1. #12Monkeys Thread🧵
This is going to be a little different. I’m not going to explain as much as usual as I’m throwing up what I see 4others. @LovesTheLight linked d/t Coronavirus. I’ve seen it & knew details already so watched to decode 🎥🍿
I’ll explain in comments if needed
2. #12Monkeys “inspired by” 1962 French “La Jetee” = The Jetty (observe platform in airport) Post-Nuclear war (WWIII) exper. in #TimeTravel. “To call past & future to rescue of the present.”🤔💭😳 Familiar?!
3. La Jetee - difficulty finding subjects for #timetravel so [they] use prisoners, basically public, non-elite class. Meets tech advanced way future- gave him a power unit sufficient to regenerate own destroyed society. His childhood nightmare was in Airport, witnesses own death.
4. Note the Alfred Hitchcock 1958 film, #Vertigo was referenced in this film La Jetee & as you’ll see later in 12 Monkeys.
5. What are the #12Monkeys. Not stated in movie is it? No. Let’s look. Note resemblance of ouroboros. The cyclical nature of time, life / death.
Also note the 12 Monkeys are referencing the Zodiac / Constellations. 12 Disciples / 12 Apostles / 12 Cranial Nerves / 12 Thrones...
6. 12 Monkeys starts out with this:
5 billion people will die from a deadly virus in 1997 = Schizophrenic said this in 1990🍿
Note year = 26 = 8 #infinity ♾ #Wheel #Nostradamus #Mayan
Survivors go “underground.”
Animals rule the world “once again”
Note the choice of Green print
7. For more on the significance of the time of #infinity and the wheel 🚲 please visit my prophecies thread or save to read (it’s long & very detailed)
See [they] know exactly what’s happening, and [they] are tracking [their] time left! #GodWins
https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1181561345143136256?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1181561345143136256
8. OK so it starts with the past is watching the future. Spoiler alert he’s watching himself die. Note the gate: A(=1) 15-20. It’s either 8 for #infinity ♾ OR 9 for higher mind / consciousness.
Paper - Dec 31st = Capricorn - SEA GOAT / Saturn / PolarityNegative / Element Earth
9. James Cole Prisoner “volunteer”in future in cage.
Shirt ID is 87645 =30
Elite send back in time to save world. Returns in snow w/ bear Ursa Major)
Gets sent psych 🏥 Dr. walks in, 👉🏻 13
Head stamp # is AS-6 38940786(?) = 45 OR 71 👈🏻 @LovesTheLight (A=1, S=19)
Not all in pics
10. ..When he returns to future (Philadelphia I think) collects a bug in snow, the bear which is Ursa Major, & the Lion on a Building Which is the constellation Leo. Leo borders Ursa Major.
(Note I’m not covering entire details of movie 🎥)
Goes back to future 6 elite scientist.
11. Back to past again (1996 back to 1990) Doctor meets him, feels she knows him, familiar, he meets BP as Jeffrey. Calls James JIMBO. “You’re here b/c of the system” “commercialism.” “If you don’t buy things your mentally ill.” - literal & figurative. Buy products. Buy lies...
12. Ok stop for sec. this drawing is significant. Inverted. Body. Hook. Axe. “Jesus Lives” Checkerboard.
@ready_pen 👀!
Jeffrey has the crazy left eye of course. Lots of hand signs.
TV is stuck on cartoons. Can’t turn it. Can’t change it. Understand.
13. “JIMBO” using the green crayon. There’s Red, Green & Yellow.
East donates higher mind🧠, creative thought, East Tribe (of 12 Tribes of Judah).
Tv. Rabbit 🐇 experiments. #AliceInWonderland #ProjectPegasus
Now Bull = Taurus ♉️ constellations. Don’t appear to be in order 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
14. Jeffrey sees his father on TV, scientist. Says we are all Monkeys. James asks if he got hurt. J says, “ not as bad as what they are doing to the Easter bunny’s, look at them maybe the human race does deserve to be wiped out.🐇🕳 J’s definitely being tested, abused.
15. They talk to a guy says is “alien guy, mental divergence, - on the Planet Ogo - “The intellectual elite preparing to subjugate the barbarian whores on Pluto”
Pluto is planet of dead. Gate to underworld. Charon orbits it. Charon is gray boatman to be ferried Down River Styx...
16. See my notes on significance of Pluto, dead planet, gate to the underworld. Charon gray orbiting Pluto, Charon is boatman of River Styx. Jesus betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
Now remember Pelosi’s bullet pens. Note the silver trays
👉🏻30 Total pens🖊
👉🏻 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1217813999544344578?s=21
17. So they’re watching TV, com. of Florida Keys, Marx brothers a movie ”Monkey Business” Jeff distracts so Jim can Escape. “Mon-KEY”🔑
The Bear on TV turns into ox or bull w/ hooves i.e. Taurus ♉️
Paper-“Magic Pyramid” is ORGONE. Recall👉🏻“ORGO”.
Bat Child 2miles underground
18. Time travels again. Wants to go back. To find Freedom For Animals Association. FFAA. 2nd Ave HQ.
Note CERN type reactor behind scientist.
Single Eye’s 👁 speaking to him.
Sees 12 Monkey logo. Knows where it is. They send him into WWI. He gets shot, but transported to 1996.
19. “Jeffrey Goines” mad because his dad does experiments on animals. 👉🏻He has a virology lab👈🏻
The future scientists think the HQ of 12 Monkeys is on 2nd Ave where the virus will come from. Jeffrey runs the FFAA.
20. #12Monkeys, Dr Kathryn Railly at a lecture on 11/19 (119) on “Madness & Apocalyptic Visions, Omens of Divination” discussing Cassandra complex & Martha Mitchell effect. (Note M=13) “When valid warnings or concerns are disbelieved by others. Cassandra tried to warn others...
21. Take note of her quotes! “Doomsday scenario was considerably more compelling when reality supports it w/ a virulent disease.”😳 #Coronavirus
“To know the future but no 1 believes it, hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it.” 😲
22. Also talks 7 Golden Viles = 7 chakras
Kathryn & James find each other again. See that #symbolism pointing to👇🏻“Go to Philadelphia that’s where they are” Birthplace of our constitution (American Revolution & Declaration Independence 1776!) Globe motel. Nice #Keystone there 👀
23. At motel. Notice his shirt “Chris”. Is that reference to “Christ?”
Tied hands of angel statue.
I see an owl over the headboard & an eye 👁 on the headboard.
This is where he tells her the boy in well was a prank. Clueing her into truth of his #timetravel cartoon Time Tunnel
24. Forgot to add Jeffrey at home. Creepy eye 👁, spiral, horseshoe shape dining elite. He flips out. Hands signs in there too.
Note clock 🕰 in kitchen on 9:10:10. That’s 911.
25. Back to motel Homeless man recognizes James from future. Told James they hear by tracking device in tooth. Remind you of anything? #Epstein dental 🦷 chair. So James pulls a couple teeth out. Jeffrey kidnaps own father (Nobel prize winner), let’s 100 snakes🐍 loose in senate.
26. I might’ve messed up timeline a little bit😬but it kind of doesn’t matter it’s just the info that’s needed.
They’re are looking for Jeffrey. Note description of Jeffrey “dangers of science a threat. Prometheus stealing fire from the gods to Cold War era of Dr. Strangelove”..
27. Jeffrey states “A nonprofit organization becomes some revolutionary cabal.”
James #Timetravels into the future again from water almost in front of Kathryn. Future scientists / elite know he pulled his teeth. They restrain him in the future....
28. Voice appears to James “Psychiatry is the latest religion.” Voice talks to him to figure out what he really wants.
“I don’t think the human mind was meant to live in 2 different dimensions, but we do dreams & awake.”
A virologist works for Jeff’s dad. James returns to past.
29. This is where the globe hotel really is. My bad.😆 I saw it & wrote notes about 2 wks ago. Anywho...
He’s in more like a childlike state. He wants the future to be unknown. Jeff kidnaps dad. “Biohazard” written across eyes 👀
#Keystone Tied angel hands statue behind Kathryn.
30. Here is were we see Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo🍿 Movie poster (behind her on wall) & playing in motel.
👉🏻Giant tree stump: 909 AD, 1066 Battle of Hastings, 1215 Magna Carta,1492 Discovery of America, 1776 Declaration of Independence, ? Tree cut.
I need to see this movie!
31. More on Alfred Hitchcock’s #Vertigo movie 🎥 🍿 #timetravel
“17 mile drive”
I have to see this again! Saw years ago! Watch this!... 😳
32. Searching for Vertigo pics & I stumble on this movie poster😳 It looked familiar! Very recently! 🤯
#Q just dropped this red pic of @realDonaldTrump “Hunters Become The Hunted” TODAY! Hours ago!😱 Coincidence?! How!
Note the spiral staircase from 12 Monkeys & Vertigo poster.
33. James & Kathryn realize all the animals were released from the Philly zoo. The “We did it” poster of 12 Monkeys was only that they release the animals from captivity, they were not responsible for releasing the virus. They were going after wrong group but correct connections!
34. They decide to run away 2gether. Key West. Why all the posters. Maybe that’s subliminal messaging influencing the present dimension they r in. Or us.
Note Airport Twin Towers. 2 AT&T = TT = Twin Towers.
Enter the Virologist. All those stickers are MK #mindcontrol programs!
35. Stewardess says where virologist has been. San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, Peking, for a business trip in 1 week. Note “Insight” guides. Luggage=Mind Control
I believe his Yellow jacket = Yellow cube #timetravel #ProjectPegasus
36. Why I believe the yellow jacket? #ProjectPegasus please see the 3 links in here for videos👇🏻 which include videos on the Yellow Cube, #Stargate Area 51, #ThroughTheLookingGlass #AliceInWonderland white rabbit over the door on Floor 4-2 👉🏻42 🐇
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1214932111733514240?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1214932111733514240
37. The airport security guy wants to open the container. The Virologist allows it. Even encourages it. The virus is invisible to naked eye, no odor & airborne. “Looks empty”
Sound familiar?
Meantime the voice tells James he’s “not permitted to stay.” He sees a future friend...
38. His friend from future tells him phone call gave him away. They found him. “Follow orders” it’s “not about the 12 Monkeys” it’s about mind control! Apocalypse.
He runs.
This is where movie actually showed us starting, & there he is as young boy watching himself get shot & die
39. Last scene the Virologist enters plane. Sits down next to who is actually 1 of the future “scientists / elite.” They greet & she as “Jones” who is in “Insurance”. (Black & White checker type outfit) Job to tie up the “balance”, life death; good bad; duality; cycle symbology.
40. 😱 Do you see? Coronavirus + Wuhan + 12 Monkeys. I don’t even know what to say🤯 JK I know exactly what to say.😏 👉🏻🎯 Coincidence @timetowakeupsw1 putting up an amazing thread literally while I’m working on this?! & @LovesTheLight’s hunch was on🎯
📌 https://twitter.com/timetowakeupsw1/status/1226965729867698177?s=21
41. PART 2. This is where the current comms & decodes that connects to this Twelve Monkeys Thread 🐒 will be and discussed now.
Dropping my Coronavirus thread here:
https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1220872806562398209?s=21 https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1220872806562398209
42. @LovesTheLight found the Hitchcock Vertigo movie and the 12 Monkeys explaining the red and green differences used in each movie. Also remember the red and green crayons mentioned above.
Watch 👉🏻 https://twitter.com/lovesthelight/status/1227074094564286464?s=21
43. This has been on my mind for 2 days!🤔This was no accident. I mention #Vertigo in my #12Monkeys thread & less than 2 hours later Q posts a completely red meme “Hunters Become The Hunted.”
I saw it but it didn’t click until I was looking for movie posters of Vertigo. BAM💥😲..
44. What if the Red for The Hunt for Red OCTober really is referring to February NOT October? Or more so 👉🏻Octo meaning Eight = ♾ BUT it’s not 8th month. The Tourmaline shows 8 sides. That brings me back to Emerald Tablet. What if infinity does not mean what we think it means...
45. If anyone’s been following me for a while you’ll know I’ve been tracking 8’s & #infinity ♾ since I’ve been on. Its highly significant. It’s what brought me back to twitter. Search infinity.
👇🏻(Note Thread is cut. Goes all way 70+ tweets).
46. I won’t tell you I have all answers. But I will share thoughts. What if infinity ♾ was [their] construct to remove us from true cycle🚲 of time? What if that is the mental enslavement? I said it earlier... a twist of time. 👉🏻“Crooked” Hillary! & we should really be on ⭕️?...
47. I literally have entire threads dedicated to studying the Wheel and the Wheels found in prophecy and our heavens. It was never a figure 8! It was always a WHEEL, A CIRCLE ⭕️ Just as we see in the heavens, The Bible, our clocks, 🕰, even the QClock.
👉🏻 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1227378640532516864?s=21
48. I forgot to add my #RigForRed which is where i noticed it might be referring to February, as the Red Month❤️. See Flag as 2 & 20 - February ‘20. See Q Drop 220 that I linked to SOTU “Sometimes the Past Can Find The Future” “Future Answers Past”.
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight/status/1225591643778224128?s=21
49. @LovesTheLight has been working deep on time & space decodes as well. Our threads & thoughts seem to merge🙏🏻 I highly suggest you visit this thread. You will see the many connections made. The Wheel, The clock, Dimensions, #12Monkeys #Interstellar 💥
👉🏻 https://twitter.com/lovesthelight/status/1226247758278991873?s=21 https://twitter.com/LovesTheLight/status/1226247758278991873
51. I forgot I posted this on 2/6!!🤦🏻‍♀️ B4 I even did this thread!
Cher tweeted 6 Monkeys from the #WizardOfOz. This is totally relevant. #mindcontrol See how her tweet made sure there are 6. Might be relevant as half of 12. It’s the # of man. Sin nature.
52. Noticing more in this screengrab of the airport.
Almost hidden Swiss flag! 🇨🇭 Twin Towers, see AT&T notes above, green and red lights, portal. 2 escalators going up or down? Human consciousness = #9. 9 is higher consciousness or maybe in this case MK ultra deep programming..
53. We have a Florida Keys & Gold reference! (1600’s) See above Florida Keys in this #12Monkeys thread🔑
Mon KEY🔑
Roman Numeral for 16 = XVI
And measures 11 inches
That’s 7 7 11 🤔💭 or 7+7+1+1 = 16 = 7
Timestamp ALSO = 16 which = 7
OR 777 Trump Ref.?
@LovesTheLight see more?
54. I’m not sure I know what to say. 😳🤯 LAX Airport Medical Screener Tests Positive for Coronavirus. How many times is I mathematically impossible? #QAnon #Q
Credit @KolbeJen for alerting me & then Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit for article.
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