I used to think I wasn’t good at relationships but then I realized I’m actual great at relationships, I’m just not good at performing.

A lot of people consider a good partner as someone who is willing to stay asleep in a false reality with them. I’m not interested in that life.
Time to heal all experiences related to toxic romance culture. Any mistreatment that came from people because you didn’t want to be in a status quo relationship with them, because you wouldn’t “complete them” or parent them. Clear all the manipulation, ultimatums and drama.
Pay attention to any vows, promises or agreements you made to someone under pressure to conform. Things like “I will always love you”, “I will never leave you”, “I’ll do anything for you”, “I’m yours”. Recognize if these are creating unhealthy soul ties or cords of attachment.
The only types of vows I make.

https://twitter.com/maryamhasnaa/status/777730029052493824?s=21 https://twitter.com/Maryamhasnaa/status/777730029052493824
I made a video last year to support people who want to move beyond old paradigm relationship models and the energy that come up in the collective related to “valentines day”.

EFT on Why you haven’t found “the One” with Maryam Hasnaa
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