Thread: Palestinan ministry of economic affairs: Israel is not allowing Palestinians to export goods to international markets. Why you may ask. The background to this story is quite interesting and telling.
Palestinian government decided to grant Palestinian merchants licences to import livestock, namely cows. This is part of a strategy for Palestinian economy to become less dependent on Israel, create jobs, and possible save Palestinian consumers money thru direct import
Israeli government was livid. Livestock farmers in Israel protested. Israeli 'defense' minister announces retaliation: Palestinians are not allowed to export vegetables and fruit to Israel.
#Palestinian government stays the course, announces it will stop importing some products from Israel. And so we're here: Israel controls all borders. To force continued economic subjugation of Palestinian economy, Israel bars Palestinian companies from exporting their products.
In his wisdom and after reading all 25 books on the conflict, Kushner proposed an even worse reality than this and called it the road to prosperity. Don't misunderstand the manchild, he was talking about prosperity of Israeli economy at the expense of Palestine's.
Worth noting that the Israeli restrictions and control regime (i.e. occupation) coats the #Palestinian economy nearly 98% of the GDP EVERY YEAR. That's a conservative estimate that doesn't go into indirect cost of land grab, theft of resources, extortion byway of bans, etc
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