Crunching the European Parliament motion on the UK.
Where it calls for ALIGNMENT:
- Environment, labour & social, relevant tax, state aid policies
- Market surveillance of products/product standards
- COP26 position
- Carbon pricing policy
- EIB climate policies (1)
Rules which EP resolution says UK goods should FOLLOW for access to single market:
food safety, Genetically Modified Organisms, pesticides, GI's, animal welfare, labelling and traceability, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) standards, and human, animal and plant health. (2)
Where EP resolution calls on UK to MAINTAIN or ADHERE:
- medical products, devices
- food safety, labelling
- veterinary, phytosanitary, and environmental policy and standards
- EU social model
- evolving standards on taxation and money laundering
- fishing quota shares (3)
Where EP resolution calls for UK not to go WEAKER/BELOW or stay EQUIVALENT:
- Common Fisheries Policy policies
- standards for prevention of transmission of diseases between animals and humans
- LOADS of stuff on environment & climate (eg emissions, environmental assessments)
It's 21 pages long and a bit unclear in places so forgive me if I've missed anything out. Also it calls for the principle of dynamic alignment overall but doesn't specify dynamic alignment in many areas. (ENDS)
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