1/ THREAD: w/ @kitty_astra What happens when you have mass consciousness viewing a single focal point of reality, what does that do to the creation of reality?
Do "elites" have access to technology that is not privy to the regular person #ProjectLookingGlass #YellowCube
2/ Was there a problem in 2012 when timelines converged within that point in time?
How does string theory work?
How does the possibilities of possibilities work?
What is Multiverse theory?
What is Quantum Entanglement? (Cat Dead/Alive)
Mandela Effect?
3/ Is #ProjectLookingGlass creating the reality we see within the present/future moment or does mass consciousness feed #ProjectLookingGlass for the projection of the future through the 👁 of Collective Consciousness using the Television?
Future Prove Past? #TheGreatAwakening
4/ Yellow Cube/ book gives “You” your possible future. It takes the choices you make along a timeline and tells you what that timeline would be, given you made all the choices that your brain made.

Do the Elites have this to use for their personal gain?
#YellowCube #Hollywood
5/ Within an electric universe, is there any direct correlation to Yellow Cube and the Television (Tell Lie Vision)?
Does Hollywood utilize the TV to fulfill the Yellow Cube, does the Yellow Cube determine what to subliminally push into subconscious to then create timelines?
6/ Historically play and movies are called “Mystery Plays.” They are a way to get the hidden plans out to the world without openly saying it. Been happening since before Jesus.

Is Hollywood masters of Mystery Plays utilizing technology (Yellow Cube) to push their agendas?
7/ Is there a connection between Illumanti and Freemason?
Is there a connection between Illumanti and scientiology?
Is there a connection between Illumanti and Mennonites?
How does this connect to Hollywood?
8/ What is lookingglass, Oregon?
What is Springfield, Oregon?
Springfield in Simpsons?
What is “Bridge of Gods”?
What is Evergreen Street, Evergreen College and HRC have in common? MK Mind Control?
At what point does it become mathematically impossible?
855 = 18 & 1908 = 18
9/ Matt Groening - Grew up in Oregon
MG Created “Life in Hell”, The Simpsons, Futurama
MG went to Evergreen College
Evergreen College - HRC / Project Camelot?
Petroglyphs near Bridge of God
10/ Who else lived in Springfield, Oregon?
Theodore Sturgeon who wrote several Star Trek Scripts.
Does Hollywood speak to us through Movies, books, and TV Shows?
What does Q and Star Trek have in common?
17 = Q
11/ At what point does it become mathematically impossible?
What does MG and Q Principle have in common?
What is the Q and R Principle and game theory while having Project Looking Glass?
Remember 18 above in thread # 8 with lookingglass Oregon?
Where else have we seen R? https://twitter.com/KewNadian/status/1225622672467484673
12/ What does Groening/ Gröning have anything in common in WWII, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia?

What does Wiggum/Veggum have in common with Rothschild, Central Banking, and Crypto Currency?

What is Operation Paperclip?

Are Simpsons in direct relation to MG reality?
13/ The Simpsons, a fun cartoon or something more?
The show is well known for its uncanny ability to predict the future, How many future predictions have been made in the show?
How many have come true?
How could this be possible?
#coronavirus @rickygervais @realDonaldTrump
14/ What do 33rd Degree Masons have in common with The Simpsons?
Why will symbolism be [there] downfall?
Do names, colors, characters, events have any cross correlation?
What do Rupert Murdoch, Fox, and Simpson have in common? Watch for more symbolism:
15/ There are sites out there that will go into the depth of each episode, where you can search a specific character, place, keyword to discover patterns.

When does it become mathematically impossible?

16/ Remember # 8 above, April 4th 1999.. Lets look into the episode that the date was reference with the “bridge of God” Gematria.

Interesting episode is about Adam and Eve. There are full descriptions of each charter within the wiki page.
17/ Weird if Bart = MG and Bart sells his soul, what really happened in “real life” 🧐

Why so much information around sex offenders, Devil, satan, s1x times 3?


Remember life in hell comic but this started before Simpsons..?
18/ Lets look at some more things within this TV show that is shown to children, what other kind of symbolism is right in front of our eyes?
What does they numbers and symbols mean to you when you see them again?

"s1x times 3”

Symbolism will be there down
19/ It’s a running joke that the Springfield within the Simpsons is actually not known where the shows makes it seem like multiple location because of characters, accents, geolocations, etc.

Interesting look at Ogdenville and lookingglass Oregon sign… What’s a harvest? People?
20/ Settlers from Maryland were heading for New Sodom. Instead, however, they founded Springfield, built upon its Puritan values, and Shelbyville, built on marriage between cousins…
Hm lets look at Gematria for Shelbyville…
Remember # 11, 13, and 16 above..? Episode April 4th?
21/ James L Brooks found MG during “Life in Hell” & introduced him to Fox for Simpsons?

Is Mr Bruns = Jacob Rothschild?

Is MG Mom’s surname Veggum connected to Central Bank of Norway - Rothschild? And Crypto Currency?

Star Trek / 17 x infinity - Q - Bitcoin = faceless?
22/ Wait is MG a time traveler?
Instead of Yellow Cube or is it a combination of both?
How does Time Travel actually work @realDonaldTrump we found Nikola Tesla and 41020 references in here while predictions and Futurama aspects?
Remember Bridge of Gods Earlier?
23/ The Simpsons does make some accurate predictions but it also fails at making predictions?

Is Yellow Cube or Project Looking Glass back in the hands of the White hats?

Is reality creation bi-directional where mass consciousness feeds back into the timeline creation?
24/ What other TV Shows, Movies, Books have predications within them that we see playing out within our reality years afterwards being programmed into our subconscious?

Understand the moment is all we have but have you looked into how Marketing companies & Hollywood program us?
25/ @kitty_astra and I appreciate you reading through this, this is just research where we would like discussions as subconscious programming as it's a major part within the #GreatAwakening to break out of the matrix to think for yourself. We are the news now #qanon #Simpsons
If anyone knows “both” anon Hollywoods it would be great to pass along, I have some questions and can setup the means to communicate anonymously.. #qanon #qarmy #GoldenGlobes #AcademyAwards  #Oscars  #Hollywood #Simpsons  #WWG1GWA #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE
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