No one who ever lived was worse than Donald Trump
The real Nixon lessons here are this:

• Hated for his role on the HUAC, Nixon was targeted for removal by the Left just as Trump was

• Watergate was an episode of the Teletubbies compared to the corruption of the Obama Administration >
• As I've said many times before, the likes of Howard Baker exist only in the GOP. Democrats are a true Bolshevik style party: no enemies to the left; "no "fair brokers- we owe it to the right side of history never to give in"

• Nixon repeatedly gave in... for national unity >
• Watergate was no different from his stepping back from demanding a recount in Illinois dieing the 1960 election: Nixon was a patriot.

As history has sadly shown, however, he was one whose trust in the loyalty of those who hated him was misplaced. >
• The operation to bring down Nixon was a Democrat / media / academia / "principled conservative" / judicial operation just like Crossfire Hurricane in all its facets - but less so because much less was needed then >
• If not for social media, especially Twitter, they would have succeeded here too. Indeed in conrast to 1973-4, the elites and the money connecting them - domestically and internationally - are far more united against outsiders today.

Twitter absolutely saved this country.<>
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