#VeerSavarkar ie Vinayak Damodar aka Swatantryaveer Savarkar [स्वातंत्र्यवीर] was born on 28 May 1883. He formed Revolutionary organization 'Mitramela' in 1900 aged only 17 and expanded it to 'Abhinav Bharat' in 1904 #CONgressInsultsSavarkar Cong falsely accuses him of rape! (1)
For the killing of a British officer, #VeerSavarkar was convicted along with Karve & Deshpande & given 50 years jail in 1910. This itself shows his contribution towards the freedom movement. How many Congress leaders got such a sentence? #CONgressInsultsSavarkar (2)
#VeerSavarkar was the 1st revolutionary to write a book on the 1857 revolt, calling it as 'War of Independence' which was published in Holland in 1909. It was banned in India by British even before its publication! So much the British feared Savarkar #CONgressInsultsSavarkar (3)
For publishing the book on 1857 revolt, calling it as 'War of Independence', #VeerSavarkar had to sell his wife's jewellary. British banned it in India even before publication. Tilak later offered to give money for it. Cong calls this man a 'rapist'? #CONgressInsultsSavarkar (4)
#VeerSavarkar was sentenced to 2 life terms in 1910. British imprisoned him from 1910-1937, out of which 10-11 years were very harsh in Andamans. He was brought to Ratnagiri in 1921. Till 1924 he was in Jail. From 1924 to 1937 confined to Ratnagiri #CONgressInsultsSavarkar (5)
Aged 22 & still a student, #VeerSavarkar had organised the FIRST public bonfire of foreign clothes in Pune in 1905. This historic event was attended by Lokmanya Tilak. At this time, Cong leaders were calling British Rule as 'God's gift to India'! (6) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
In 1880s & 90s Cong leaders called British Rule as God's Gift. Even in 1911 Cong President Bishan Dar said:"British rule is STILL THE GREATEST GIFT OF PROVIDENCE TO INDIA" [Pt Bishan Narayan Dar's speeches & writings",Presidential address 307 of 1911](7) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
In 1910 #VeerSavarkar was arrested in London for killing of 2 British officers. His lawyers tried not to get his case transferred to India where he would receive harsher punishment, compared to that which he would get if the case was tried in England(8) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
At that time, a fund collection drive was organised by his admirers who included Englishmen like David Garnett in 1910 when #VeerSavarkar was arrested in London, for his cause, to try to get the case tried in England and not in India (9) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
In 1910 young & wealthy Jawaharlal Nehru was studying in England. When Niranjan Pal went to Nehru to ask for his contribution to raise money for #VeerSavarkar's cause, Nehru flatly refused to donate. English admirers like Garnett gave, but not Nehru(10) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
For this cause of #VeerSavarkar in 1910, the Prince of Dharampur, Chandra Devji secretly donated 500 pounds (of those days). But young and wealthy Jawaharlal Nehru who was studying in England flatly refused. Years later, the Prince revealed this. #CONgressInsultsSavarkar (11)
In 1935 when #VeerSavarkar was under confinement in Ratnagiri a massive signature campaign was launched to demand his unconditional release. But J Nehru refused to sign it! Nehru welcomed Savarkar to full freedom in 1937 but refused to sign petition!(12) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
On 31 Jan 1948, a day after Gandhiji was killed, 1500 mostly Congmen attacked #VeerSavarkar's house in Mumbai & his younger brother Dr Narayanrao was injured & DIED LATER. As per Gandhi, other cheek should be shown. Instead violence on innocents! (13) #CONgressInsultsSavarkar
On 10 Feb 1949 the trial court acquitted #VeerSavarkar in Gandhi murder case. Nehru government DARED NOT APPEAL against this! If there was any way Savarkar could have implicated in the murder, Nehru Govt would have appealed. It knew he was innocent (14) CONgress Insults Savarkar
But after his acquittal on 10 Feb 1949 #VeerSavarkar was ordered by Nehru Govt to leave Delhi within 2 hours & not enter for 3 months! This was intolerance & oppression of Savarkar, infringement of his rights, the day he was ACQUITTED by court! (15) CONgress Insults Savarkar
Very few people know that the Jawaharlal Nehru govt did not even return #VeerSavarkar's ancestral house that had BEEN CONFISCATED BY THE BRITISH ON CHARGE OF SEDITION! So much hatred & contempt Nehru had for Savarkar, who was an ideological opponent(16) CONgress Insults Savarkar
Such was Jawaharlal Nehru's terror in those days that Mumbai Akashwani (Radio) refused to air a review of a book on #VeerSavarkar by noted critic Madhav Manohar. So intolerant was Nehru of Savarkar. CONgress Insults Savarkar (17)
On the pretext of maintaining law & order during the visit of the Pakistan PM Liaquat Ali in 1950, Jawaharlal Nehru arrested the old & frail 67-year old #VeerSavarkar on 4 April 1950 and sent him to Belgaum jail in Karnataka. CONgress Insults Savarkar (18)
From that Belgaum jail, #VeerSavarkar was shifted to Hindalaga jail in April 1950 during Pakistan's Liaquat Ali's visit on excuse of law-order. Nehru kept Sheikh Abdullah in a bungalow in hill-station when Abdullah was arrested on charge of treason! CONgress Insults Savarkar (19)
Is it any wonder then that such a party will call the Crown Prince of Indian Revolutionaries, #VeerSavarkar as a traitor? He opposed Nehru & Cong. He was harassed by them right since 1910 when Nehru refused to donate. CONgress Insults Savarkar now calling him rapist! (20)
In Andamans #VeerSavarkar was jailed from 1911-1921 he had (I) 6 months solitary confinement (II) 8 June 1914: 7 days standing handcuffs (III)18 June1914: 10 days cross bar fetters imposed (IV)16 June 1914: 4 months chain gaug imposed. Just a sample CONgress Insults Savarkar (21)
How many Cong leaders suffered such punishments like #VeerSavarkar did? J Nehru was allowed to fly to Europe to see his ill wife by British in 1935, released from jail months before his term end. In jail too he was given frequent visits to his wife! CONgress Insults Savarkar (22)
When Jawaharlal Nehru's wife was ill in Europe, British freed him months before his term-end on 4 Sept 1935, he set out by plane next day to visit her, when in jail allowed parole of visits per month to wife+wife's medical report daily sent to him. CONgress Insults Savarkar (23)
But Savarkar brothers met their family only once in 10 years in Andamans & in this meeting came to know that elder bro Babarao's wife had died earlier! Far from letting a visit when she was ill, British did not let even a visit after her death, didnt even inform of her death!(24)
Neither #VeerSavarkar nor elder bro Babarao knew for many months that their brother is also in same jail in Andamans in 1911. They incidentally saw each other many months later. Contrast this with treatment given to others like J Nehru by British! CONgress Insults Savarkar (26)
British were humanitarian to Gandhiji but not to #VeerSavarkar. Gandhiji was given 6 years jail in 1922 but released in Feb 1924 on health grounds. No such mercy was ever shown to either of the Savarkar brothers ever! British tortured Savarkar (27) CONgress Insults Savarkar
But #VeerSavarkar & Babarao were forced to do work of a bull of taking out oil in Andamans. They had a quota of oil to be taken out everyday. Prisoners committed suicide unable to bear torture there in Andamans, and Savarkar brothers were tortured(28) CONgress Insults Savarkar
British tortured #VeerSavarkar hoping he would commit suicide. Once in Andamans he momentarily thought so after fainting from d hard work of taking out oil, but staunchly fought & did not, realizing that this is exactly what British wanted him to do(29) CONgress Insults Savarkar
Many who would have been in #VeerSavarkar's situation in Andamans would have committed suicide or died by the torture there. Specially elite. Especially those who insult Savarkar like Ashutosh, Manishankar Aiyar etc who have lived a comfortable life!(30) CONgress Insults Savarkar
Last heroic thing that #VeerSavarkar did was to give up his life voluntarily in 1966. Which other leader except Vinobha Bhave had the courage to do so? Savarkar surrendered to death, which he fought since his youth for the country, and the CONgress Insults Savarkar ! (31)
#VeerSavarkar himself talked of his letters to British in 1913, 'mercy petitions' which were 'strategic letters of ploy' to get out of jail, in Samagra Savarkar Vangamay Vol 1, pp 448/620, 690. He was a disciple of Shivaji who used these tactics. CONgress Insults Savarkar (32)
All means fair & foul were justifiable to get out of jail so #VeerSavarkar wrote those letters. British treated him EVEN MORE HARSHLY after d letters of 1913. In 1914 he had 7 days standing handcuffs, 4 months chain gaug, 10 days cross bar fetters. CONgress Insults Savarkar (33)
In Aurangazeb's jail in Agra in 1666, Shivaji also wrote letters of apology, mercy & promises to Aurangazeb to secure his release. When he escaped those promises evaporated. Cong looking for excuses. Is it calling Shivaji a traitor for those letters? CONgress Insults Savarkar(34)
Those letters to British by #VeerSavarkar in 1913 were a ploy to get out of jail. British understood it & they had no effect on them, except negative & they gave Savarkar even harsher punishment after that. Cong too knows that but wants to insult. CONgress Insults Savarkar (35)
#VeerSavarkar fought death since age of 17 when he founded Mitramela. He had jumped into the sea from a ship braving British bullets & swam to France in 1910. Which other leader had shown the courage to risk his life & try something so dangerous? CONgress Insults Savarkar (36)
#VeerSavarkar is insulted by Congress, called 'afraid of death'? A man who jumped into the sea from a ship & swam to France braving British bullets in 1910? Watch time 1:06:25 to 1:11:25 He gave his life voluntarily in 1966! CONgress Insults Savarkar (37)
Congress has a history of harassing #VeerSavarkar since 1910. Read to know http://hindunet.org/hvk/articles/1004/23.html But Indira Gandhi was not so petty-minded. She had praised Savarkar's fiery patriotism, issued a postage stamp in his honour in 1970. CONgress Insults Savarkar (38)
Besides, #VeerSavarkar was an opponent of Congress ideology, Congress Party & Jawaharlal Nehru himself. How will the party not defame him, who was a staunch critic of Nehru? Congress is nothing but Nehru Family Private Limited Company! CONgress Insults Savarkar (39)
Those who don't acknowledge contribution of even non-loyalists of Nehru with Congress background (like Netaji Subhash, Dr Hedgewar founder of RSS who was a Cong leader & ex-revolutionary) will insult known opponents of Congress like #VeerSavarkar CONgress Insults Savarkar (40)
Congress' allegation that #VeerSavarkar supported the two-nation theory is answered here http://vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=1636
Savarkar himself clarified in his lifetime. Liars like @digvijaya_28
& Manishankar Aiyar slander. Savarkar always opposed Partition. CONgress Insults Savarkar (41)
The late J D Joglekar wrote a very scholarly article dismantling most Congress-Marxist allegations on #VeerSavarkar in 1995 which authentic, impeccable sources http://hindunet.org/hvk/Publications/veer.html This article is a must-read. CONgress Insults Savarkar (42)
Full information on Swatantryaveer Savarkar (Meaning Hero of Independence Savarkar) can be got by reading http://savarkar.org  He was not just #VeerSavarkar but 'Swatantryaveer' [स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर]. Title was given to him by Wamanrao Joshi. CONgress Insults Savarkar (43)
Those of Italian origin who took 15 years after marriage to Rajiv to APPLY for Indian citizenship insulting National Heros like #VeerSavarkar In 2003 Sonia Gandhi insulted Savarkar but was stunned when Indira's endorsements of Savarkar were revealed CONgress Insults Savarkar (44)
Further lies that RSS did not participate in the Freedom struggle are nailed here http://rssinfreedomstruggle.blogspot.in/2014/11/rsss-participation-in-indias-freedom.html RSS founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, #VeerSavarkar , RSS all fought for India's freedom. Contrary to lies by Marxists. CONgress Insults Savarkar (45)
Congress first demanded full Independence (Poorna Swarajya) for India in Dec 1929, a full 44 years after its foundation in 1885. Today's Congress is not the same party anymore, Congress(I) was founded in 1969. That Congress ended in 1969 with split. CONgress Insults Savarkar(46)
In its initial years, in 1880s & 1890s, some Congress leaders openly called British Rule in India as the Providential Gift. As late as 1911, Congress President Bishan Narayan Dar said: "British rule is still the greatest gift of Providence to India" CONgress Insults Savarkar(47)
Until 1929 Cong accepted British Rule & demanded only dominion status. In its initial years called British Rule as 'God's Gift'. Took 44 years to EVEN DEMAND full freedom. Insulting #VeerSavarkar who fought & asked for freedom since aged17 in 1900! CONgress Insults Savarkar (48)
Congress (which ceased to be the same party since 1969 when it became Cong (I) with a split) hid its own record of its first 44 years from 1885-1929, particularly first 22 years when its leaders called British Rule as 'Providential Gift to India'. CONgress Insults Savarkar (49)
RSS pledge (Pratigya) used to contain words "Desh ko Swatantra Kar" ("Freeing the country") until Independence, from its foundation. RSS foundation itself was a result of freedom struggle, founded by Congress leader & ex-Revolutionary Dr Hedgewar CONgress Insults Savarkar (50)
But it took Congress 44 years to even DEMAND Poorna Swarajya from1885-1929, while RSS PLEDGED full freedom from Day 1, & Cong accuses RSS of not participating in freedom movement or siding with British(which contradicts its charge of anti-Christian!) CONgress Insults Savarkar(51)
#VeerSavarkar was the FIRST Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level in 1906. He was the first graduate whose degree was withdrawn by an Indian University for striving for India's freedom in 1911. CONgress Insults Savarkar(52)
#VeerSavarkar successfully started a Ganeshotsava open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables in 1930 in Ratnagiri while being under confinement. Read the chapter 'Social Revolution' from Keer's biography of Savarkar CONgress Insults Savarkar (53)
#VeerSavarkar got "Patitpavan Mandir" open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables i.e. Dalits on 22 Feb 1931 wen he was under restriction in Ratnagiri. He effected tremendous social transformation in Ratnagiri during his internment CONgress Insults Savarkar (54)
#VeerSavarkar got several temples open for Dalits in Maharashtra in his life. Some while he was still under restriction pre-1937. The great Social Reformer Mr. Shinde was moved to say that God should give the remaining years of his life to Savarkar! CONgress Insults Savarkar (55)
In Nov 1943, Marathi biography of #VeerSavarkar by S L Karandikar was banned by British. So much they feared him. Gandhiji met Savarkar to discuss social problems with him in 1927 when he was in Ratnagiri & praised Savarkar's sacrifice & patriotism CONgress Insults Savarkar (56)
In Nov 1941, even a small biography of #VeerSavarkar by G P Parchure was banned by the British who feared it. British banned #VeerSavarkar 's book "My Transportation for Life" (in Marathi titled "Majhi Janmathep" i.e. माझी जन्मठेप) in 1934. CONgress Insults Savarkar (57)
Savarkar wrote "Majhi Janmathep" this despite threat of British sending him again to Andamans! The magazine "Shraddhanand" run by #VeerSavarkar ’s brother Dr Narayanrao which carried Savarkar’s articles was banned by British on 10 May 1930 CONgress Insults Savarkar (58)
In July 1931, Punjab Govt banned #VeerSavarkar's biography in Urdu. This was followed by bans on his biographies in Tamil, Kannada, and Marathi. To know a little about #VeerSavarkar read http://savarkar.org/en/lifesketch/q  CONgress Insults Savarkar (59)
Ex-PM Indira Gandhi (of Cong)had extended her patronage to perpetuate #VeerSavarkar's memory! Indira Gandhi issued a commemorative stamp in Savarkar's honour in 1970, gave private donation of Rs 11,000 to his memorial fund in 1980! CONgress Insults Savarkar (60)
After bring cornered on Indira's praise for #VeerSavarkar as patriot, Cong lied that Savarkars petitions became public after Indira's death. Savarkar's "My Transportation" was in English since 1950 in which he mentioned these petitions, long before. CONgress Insults Savarkar (62)
When asked if Congress calls Shivaji a traitor for writing such a letter to Aurangzeb, it said "No". What is a laudable ‘strategic letter of ploy’ in case of Shivaji is a ‘condemnable act of treason’ in case of #VeerSavarkar ! Jaundiced eye! CONgress Insults Savarkar (64)
Ambedkar & #VeerSavarkar understood urgent need to completely Indianise British-Indian army, failing which it would be disastrous for India in case of Partition in 1940s. Savarkar also envisioned an army with Indian domination rebelling vs British. CONgress Insults Savarkar (65)
Hence #VeerSavarkar recruited for Army. This vision of his was endorsed & appreciated by both Subhash Chandra & Rash Behari Bose–people behind Indian National Army. In his message broadcast from Singapore on 25 June 1944, Subhash praised Savarkar CONgress Insults Savarkar (66)
Subhash said: "When due to misguided political whims & lack of vision almost all leaders of Congress Party are decrying all soldiers of Indian Army as mercenaries, it is heartening to know that #VeerSavarkar is fearlessly exhorting the youth to enlist in the armed forces." (67)
Subhash continued in his message on 25 June 1944: "Those enlisted youths themselves provide us with trained men from which we draw the soldiers of our Indian National Army." This he said with regards to #VeerSavarkar's asking youth to join the Army. CONgress Insults Savarkar (68)
In his radio broadcast Rash Behari Bose directly addressed #VeerSavarkar : "In saluting you I have the joy of doing my duty towards one of my elderly comrades in arms. In saluting you I am saluting the symbol of sacrifice itself." INA freed India. CONgress Insults Savarkar (69)
#VeerSavarkar, despite threat of being jailed in Andamans again, made a decisive contribution to ensure coordination between the INA founder, the elder Bose and its last leader, the younger Bose in the 1940s. Both Subhash & Rashbehari praised him. CONgress Insults Savarkar (70)
Mr Sanyal, Mr Parmanand, Mr Aiyar, Bhagatsingh, Rajguru and other revolutionaries came to see #VeerSavarkar in Ratnagiri where he was interned from 1924-1937 under confinement, and in jail from 1921 till 1924. CONgress Insults Savarkar (71)
#VeerSavarkar's 2 followers who remained devoted to him were invoiced in revolutionary activities. One was Wamanrao Chavan who shot at a sergent in Dhobi Talao, (then jailed for 7 years). Other was Gogate who shot at Acting Governor of Bombay Hotson CONgress Insults Savarkar (72)
After the incident of Chavan shooting British sergeant in Dhobi Talao, #VeerSavarkar was detained in jail for two weeks as Chavan hailed from Ratnagiri. Gogate who shot at the Acting Governor of Bombay Hotson was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. CONgress Insults Savarkar (73)
Achyutrao Patwardhan of '1942 Quit India' fame [who was sheltered by many RSS men in 1942] & S M Joshi, leader of Socialist Party, met #VeerSavarkar when he was released in Ratnagiri in 1937 and requested him to join their Socialist Party. CONgress Insults Savarkar (74)
In 1937, when all restrictions imposed on #VeerSavarkar were removed and Savarkar became free, Subhashchandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and M. N. Roy welcomed him to full freedom. CONgress Insults Savarkar (75)
#VeerSavarkar departed from this world in 1966 with his reputation unsullied. No amount of fake research will tarnish it. He was father of Hindutva-Hindu Nationalism. No denigration of Savarkar will stop the growth of Hindutva. CONgress Insults Savarkar (76)
Unlike #VeerSavarkar who spent 10 harsh years in Andamans taking out oil, prison life of some Congress leaders who came after him had become almost a holiday vacation. None other than Asaf Ali had described about Jawaharlal Nehru's jail life. CONgress Insults Savarkar(77)
Asaf Ali had described how J Nehru had his own personal room, which was almost like a small bungalow with curtains in blue, Nehru’s favourite colour, adorning windows. Nehru did gardening – trying to grow a rose plant. He could write his books. CONgress Insults Savarkar (78)
Galileo apologised to Inquisition. He did not burn at the stake. But that in no way diminishes his status as one who suffered for science & helped humanity. Same is true for #VeerSavarkar His 'apology' letters to British in no way diminish his status CONgress Insults Savarkar(79)
#VeerSavarkar entered Andaman prisons in 1910 with a badge marked ‘D’ for dangerous. He was specially targeted & subjected to cruelties. Every time there was a disturbance, Savarkar was punished. Contrast this with Bunglow-like treatment to Nehru. CONgress Insults Savarkar (80)
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