A male student has been stabbed and killed by his gf at UFH. Instead of mobilising and demanding justice for him, the male populace of the university is condemning the silence of feminist activists on the matter & have turned him into a martyr for gendered-violence against men.
Now, here's my question; why is it the responsibility of feminist activists, particularly women, to make noise about this? Why can you not mobilize and demand justice on your own? Now women must pause from their important work of raising awareness around their issues for this?
When Uyinene, or any other women, died, women did not solicit support from men to bring her killer to justice. They mobilized, they rallied, they brought the coutry to a stand still. Same with queer folk. When one of their own is down, they bend together and fight for justice.
Bt men, grown men drowning in patriarchal and heterosexual privilege can't do the simple task of taking to the streets, to protest and demand justice without guilt-tripping others into solidarity. If you are so oppressed and under attack, fight for yourselves, like everyone else
RIP to the young man and heartfelt condolences to his family. Hopefully the murderer will be brought to justice.
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