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Obviously Eri loves all of her adoptive big brothers and sisters from UA.
They are her family as much as Aizawa is her dad.
Mirio is super fun older brother, carrying her around and giving piggyback rides. They also have their own game in which they mimic each other. Eri always win! Thu after time she start to suspect her brother fail on purpose.
Izuku and Uraraka always make sure that her favourite apple treats are on the table when she visit. She loves when big sister make her fly with her quirk!
But Eri don’t ask her for that often cus whenever she is reaching the rooftop brother Midoriya make such a worried face and starts crying. She prefer when he smile and he does a lot, especially when he is talking about heroes.
He know all the interesting facts about them and have whole collection of figures which he enthusiastically let her play with. Eri wish she could become a hero herself one of those days.
Brother Kirishima say that if she put her heart into it - she can be whoever she wants. Life without regrets he would repeat every time they meet. He would also always welcome her with hug and never let go before she does.
Still first time Eri was going to stay a weekend at Kirishima place was stressful. Not in a same way like when she meet sister Tsuyu at her home and her family overflow her with cosy kindness - then it was more of overwhelming experience.
The part she was nervous about when Aizawa leave her at the door of her red hair brother was his roommate.
Kirishima share a place with his old classmate who Eri saw around, but never really talk to. All she know was that he was loud, get angry easily and had a permanent frown on his face.
He was like reversed Kirishima and for sure an intimidating person from her point of view. Even when he was talking with her dad, his former teacher it sounds like they were arguing.
She hear screechs and curses from the hallway. For a moment she was worried they will fighting, but then Kirishima squeeze her in loving hug and her worries starts melting.
Dad say she is safe here. He say they will take care of her. He never lie and her brother Kirishima was here. He was willingly living with that Bakugo guy so he can't be all that bad. Right? She would still hold to her brother a bit longer then usually.
It didn't go unnoticed by Kirishima and neither does her frightened face when she notice Bakugo coming into the room after he slam the door behind Aizawa.
He scratch his neck and give Eri a pat on the head. He suspect that it may be an unusual weekend, but he was also confident that it will end well.
- Tsh! Fucker is mocking me again!
- Was it about the accident last week? - Kirishima give a guess.
- He say I should be able to limit the property damage to minimum at my level! How was I supposed to prevent the bridge from collapsing by explosion?! I save everyone, so why the shit is that a big deal?!
- He is just concerned of you, Kat. He always expect more from you cus he know you are capable of greatness.
- Don’t sugarcoat that bullshit, Eij!
- Fine - Kirishima smirked and poke Bakugo chest - swearing jar is waiting for you in the kitchen, grumpy. No cursing around Eri-chan, you agree on the rules.
- Just cus I was promised the reward.
He mumble under his nose, but go drain his wallet from small change.
Kirishima pat Eri again as she clench to his leg.
- He just barks a lot, but he doesn’t bite. I promise! - he smiled.
Eri noded.
- Now, what would our cute visitor would like to do?
She looked up at him.
- Painting?
- You bring crayons?
- Yup!
She jump to find the pencil box in her bag.
In a meantime Bakugo return to the room. He had glasses on his nose. He lay on the couch to read a book.
He assume Kirishima will be enough to take care of the brat. So he did his best to concentrate on the book and ignore the noises coming from the table. To be honest it was mostly Kirishima who was making a din so there wasn’t nothing new.
Two chapters later he dare to look up from his book. And oh man, he should have done it way sooner. Maybe he would be able to stop the damage before it started. Now it was too late.
His boyfriend was hard, so hard.
And very colorful.
Apparently drawing on the quirk hardened skin was more funny then drawing on the paper. Bakugo eye twitched on the view, but he didn’t say a thing. Just growl into his book. That was enough for Kirishima to grab on the given opportunity.
- Do I look that pretty, Katsuki? You jealous?
- Yeah, so fucking jealous of your unicorn vomit look.
/Got him!/
- Swearing jar!
Bakugo toss the book angrily while standing up.
Kirishima winked to Eri, before shouting after him:
- And bring us something to drink when you are there!
- Juice for Eri!
Bakugo grind his teeth. /Fucking sly bastard/
Preparing a glass of juice take him a bit of time as they didn’t buy the boxed diluted shit. They have a lot of fresh fruits thu, Kirishima love his protein smoothies.
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Putting two glasses on the table he roll his eyes over the rising shreds of paper all over the room. Eri was making origami using scissors. Kirishima was using his fingers to cut her a paper crown.
They both seem to have fun, but Bakugo was sure he will be finding confetti in all corners of their flat for weeks. Still he just sigh and turn on his heel.
- Tidy this mess up, diner is in hour.
- Yes, mom! - mock Kirishima.
Bakugo was in a middle preparing the vegetables when he felt a hand over his waist.
- Bring down the spice today, ok? At least for Eri dish.
- Like I didn’t know, Shittyhair.
He hissed, but so softly it make his boyfriend smile with warm feelings in heart.
- You gonna wash that off?
He pointed the tip of the knife at the drawings all over Kirishima skin.
- Dunno - he teased - Always considered a tattoo. Now I have plenty!
- Sometimes you are such an idiot, Eijiro.
Kirishima just lean on Bakugo shoulder.
- Sometimes you are such an asshole, Katsuki.
- Pfft - blonde smirked - You love when I am an asshole, asshole.
- True! - he answer grinning without even a second thought.
Then he give his man a quick kiss on a cheek, before going back to help Eri with clean-up.
During dinner Eri seem more relaxed around Bakugo thu she would still tense when he sit next to her and pass her the bowl.
Then she take first spoon and immediately notice the cut on the vegetables. They were all shaped like flowers, rabbits and cat faces. Her eyes widen as she give a joyful: “Oh!”
- You better eat the whole thing, Shrimp.
- Only if you like it. - straighten Kirishima
- I like it! - she smile a bit taking another spoon.
Bakugo may or may not smirk on a praise. Kirishima knows he does.
- They sure are cute, aren’t they? Bakugo make them just for you.
Kirishima mission to make them interact more was still on. Eri turn her head, was going to say thank you, but once she met his eyes her courage drop.
The fact that they were so intense red was one thing, but this profound way they looked at world make her feel tiny and provoke the need to hide under Mirio hero cape.
Kirishima try to encourage her and lighten the atmosphere:
- Wish I got some as well!
Bakugo interrupted while practically eyefucking Riot from other side of the table:
- You will get your carrot served later needy red bunny.
Kirishima jolted, his face completely red.
- For fuck sake, Katsuki!
- What? - he asked completely nonchalantly - I make glazed carrots for entrée, you don’t wanna?
He give away the smooth smile reversing the conversation chessboard.
- Also, swearing jar is behind you, Eijiro.
Kirishima could clearly read in his mind at that moment: /Revenge, babe/ was written all over his face.
- You can have mine. - offered Eri, being an innocent soul she is.
- It’s fine, Eri, those are yours.
He smile, but it was clearly very troubled expression.
It was weird. Around Bakugo her brother act strange. She just never saw him like this. It wasn’t that she think it was bad, still it was surprising.
- You are not allowed to share, Shrimp, your old man say you don’t eat enough. There is no wasting food at my table.
Bakugo notify as he finish his dish and turn off the oven.
Eri eat all her vegetables and seem to be pleased with a taste of the grilled fish as well. Kirishima enjoy it too. It was a while since Bakugo make something more sweet than spicy for a dinner.
Not that he was complaining. He loves his boyfriend cooking. And wouldn’t dare to complain when someone feed him goodies everyday, but building up his spice tolerance to match Bakugo’s was a long and painful process. That’s also why he drag his boyfriend to restaurants on dates.
Bakugo throw the last plate to sink when he got a message. He cursed under his nose. Kirishima and Eri were already back in the living room, playing their silly games, but he still put a penny in the jar.
- Eijiro, I’m going to the agency for a bit. Wash the dishes, would you.
- Emergency?
- Yeah, emergency paperwork.
He lean down to kiss Kirishima forehead before going to change his shoes. Eri eyes rise in question, but she didn’t say anything.
Her dad would kiss her when she go to sleep, but it was hardly bedtime. This relation her brother has with his roommate was a strange one.
Mr Mic was living with her and Aizawa for few weeks when his apartment was destroyed, but the atmosphere wasn’t like that. He was often dropping off on their couch anyway.
Sometimes she wake up in the morning and he was there saying that dad is out and so today is “music time with uncle Mic”. He would always pat or hang on the Aizawa shoulder, kinda like brother Kirishima does to others, but that was different.
There was something that she didn’t quite understand between her brother and Bakugo. She wondered if it had something to do with him acting strange before.
She wasn’t sure if that it’s alright, but she also couldn’t convince herself that it was something bad. Her brother didn’t seem to be bothered at least, if anything he seem very happy to interact with that scary person who just left the house.
And so the rest evening it was just the two of them. Kirishima suggest she watch tv while he take care of the dishes, but she wanted to help. He let her dry the plates. Was going to offer her candies for her help and well behaviour, actually he was going to give her some anyway.
He truly believed he has all right in Universe to spoil her. He wasn’t wrong in his thinking, but Bakugou predict it long ago. He make all Kirishima’s hidden sweet snacks disappear from the house. He take Aizawa’s heath directions attached to her medicine box very seriously.
Obviously, even if it was just babysitting Bakugo need to show off his perfectionism. Still Kirishima was left with some tricks up his sleeve. He was no chef, but he knows a few easy recipes.
- Hey, princess, what would you say we bake some cookies?
He grin being sure she will immediately say yes, but to his surprise she didn’t.
Her voice was hopeful and timed:
- Does mr Bakugo like cookies?
- Huh?
It take him off guard, what does Katsuki taste have to do with it?!
She twist the edge of her skirt.
- I didn’t get to say thank you… during diner...
Kirishima almost drop the cup he was holding. She was still troubled over it?!
Eri heart was troubled over it indeed. Bakugo make an effort to create something special for her and she wasn’t brave enough to say thank you! She want to repay him somehow, she may not be able to face him, but maybe some other way…
- Oh, Eri… - Kirishima eyes almost wathered - You are so cute and manly!
He hugged her.
- Manly? - she asked - But I’m a girl…
He chuckled.
- You are! Such a precious girl!
He wipe his eyes and gatter her hands in his.
- Let’s bake the best cookies we can! We will add the chilli chocolate for Bakugo and leave some in the box for Aizawa sensei. Life without regrets!
His smile was so bright that it could probably outshine the light bulb. Eri double his expression.

- Yes, please!

Right when the door opens Kirishima rush all excited to greet his roommate.
The annoyed expression of Ground Zero face suggested that paperwork included interacting with some new interns.
- Katsuki! - He was almost jumping in place.
Bakugo frown and growl:
- Catalyzer first, everything else later.
Kirishima chuckled before embracing his boyfriend in a hug and pressing a soft kiss on his neck. Blond expression mellow as his stress level dropped. He smile and ruffle Kirishima for once not gelled hair.
- We have something for you! - redhead grinned and lead him to living room.
- Eri, you ready?
She nodded, but her hands were still shaking when she was opening the box. Bakugo suspect what was inside, the whole home was smelling sugary.
- We bake cookies!
Kirishima get behind his little sister helping her holding the box up properly. Her hands stop shaking as she felt him being close. It was safe, there wasn’t anything to worry about. Her brother was here.
She closed her eyes as Bakugo hand reach for the cookie. She heard crumble and munching noises.
- They aren’t half bad.
She open her eyes and dare to look at him. He reach for one more cookie. Before taking a bite he smirked and give her a pat on the head. Then he just turn and walk away.
She give questioning peek at Kirishima. He smile widely in happiness.
- That was a compliment - he explain - he just express it differently. And he taka another one! That mean he likes it!
She wasn’t sure about that, but she has no reason not to do believe her brother. He never lie to her.
The explosion cut off her thoughts thu. Bakugo burst into the room shouting:
- Kirishima! I told you to wash the dishes! Not to fuck up the kitchen!
/Oh, right, I forgot the flour bag end up on the floor/
- Sorry! I forgot to swipe that!
Bakugo throw himself on the couch.
- Clean this mess!
Kirishima point Eri at the book on the table and was already on his way to find a mop.
- And do something with your rainbow vomit face! - Bakugo shouted after him while turning the page on bookmark.
- Am not sleeping next to this abomination.
- Actually I will sleep with Eri you take the couch.
- What?!
His eye start twitching in annoyance.
- I’m sorry, Kat, you kick when it’s not a workup day, normally I don’t mind, but we can’t risk, you know.
Katsuki just growl.
- Whatever. Clean that mess up. I can't look at you anymore.
He put his nose inside the book.
They didn’t say it directly, but Eri knows it was her fault. It wasn’t hard to figure out that her presence in this house was a disturbance.
She never want to be trouble, yet once again there she was, a bother. She scoot her knees closer sitting on the carpet and trying to focus on her book.
It took Kirishima almost hour to clean up the kitchen, wet and sticky flour was harder to remove then he suspected, but eventually he made it to the bathroom.
He take a shower, but it didn’t fix his colorful skin problem.
- Katsuki! It doesn’t want to come off! - he yammer from in front of the mirror.
- You do say you want tattoos. - Bakugo return the teasing from earlier.
- That’s not funny!
- Want me to help you rub it harder?
Kirishima didn't answer just turn on the the faucet and let the water starts pouring louder. Definitely not cus he needed to cool down his red from blush face.
Bakugo just chuckled in satisfaction.
He was still reading his book, but glancing at Eri from behind the pages. She was also reading or more likely pretending to do so.
- Any reason you read same page for the sixth time?
He ask suddenly.
Eri jolted and without saying anything just turn the pages to the beginning and start reading the book again. Baku go observe her for a moment. She look bored and frightened.
- You don't have another book do you?
He raise his eyebrow in question.
She blushed in embarrassment and nodded.
He sit down.
- Come here.
She obey. Standing very nervous in front of him. He reach for her book. He check out the cover, it have a daring looking boy on it, “Journey to fantasy world” say the title.
- You like adventure books?
She nodded again, avoiding his eyes.
He pat the couch next to him giving her a single to sit. He reach for a different book from the shelf behind him.
- I will borrow you one of mine.
He pass her the book.
- Ei-...Kirishima like this one.
She was shaking a bit, but she really didn’t want to be a greater bother. Bakugo watch as she open the book and narrow her eyes. The letters in this were much smaller then in her book and written in some kind of cursive.
She mumble the words with half open mouth. She was struggling and close to crying. He grab the bottom of the book to adjust the angle so he can see the text.
In his raspy, but strangely calming voice he start reading out loud. He cantillate the chosen parts of the sentence to make the story feel real and flowing.
Overrun the last word when he need to turn the page to do not break the tension of action. Eri got so invested in a story she didn't even notice when she was snuggled into Bakugo side, listening to his interpretations of onomatopoeias.
She didn’t get all the words in the book thu.
- What is a toucan?
- It’s a bird. It’s colorful and have big bill!
Answered Kirishima from over Bakugo’s shoulder
- Ei?! How long are you standing here?!
He didn’t flip, but was irritated his boyfriend sneak up on him. Lately he has been doing it often, and Bakugo guard drop down so much around his man it become frightening comfortable.
- From like the tenth page - he grin - didn't want to interrupt you.
That was true, he was so afraid he may interfere their bonding time, he almost hestate from taking a sneaky pictures. Almost. The temptation was too good to miss on it.
He is going to send those to Aizawa later. No doubt he would enjoy seeing his beloved daughter and one of his favourite troublemakers smiling side to side.
Eri asked more questions as the story progress. Most of them were about plants and animals. When she doesn’t know what a rhinoceros is, Bakugo snapped.
- When was the last time you were at the zoo?!
- What is zoo?
Bakugo exchange the telling look with Kirishima.
- Time to sleep, Shrimp.
GZ close the book.
Eri rub her eyes
- I’m not sleepy. - she yawn.
She really want to know how the story ends.
- Bakugo is right Eri, you need to have a lot of energy for tomorrow!
Say Kirishima when picking her up from the couch.
- Why? - she yawn again.
It was actually pretty late already.
- We are going to have a trip!

The next day they all wake up early indeed. The zoo was almost outside the city so they need to take a train.
They didn’t bother about much of disguises. Sure they were recognizable while in tv, but without their hero costumes it was enough Kirishima wear the shirt on while Bakugo just put on the glasses.
They fit right among the other citizens. As long as someone won’t call them out loud there was no problem. They go to aquariums first and then to open farm. Eri was enchanted by all of the small creatures she get to pet and cuddle.
Kirishima made a ton of pictures, even Bakugo take a few and pose to some. They haven’t been at the zoo for a long time either. Their childhood ended long time ago when they decide to go to UA.
This silly trip was actually pretty relaxing, even considering the weekend crowd at the zoo. They didn’t even notice when the afternoon happen.
Bakugo make lunch beforehand, but Kirishima convince him to visit the zoo cafe anyway:
“Come on Kats! We ate our vegetables today!” he would banter.
Katsuki was already paying while Kirishima was choosing the ice cream flavors with Eri.
- You want something more princess?
She ask if she can have that thing from the picture. Kiri read the poster and smile bright.
- Katsuki!
- Hymm?
Kirishima pull him towards himself and eagerly, cherishing a moment, kiss him on the lips.
- What the hell?
Bakugo was more irritated that he didn’t get a chance to return the kiss then anything.
/If you want to kiss me do it properly idiot!/
- Bonus cake!
Kirk beamed happily pointing at the special offer poster ad. It say free strawberry cake for every couple who kiss on the lips.
- Oh… - Bakugo turn to the cashier - We will take the cake as well then.
The girl in uniform put the pink heart pattern piece on a side plate. It was a strawberry and cherry flavored one. Eri get the cream all over her face trying to take too big of a bite. Kirishima was cleaning her up when Bakugo snap a picture and set on his new phone screen locker
They already saw the elephants and giraffes when Kirishima notice the booth which sell caramelized apples.
- Isn't that enough sweets, Shittyhair? - Bakugo would prefer Eri to eat a normal meal instead.
- Don't be like that! I got my little sister for just few days! Let me spoil her a bit!
- Tsh. You are being to soft for that Shrimp.
- Look who is talking. - Kirishima nudge his arm - You spoil me every day and rarely accept my affections! If I can’t get the permission to make my prince happy I am going to at least spoil my little princess!
He leave them to buy the treats and didn’t quite catch as Bakugo mumble under his nose:
- You already make me happy everyday, idiot...
The cages in this wing of the zoo were more secured. The high fences preventing from falling into animal area. Eri was struggling to see anything, already standing on her toes.
Bakugo pick her up and make her sit on his shoulder. She freeze for a moment. He wasn’t even looking at her. His other hand just pointed at the direction where the lion was hiding.
It’s tail was visible from behind the bushes before it jump ahead. Eri gasped. First in fear then in amazement and finally in delight.
Once Kirishima return with sweet apples he hand it over to Eri and they go see rest of the animals. Bakugo didn’t put her down, all the fences was high constructed so she wouldn't be able to see anything if he does.
Ejiro grab his free hand. Katsuki didn’t refuse. They look like a family this way. And frankly many saw them as such. Didn’t even recognizing approaching pro heros in minimum disguise. Just another family using a sunny day for a picnic at zoo. A simple enjoyable day.
Eri was smiling so much and wide it make both of her guardians hearts melt. Kirishima was so glad she felt comfortable with Bakugo holding her. The progress in their relation was what he was hoping for from when Aizawa ask if he could take care of little princess.
It was important to him that his adopted sister like his boyfriend, cus they both were important to him. Just like with his other friends. And just like with his moms.
He was thrilled when they react positively on Katsuki when they visit for the first time. They pass his attitude so fast and approve of him so strongly in no time.
Bakugo didn’t even need to say how much he care about their son, they already know just by one look. He still say that whole love declamation thu. He prepare it all so nicely and make him blush like crazy. He always does that.
Working hard every day to be the best. Kirishima admire it so much. This passion to improve and confidence to go ahead. Kirishima squeeze Katsuki hand on the memory of past events. Bakgo take it as a signal that Kiri wanted some affection.
Normally he wouldn’t do that, but his boyfriend called him out prior for being resistant to his charm. Also Bakugo was actually in a pretty good mood.
He rise the hand which squeeze him and placed a soft kiss on Kirishima knuckles. It take Eijiro by surprise, it was rare for his boyfriend to initiate the touch, at least in public. He blushed rosy while staring dreamy at Katsuki.
Bakugo was explaining some interesting animal facts to Eri still in his arms. It was such a nice view. Maybe one day he would be able to see it more often. Not now, it wasn’t the moment yet, but he get the sudden desire of wanting just that.
A family with Bakugo. To spend his days with this gremlin and their own kids. Someone they could spoil together.
He wake up from his daydreaming when they arrive at the rhino’s. Kirishima pointed out:
- Look, Eri! They have horns just like us!
She grab her horn. Kiris was showing off his own horns in content.
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- Those aren’t horns, idiot, those are just your shit-
The sound of explosion cut him half sentence. It wasn’t Bakugo’s. They looked over their arms just to see a great cloud of smoke rising up from the other part of the park.
Before Bakugo was able to speak, Kirishima shouted:
- Dibs!
- Oi! - he growl.
Kiri just grin. He give his boyfriend a quick kiss and rush to check out the situation.
- Don’t you fucking dare to die!
Bakugo scream after him still mad that he wasn’t fast enough.
He felt his shirt being shifted. Eri was looking in the direction of smoke, as Kirishima disappear behind the cages.
She was scared.
Once cus she realise that the smoke probably mean a villain attack.
Second cus she was worry about her brother.
And third cus he left her! With Bakugo! She still wasn’t sure how she feel about him, but she knows she trust her brother more than this blond guy!
- He will be fine, Shrimp. - Bakugo pat her head.
People were already screaming and running different directions.
/We better make sure to contain those extras./
- Listen, I am not losing you in this crowd, Shrimp. - he declare - You think you can hold to my back?
She nodded and inarm his neck sliding on his back. She was scared, but she knows she was supposed to listen to him. He was a hero too, right? She clench to him. She didn’t notice before, but he kinda smell like carmel. Like her favourite caramel apples.
- Hold tight. - he commend - And close your eyes.
He jumped on the fence to be above the crowd.
He set his hands one above another, palms thwartly. The sparkles twingle before he release a concentrated explosion light. It was almost white, unlike the normal blast. People immediately looked his way.
- Get your asses out of here, the emergency exit is this way! - he shouted while creating a line explosion directed towards nearest gate.
The crowd become more organized in seconds. Even without his costume GZ was redoubtable figure and he definitely look more cognisant then most around so people listen to him without double questioning. The evacuation was going noisy, but smoothly.
Bakugo let out one more direction showing blast and was about to jump of the fence. Then the supply building started collapsing. Within half of a moment Bakugo’s reflexes make him move. Using the explosions he fly across the walking path and calculate the situation.
The wall was too wide and there was too many people under it. If he blast it the smaller pieces will hurt everyone.
Defense wasn’t his strongest point. One more reason why cooperating with his boyfriend was a dream team job resolution.
They complete each other on many levels, life and work. He could do stuff on his own, but at UA he learn he don’t have to.
Explosion was a great quirk, but it was demanding one as well. He spend all his life adjusting his skills and abilities to be able to use it in most effective way, but there were still moments he need to resign from destructive power to succeed.
The wall was falling. Bakugo spread his palms on straight up arms and combust the low force broad explosion to avert some of the gravitation impact.
It wasn’t enough to make the building wall get smash nor enough to make it stop. Still it was enough for GZ to reduce the kinetic energy when he stop it with his hands.
He make sure to move down along with the weight before pushing it back, but he still clearly heard the crack in his left hand.
- Move extras!
He shouted to everyone who were still under the falling wall reach as he struggle to keep it above them.
People, all in gastness, start rushing away from under the building. He give a look around to make sure everyone is out. The middle age man was still laying on the road, hands covering his head. He was trembling and giving away terror-stricken sounds.
Bakugo frowned furiously and shouted with toxic spite in :
- Move, you fucking idiot!!
The man didn’t even attempt to change his position just shaking on the ground.
- Move the fuck! - Bakugo repeat - I can't blow it up if you don't get out!
/Shit/ His hand hurt as Hell. /Fuck! Something is definitely broken!/

Eri was still clench over his neck. The panic take over her as well. Her horn started sparkling. She didn't realize that.
All she knew was that the situation was bad. She wish her dad or redhair brother was here. The tears appear in her eyes as her mind give in to the dark thoughts. The memories and emotions of her life from just few year ago infected her once again. She clench tighter.
- It will be fine Shrimp. - she hear the voice.
The voice was husky yet calming. She knows that voice already. It was a voice that tell adventure stories. She open her eyes and met with Bakugo smiling face.
She look at him wide sight. Even thu he was frowning in pain his wicked eyes were burning with confidence and sincerity. Just like brother Midoriya when he reach for her that time.
And then she remember. Those days were over. She wasn’t in a cage anymore. Back then she make a step and allow them to save her. She trusted the heroes. She choose her own heros.
She choose to support them in a way they need her to help them. She could help. She could do something. She just need to think. Think about what she can do, not about what already happen. Not letting the past control her. Concentrating on what was ahead of her.
What she can do. What was right to do. Bakugo was in pain. She could clearly see that. And she knows that she doesn’t like that. She close her eyes.
Bakugo muscles tingle. His hand didn't hurt anymore. He fix the grip on the wall. Only then realising sparkling lights dancing on the length of his skin. He peek at Eri. /Shrimp?/ Her horn was glowing.
- Shrimp! Wake up!
She open her eyes. They were watered. The glowing didn’t ceased. It was increasing in power each second.
Bakugo smile. In his own devilish, but at most sincere way.
- It’s ok, Eri. I told you it's going to be fine. Heroes always win.
His commanding yet reassure tone make her emotions allay a bit. Her horn stopped glowing.
Right then he shift his attention to man:
- Fucker! Move or I will blast you with the shreds!
Eri glanced at man.
Then she let go of Bakugo.
- Eri! Get back here!
/Fuck!/ He couldn't let go of the wall or it will collapse on all of them. As long as Eri was close he could protect her. Now the blast effects could influence her!
Eri stood in front of the man.
- Please sir… - she say in trembling voice - We need to get out of here...
The man turn his head towards her.
She was shaking herself, but she pull the edge of his shirt.
- Please sir... Heroes can’t save us if we don’t let them…
The man slowly stand up and in mind void follow Eri who lead him by sleeve from under the danger.
Bakugo shouted: “Farther!” when they stop outside and only when they weren't in blast rage anymore he easily crush the wall Into the pieces.
Eri was admiring GZ work from her save position. Suddenly she realize few important things, but she couldn’t process them as her vision got blurred and she collapsed.
The man who she save catch her before she fall on the ground. Bakugo was at her side a second later. He check her pulse and make sure she just fainted.
He assume she should be fine for a time as her horn wasn't glowing anymore, but he still bite his tongue for not taking her medicines with them on this trip.
They should be heading home as fast as possible, but he dare to waste two seconds to hit the man at face full fist. In a meantime the police appear to manage the evacuation.
One of the officers quickly approach Bakugo to eventually handcuff him for act of violence.
- Sir, please stay dow… - then he notice who he speak to and almost salute.
- Ground Zero! Sir! I’m so sorry, sir! Is that one of the villains?
- That’s fucking trash! - suddenly the vision of Deku flash in his mind - That’s whatever is lower than trash.
- What's the situation?
- Red Riot take over the charge and the situation is now under control!
Bakugo just nodded. Kiri may not look like that with his often airheaded teen behaviour, but he is both smart and experienced and always put his head into fight when needed.
The officer look concerned at little girl Bakugo was holding.
- Do you need medical support, sir?
- What I need is a vehicle. Fast one and right now. - he demand.
Few minutes later they were on the way home in police car on signal.

Right after Bakugo cover Eri with fluffy blanket he send RR text that they went back.
Kirishima return almost three hours later. Without his shirt and bloody dirt all over him, but cheerful as usually.
Katsuki smirk and ruffle his boyfriend hair.

- Those were some small fries, but the cages got destroyed so I stay to help with the animals! - he immediately explain himself for long absence - I got to pet a tiger! - he beamed in excitement.
Bakugo didn’t say anything. Just lean back side the wall, arms crossed.

- What about you guys? Where is Eri? - Kiri look behind Bakugo into living room.

In most impassive voice he could Katsuki answers:

- She use her quirk and pass out.
- What?! Eri!

Kirishima freak out. He start running inside, almost tripping over the carpet. Bakugo catch him by his belt.

- Shut up you dumbass!

Eijiro give him a panicked look.

- I gave her the medicine she is sleeping now.

His voice was calm, but he was looking away.
- Oh… - Kirishima settle down.

Then he come closer to Bakugo and cup his face, forcing him to look so their eyes meet.

- You ok, Kats?

- I always am.

Red Riot just smile softly on that white lie.
He caress Bakugo cheek by his thumb. Katsuki hold his boyfriend hands on his face like he was worried he will disappear. Kirishima could feel them trembling.
Eri’s quirk reverse the broken bone, but holding that mass of concrete make a number on his wrists.
Bakugo growl.
Eijiro knows that expression.

- How about you take your laps, Katsu? I will just take a quick shower and you are free to steam up your stress outside.

- Whatever.
He give Eijiro a kiss.
Kirishima return it and give him another one on the forehead standing on his toes.

- Ten minutes, babe.

He mean it. A quarter after Bakugo was running his daily rounds around the lake.
He got back all sweaty and breathless, but much lighter on the mind.
He would take a peek if Eri is still sleeping and fine when Kiri order his stinky ass into bathroom.
Baku take the only advantage of their guest condition and teased Riot in at most children inappropriate way. Kirishima just laughed this time and answer: “Maybe later, Suki!” GZ take his time under hot water before chilling on the couch.
He got actual chills when Red place the bottle of iced tea to his heated shoulder.
That was just what he needed. He open the bottle. A fresh drink, Kirishima even put the ginger in.
He closed his eyes relaxing on the pillows.
Kiri snuggle into him.

- Thx for the meal, Katsu.

- Whatever, I got bored after she fall asleep.

Kirishima smile.

He knows.
Bakugo wasn’t bored.

He was worried.

And as always when he is - he need to occupy his mind.

And that face he made before was just a given.

He was definitely worried.

For both of them.
Bakugo put his head on the top of Kirishima’s.

- Thx for the tea, Shittyhair.

- Sure thing, Explosion boy.

They stay like that for a while.
They both close their eyes.

Breathing slowly and in harmony.

It was simply comfortable.

To feel the present of one another.

Just enjoying the moment and closeness.

Listening to each other heartbeat.
Kirishima tighten the hug.

- Katsuki… Do you think we could make a family one day?

- Huh? - Bakugo murmur, eyes still closed - What are you talking about all of the sudden?
Redhead nestling even more into his boyfriend arms and hiding his embarrassed face.

- I was just thinking that you would be a great father, you know?

- Obviously!

He snarl and then added:

- You would be a terrible one thu.

- Oi!
Kirishima looked up at him pouting offended.

Bakugo open one eye to see his expression.

He smirked and nibble his wrinkled nose before whispering:

- You are going to be a great dad, Shittyhair.

- ...wait, “are” ?

His eyes widen.
- Katsu, you mean it?

- Sure, I do, Eijiro. Did I ever say something I don’t?

/No, you never does. You manly bastard./

He didn’t need to say it outloud. The question was rhetorical anyway.

- Not now - he slide his hands up along Kirishima’s back - but one day.
He cup his face.

- I want to have a family with you, you big dork.

Kirishima blushed rosy and his eyes soften under the quantity of how much does he love the man in front of him.
He tilted his head and they both melted into a kiss.

Tenderly cherishing the connection of their lips.

Smiling and chuckling in relish without parting.
Then Bakugo deeper the kiss, slipping his tongue between Kirishima sharp shark teeth.

And Eijiro let him, almost groaning on the experienced.

It’s been a while.
He admit it. He suspect Baku will have hard time waiting out the whole weekend, but it seem he himself wasn’t as patient as well.

The silken moan escape his mouth as Bakugo pull out and bite his tongue gently.
He shift his hands under blond shirt.

Katsuki put his on both sides of Kirishima chest. He grip him firmly and rise him from his thigh.

- Alright, get off, daddy.

Ending the kissing session he throw Riot on the other end of the couch.
- EH?!!

- Don’t “Eh!” me! - he stand up, stretching his back - You set the rules so don’t complain.

He finished his drink which get much less cold by time.

- I need to check on Shrimp anyway. She should wake up soon. - he added on his way.
Kirishima just hang his head over the backrestwas and squish his eyes.

He does was the one setting the rules this time.

And now, left on the couch alone, already pretty excited down below and unsatisfied - he consider if he make the right decision.
Then he remember - Bakugo say he want to have a family together.

He want to be with him and he want to have kids one day.

He is already taking such a good care of Eri.
The warm feeling full his heart.

He open his eyes. Looking up at the ceiling he smile to himself.

Contented of the thought of what the future can be.

In one swing he stood up to see how he can help his man.
Eri didn’t wake up in next two hours in fact, but once she does she was greeted with a smell of hot chocolate. Bakugo say she earn it, but he still make sure she eat her dinner properly. All the vegetables and rice.
The evening go by without greater attractions. They play a game and watch some tv. Although it was more of Kiri and Eri who were enjoying it. Bakugo was more into criticizing the immaturity of the children animation show. The man just like his chuntering.
Eri didn't get it,but Kiri was chuckling while laying on his boyfriend chest.He was holding Eri in his arms, making sure the blanket covers her properly.After few episodes she starts drifting to sleep again. It was day full of excitements afterall. They all needed some rest.
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