supposed former trans journalist" (who's describing me as such? Which part are you doubting? That I'm actually trans? Whether I've ever been a journalist? That my crippling poverty is a ruse?) https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1251126898471641088
But also. what the hell moral high ground is this creep even attempting to claim here, exactly? That follows this: https://twitter.com/i/status/1251124800870891521

So trans people who have their names legally changed should be looked down on? Because they're wasting money they could be using to "advance
their careers?" That's either a baffling excuse to try and divide a vulnerable community, or just more evidence that this creep has this weird idea in his head that when he eventually manages to kill me, all my money suddenly becomes his, and he doesn't want me wasting any first.
Also it's just bad information being put out there. I can't speak for other countries, but in the U.S., the filing fee is between $10 and $200 depending where you live- https://www.totallegal.com/name-change-filing-fees and if you're poor enough (see link for how that's defined), that fee is waved entirely
Plus, if you're somehow trapped in a situation where you don't qualify to have that waved, but still can't afford it, Trans Lifeline hands out grants for getting all sorts of paperwork updated: https://translifeline.org/microgrants 

Kind of a tangent there, sorry, but people need to know that.
That weird crap talking about my Patreon like it's his personal slush fund and not me desperately trying (and failing) to scrape up enough money to pay my rent and buy groceries is still actively a thing, by the way: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250768537385349120 I would say that's the most terrifying
aspect of this, but then we have things like THIS thread of incoherent gibberish (CW suicide): https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250763646818533376

I don't have the slightest clue who October Evans even is. The first time I saw the name was when this stalker declared we're working together and started to
throw out random screenshots that have nothing to do with anything he's rambling about, but I really can't stress enough that in this specific case, the random screenshot he's throwing out is ONE OF HIS OTHER STALKING TARGETS BEGGING TO BE LEFT ALONE AND DISCUSSING SUICIDE!

kind of complete moral black hole pushes someone into ending their life, then not only gloats about it, but tries to use it as some sort of justification to do the same to the next victim!?

Moving on: https://twitter.com/hachx0/status/1250879568409436160
I have, of course, done no such thing, but please note
here the fact that this scumbag seems to be actively and willfully misgendering me while making baseless accusations along those lines. And then posting this crap the very next day, both tagging in a world-famous transphobe who is weirdly obsessed with me: https://twitter.com/PointSalute/status/1250774746679083009
And as an added classy move, including a screenshot of that bigot actively misgendering me and posting that bald bearded image fascists of all stripes love to grab from KF's thread on me and pretend is at all what I actually look like.

Which isn't even getting into the absurdity
of claiming I paid that bigot to "edit my article." Unlike the rest of this crap I suppose this has the paper thin justification that I once shared a screenshot to a friend showing the sort of weird overly friendly messages THAT creep used to send me, in which he pointed out a
typo in the auto-generated URI of a random blog post. That's a whole hell of a lot closer to reality than any of this stalker's other lies.

You'd think this would all be so transparent nobody would buy into it, but no, he's attracting replies like this: https://twitter.com/trashidentity/status/1250778871286333442
Credit where it's due for not accepting the "proof" he offers in response there without some skepticism. Just so we're clear, here's the full context of what he's editing down there by the way: http://archive.is/6A39O 

Still a bit shocked I didn't get a sheepish apology to that.
And as a final note, which may be pushing things, in an effort to discourage this stymie this stalker's efforts, I've been blocking all his alts that I'm aware of, anyone trying to lend a hand in the replies to these posts I'm reporting, and for good measure anyone hitting fav on
the more blatantly horrible attacks. Of particular note, https://twitter.com/memberblasts  keeps coming up (that's a very NSFW account by the way). They were RTing this stalker weeks ago, which given their mission statement prompted me to politely note that in addition to making up these
lies, he was specifically accusing me of being a sex worker and trying to cut my sole source of income (exact phrasing for the curious here- https://twitter.com/SecretGamerGrrl/status/1246698699805335552). I received no reply to that, and that account is still following several of this stalkers' and hitting that heart
on some of the posts I just highlighted from him, so... I guess always keep in mind that abusive monsters rub elbows with/moonlight as anti-abuse resources regularly, so you should never make the mistake of placing blind trust in anyone no matter how legitimate they might look.
So my stalker is apparently trying a new method to harass me after I've blocked a couple dozens of his accounts.

Spamming identical messages including my @ at uh... literally any random person with a CuriousCat account?
I would hazard a guess that this stalker of mine is spamming CuriousCat accounts like this out of frustration today because his constant harassment and stalking of an ever-growing list of trans people has recently gotten him added to a major anti-transphobe blocklist. That would
really hamper the hell out of his MO to this point of cold-calling people to rant at on Twitter.

So, if you're looking at my feed in confusion after getting weird CC spam?

Sorry that's happening.

I don't know who October Evans is either honestly.

Want a thread with more info?
So, this stalker seems to be in the middle of a serious meltdown. Yesterday my mentions were absolutely flooded by people's confused responses to anonymous CuriousCat asks sent to... apparently hundreds of totally random people like those in the previous screenshot. Other targets
have apparently been getting the same. Someone pointed out this account, followed only by this stalker, following no one, just registered, pushing the same grudges and actively defending KF as a place innocent people register accounts: https://twitter.com/banalexistence/status/1252820677205221376 and just seems to be
general spiraling going down as I glance at said stalker's primary twitter, chasing away the followers he still has as he gets called out for lies they can personally verify are false.

I've also been seeing a BUNCH of reports from people about people impersonating me. E-mails,
fake alternate twitter accounts, someone registered my same handle but with an I in place of the L, using it to reply to people asking if there were ways to send me money. Creeper seems to be ending all the CuriousCat spam with my handle I guess as a way of 'signing my name" from
anonymous posts. So to review:

- The only way to send money to me at the moment is my patreon. It's linked in my bio.

- This is my only twitter account, and I rarely ever @ people. I also have 7000+ followers, and you probably know a ton, so, mousing over should make it easy to
confirm it's me.

- I really don't particularly have any e-mail account right now. I have one I use to register things whose inbox is permanently full from all the crap I get from harassment campaigns and filing reports to twitter. If I'm actively freelancing for someone, they'll
have a valid e-mail for me handy, but otherwise, yeah, I basically have nothing.

- I have a discord account I only use it to talk to close friends, and don't really ever join new channels or poke people I haven't DMed my info to prior through twitter.

- https://secretgamergirl.tumblr.com/ 
- https://www.twitch.tv/secretgamergrrl 

- A youtube channel I'm still setting up to archive the twitch stuff. Those 3 are the only real websites I'm touching these days.

Pretty sure that covers it. If it's not on the above list, assume it's a troll impersonating me, or at least check with me
I was hoping I was actually going to manage to go a whole week without extending this thread, but I woke up to this thread tagging me midway down https://twitter.com/lisaquestions/status/1254331603599241223 so, let me touch again on the main strategy this stalker and his friends employ against all their new targets.
First, just so we're clear I'm not getting into unknown territory here, yes, Lisa's thread here is fairly directly connected to this one. As recently as like, yesterday, a perusal of the various posts linked above would have this Mint Possum character in the replies to a ton of
disgusting attacks, but that account has been deleted. I don't like to say "just take my word for it" with these things though, and I have been archiving this crap as it becomes increasingly clear I'm going to be talking to law enforcement about this, so: http://archive.is/qyVBt 
So, having established that, this thread here is a perfect example of the weird little guilt-by-fictitious-association game this little group of witch hunters loves so much. For whatever reason, of their various targets this clawshrimpy person is the one they get the most dirt to
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