Dear Canada/Alberta

Regarding Your Carbon Tax Angst:

Australia is ranked 54th out of 54 countries on Climate Action. They are a *very* right wing country with solid right wing "conservative" leadership. The kid in this boat is (I think) 14 years old.

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Whole towns have been engulfed in flames and the Aussies have had to camp out on beaches knowing if the flames get much closer they'll have to jump into the water. Not everybody has boats. /2
The Climate Crisis spares no country. The immensely dangerous (and expensive it that's the only concern) record-breaking wildfires of Australia (and California before that) have all happened with just one~ish degrees of GLOBAL heating /3
Scientists told us in 2018 we can stop the bleeding at 1.5 degrees (so 1/2 a degree worse) by 2030 but only if we started acting immediately & in a big way. We've done almost nothing, in fact we're still pouring on the gas more than ever and 1.5 seems *extremely* unlikely now /4
The next target would be 2 degrees, so seeking to limit GLOBAL heating at *twice* the level that has already fuelled mind-bindingly enormous climate wildfire disasters like Australia and California. /5
The increase in degrees of heating is not in a one-to-one relationship with the intensity, danger or cost of these inexorable, inevitable climate disasters. This all comes to a head not only in our children's lifetimes or even our own but over the next decade /6
All of our kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews will one day find themselves in one metaphorical boat or another soon enough. It will be up to their mothers and fathers to explain why everything's burning. It will be good to have an answer prepared, if nothing else /7

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