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These r images from a person who claims 2 have been used by CIA in MKUlta. Person claims there is a "Sacrifice Pit" on Leslie Wexner's property in Ohio. Says a young girl is burned alive in a "satanic ritual."

I have no way of confirming this
I have a VIDEO of one of these "SACRIFICES."

It is similar to the claims made by the MKULTRA victim about Leslie Wexner's "Sacrifice Pit."

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CAUTION: It is graphic in nature and disturbing.
It appears to be GENUINE.

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There is a similar PIT at Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.
PLEASE NOTE: The video is GRAPHIC and can be triggering.

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I guess that's where this Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner madness has brought us to.

A strange place.

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To reiterate:

I have a VIDEO of one of these "SACRIFICES."

It is similar to the claims made by an MKULTRA victim about Leslie Wexner's "Sacrifice Pit."

IT IS *NOT* a video of Leslie Wexner sacrificing children.

Although the MK Ultra victim has claimed 2have witnessed this.
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