It's the big day! Welcome to #BSHSGlobalHist! We’re sharing #HistSci #HistTech & #HistMed research from around the world, from prosthetics to astrophotography, big history to small science, oral history to material culture... 💻🌍🎓🔬🔭💉 #HSTM #HistSTM #Twitterstorians #SciComm
🙋‍♀️ All of our presenters will be on hand on their personal or institutional accounts to answer questions and talk more about their work - follow along and join the conversation with the conference hashtag #BSHSGlobalHist
We’ll be online for the next fourteen(!!!) hours - you can find the programme for the day in a Twitter thread here: and on our website: #BSHSGlobalHist
Housekeeping [2/3]:

All of our images and audio should come with a text description - again, if you notice any problems, please DM us

Our presenters take responsibility for permissions relating to all media appearing as part of their ‘papers’

Housekeeping [3/3]

And of course, no one should stare at a screen for 14 hrs - we assure you our behind-the-scenes team are taking regular breaks! Our hope for today is for you to drop by when something interests you or you feel the need for a taste of #HSTM😊

Up next is @rebecca_le_get with 'The use and re-use of medicalised landscapes: the retention of former tuberculosis #sanatoria sites in #Australia, and their utilisation for health in the present' #ReusingSanatoria #TBHistory #SEAustralia #HistMed #BSHSGlobalHist
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