New world trends/rumors:

Celebs back from the dead
Pod people/doppelgangers/unreal people
Top secret conspiracies hiding next to porn boards
Diseases you're supposed to worry about but have never seen
Oligarchs skipping interviews and buying ad space to talk to you directly
Bizzare synchronicity between your life/conversations and targeted ads
News that just tells you how unsure about everything it is
Wrong words/thoughts: deplatformed by a tech monolith you cant contact.
With above: Gamification gets your users to mod for you (what could go wrong)
Longer shots:

The Great Firewall may come to America in some sense.
The government launches (or appoints) it's own ID verified social network, membership will be mandatory for some services.
argueing online publicly seen as increasing worthless, more conversations move private
Future of online news: Truth Aggregators
Email will always remain somewhat relevant
Pandemic scares will be used to coerce the population, but also provide opportunities to change your behaviour inconspicuously (wearing a face mask to avoid facial recognition)
An adult with no online history will be viewed with suspicion, but will also be very useful for certain types of work.
Trust will become a enumerated commodity traded on the block chain. "trust networks" will rise, each one with it's own overarching goal/agenda.
The powers of surveillance will become accessible to progressively smaller and less capable groups, until the day it becomes possible for every single competent person to wield them.
Some people will cop their expressive body language from overused gifs.
Marginalized communities will be the first forced off the major platforms, beginning a resurgence of niche forums.
Twitter Number Stations.
Cosplaying as your online identity IRL.
Dark pattern gamification
Intermittent internet and platform service outages increase in frequency as a way to normalize themselves for strategic use later. When your comment wont post you'll blame it on the bad app and not that you were trying to talk about a forbidden subject.
I can make the above post fine but when I try to comment this on the above quoted tweet it wont go through and keeps bouncing back into my drafts. 🤔
Self-censoring to avoid word/name searches will over time lead to language drift with the original word rendered archaic.
First you start saying it ironically....

This story is crazy. Tiny digital acts of desperation peeking out of a spreadsheet. Like finding carvings on the wall of a mine.
I believe that children are the future.
Your mugger turns this on so that 911 dispatch will never be able to understand your desperate phonecall.
Ground surveillance by GPS device detected via secret aerial surveillance plane. Whole thread is bonkers.
Free brand sponsored birthday parties
An app that lets you locate a free, easily hotwireable car
This users typical (outside of the post I'm linking) writing style also makes it neigh impossible to name or word search their post history.
More friendly crosspromotion between simultaneous launches of uncompetitive products
The next "pivot to video"
Like share and subscribe
Using the paranoia of the populace to crowdsource your anti-survailance surveillance
It's fun seeing people talk about things using their most available metaphors

Here's why the Warren campaign is like tending an olive grove
This is what they took from you
The "surrogate bully patreon" business model. People crowdfunding their own chosen lone wolves to work vicarious violence.
Meme time capsule
The "mobile disruption center" is also equipped to make 100s of prank phone calls simultaneously
You are not immune to propaganda
Haha oh shit I was laboring under the impression you could do this to this thread if it was annoying so I've been linking here instead of retweeting sometimes. Oops. Learning everyday.
2058: separatist furry free love communes begin receiving arms support from foreign nations
Forbidden Knowledge
Sending out an SOS
I am a person who sees value in anthropomorphizing litterally everything in your environment
Got a light?
People are ascending
Also the new resource is @newworlddreams

Good name.
Ghost protocol
I had failed, at the time, to predict a national quarantine event.
Couldn't be me 💅
The as read by the author audio book version of this story is worth tracking down. A harrowing 45 minutes. I've often imagined subjecting myself to listening to it on a acid trip, blindfolded
It's worse than I could have ever imagined
It works, folks. Has for a long time.
😬 this is abusive and I feel sad for him and all of us.
Oh my god it's not just Biden. This is the natural end result of senators not directly running their Twitters, as they should. Pod people senators. Bot senators. Unreal senators. This is killing me.
They're going for it. I feel like DNC is being hacked by a rogue AI using the image of a senile man. What could possibly be the endgame.
LOL creating your own counter-propaganda

the "if you cant beat em join em" of fake news
Electronic communication that let's people represent themselves however they want would be a boon to people who have been doing that their whole lives. You could expect a "public" second life would have restrictions on how people can present themselves. A much less colorful world
"No more bodies no more spaces"
A Better World Is Possible
Crying in the virtual club
Psychogeographers having a field day with this shit
Coping with trauma through gallows humor is actually a very common response from service members. I could litterally see this happening in someones head.
Quick blaastie from the pastie
Welcome to the desert of the real.
free online, crowdsourced bunk drug identification and advice provided as a public service
Digital restorationists who obsess over long abandoned incomplete relics and try to clear remaining bugs to produce their "true", idyllic form.
You people have no idea whats coming between the virtualization of socialization and the growing acceptance of masks.
Oh, word?

This is your reminder that a world without anonymity is already here for some, it's just not evenly distributed:
Reviewing autistic details about virtual worlds
I have a mental link between "crows" and "bots" that would be too long to explain
The 2020s versions of the "son plays against his father's ghost in racing game" type stories are going to get wild. There will be a lot more electronic ghosts as the Online die. Ex. automated bot accounts losing their owners and posting forever.
All seeing surveillance tech that relies on casting a LITTERAL invisible circle over over the sky of the city. To break a spell/ritual in fiction you deface the writing on the altar or the portal. You contort the shape and you can break/deform the spell
Seriously gracious of this thing to actually at least exist in a physical way that can be even hypothetically attacked, though. I dont take that for granted anymore. I'm sure that if I live long enough I'll watch them do the same shit from orbit. Municipal satellites. DETROIT-1.
The owls are not what they seem
Honestly? I'm impressed. This is cool, too me. A very "we write the news" vibe. I want to see more people make bets and then get of their asses to influence the results. Turn that shit into a sport, I'd watch it.
An AI getting released from a 20 year prison sentence.
The comforting lies we tell ourselves are the hardest to overcome
Hit my venmo so I, a Portland street medic, can buy a bulletlroof vest and gunshot wound kits.

That's where we are currently at.
Mystery solving robot finally rests after destroying the boundary between men's souls, bringing terrible truth to the world. We know all. We see all. Nothing is hidden from us. We are one.

And we are in great pain.
Dream sign
This is great. Would make for a wonderful plausibly deniable drug delivery. "Oh no these drugs are just falling from the why heeeeeelp oh no"
As a completely atomized America slips into night. Some realize they truely do have nothing more to life for than the internet. militias arise whose only goal is protect and preserve the physical facilities & infrastructure that makes Online possible.
Without the internet, not only did they feel like they didnt exist, they felt like their friends didnt exist. They built a life there. They had a stake. A rumor spreads that busses full of primitivists were heading toward Menlo Park. The boomers occupy the campus in preparation.
These web warriors all share a interest in the continued operation of the internet. And a deep distrust of the surviving ISPs (always trying to "shake up the market" now that the federal gov was gone, sometimes having to be persuaded not to by threat of violence).
Despite shared feelings about preservation of internet architecture, their individual views can vary quite wildly. they tend to organize themselves with affiliation to certain "sites" over others. Some sites have a long history of animosity, but a shared goal reduces conflict
Some "sites" have their own physical space that needs protecting. Usually left to the dedicated forces but there is a (unenforceable) mutual aid agreement between sites that come under attack. Only a imminent attack on telecommunications abilities has the power to rally them all.
Trying to imagine a 2020 post-post office version of "The Postman"
Oh my god:

The Post Man.

Like posting. You could still call them "postmen" and be accurate
Knights thirsting for a hologram princess. That kind if relationship can be consuming for the idol if not handled well, the power dynamic can flip. Captive audience turns captive performer. Sometimes peasants revolt, and if they're all thats supporting...
Reaching simulacra levels that shouldnt be possible
Michael Douglass in The Game 2
evolution of "cancel culture": using your 15 seconds of fame to ask to be destroyed. Suicide bombing yourself against the rocks of public attention. (Hows that for a mixed metaphor)
A mixture of absurdities both real and imagined. I juxtapose peoples "microfiction" posts about the future/internet or whatever against actual concurrent strange events and in doing so invite you to imagine what we may become used to in the new world
More and more people are saying this
Blade runner
At the rec room in gitmo, next to the pinball machines
Remember that invisible surveillance spell circle in the sky? Well, things are progressing.
I maybe would have gone with a name that didnt rhyme with "boom town" but that's just me
"Flying meat?"
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?

"Facebook plans to study arson by hiring people to go set fires"
Specific streaming journalists getting "stream sniped" IRL at protests
Dont touch that dial. We'll be back right after these commercials.
Hell hath no fury like a platform scorned
Per my last email
Patron saint
Handheld data scanning "counterterrorism swords"
"Away messages"

I WANNA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's more existentially distressing stuff happening in this small clip than in any Black Mirror episode.
I'm trying to extrapolate a image of his daily life from these convenience store videos and it seem like he just lives in his RV just going around the country acting like a mentally unwell individual for clout every time he needs to stop and get gasoline.
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