Former CIA Director James Woolsey, CIA Director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, worked in concert to frame President Donald Trump and President Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn as “Russian agents.”
General Flynn had become a “problem” for President Obama and for the Obama/Clinton Deep State intelligence apparatus.
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Even as ISIS expanded across Iraq and Syria in 2014, President Obama never once bothered to meet with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director Michael Flynn, the highest-ranking intelligence officer in the United States military.
Maria Bartiromo revealed this detail during an interview with General Flynn about ISIS. “You have told us that you never even met with President Obama,”  Bartiromo stated.
In April 2014, Clapper forced out General Flynn from his post as Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director.
Woolsey’s, Brennan’s, & Clapper’s take down of Flynn and Trump came in the wake of CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery’s exposure of Brennan & Clapper’s illegal commandeering of the powerful foreign surveillance tool, THE HAMMER for domestic surveillance.
General Flynn dropped a hint that must have made Brennan, Clapper, President Obama, and the leaders of the CIA, DOJ, and FBI in the Obama administration break into a cold sweat.
Under two limited immunity agreements, Montgomery gave DOJ & FBI 47 computer hard drives of Brennan’s & Clapper’s illicitly harvested data & Flynn told the NYT, “They’ve lost sight of who they actually work for. They work for the American people. They don’t work for the POTUS.”
Flynn excoriated the CIA, stating that the agency had become “a very political organization.”
Flynn became a “problem” b/c he openly disagreed w/the Obama administration’s highly politicized & anti-American national security policies that nurtured & gave rise to ISIS.That for the first time allowed Iran & Russia to gain a greater foothold in Syria, Iraq, & across the M.E.
General Flynn, a 33-year U.S. Army intelligence officer who led military intelligence units & the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq & Afghanistan, presented a clear and present political danger to President Obama and his intelligence directors.
General Flynn was not accepting plausible deniability as an excuse.
Flynn drafted a blueprint "sending more [DIA] employees overseas, being more responsive to regional U.S. military commanders, and turning analysts’ attention from the war zones of Iraq & Afghanistan to a broader array of emerging national security threats,” per Washington Post.
Those emerging national security threats include “Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea,” General  Mark Milley, now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, accurately warned in 2016.
General Flynn told Al-Jazeera during a January 2016 interview that after the DIA produced a report predicting that U.S. arms shipments to Syrian “rebels” would end up in the hands of Islamic terrorists — terrorists who soon morphed into ISIS.
General Flynn was absolutely spot on — as that is exactly what happened. Those “Syrian rebels” became ISIS terrorists and conducted a genocide of Christians across the Middle East.
General Flynn explained that the Obama administration made a “willful decision” to ship arms to the Islamic terrorists. General Flynn correctly predicted the rise of ISIS.
The Obama administration did not want that information pointed out to the American public. The Obama Administration ignored the warnings in the DIA report.
Real Clear Politics published a report titled “Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise Of ISIS Was A “Willful Decision” Of US Government,” bringing further attention to General Flynn’s criticism of President Obama’s tragic genocidal Middle East policies.
The man accusing President Obama of willfully arming ISIS, now the newly-elected President Trump's NSA & an Army general who served as DIA Director & as the Director of Intelligence for JSOC in Iraq & Afghanistan, only gave General Flynn’s accusations that much more gravitas.
Woolsey Attempted To Frame General Flynn.
Though Clapper had fired General Flynn in 2014, Flynn still came forward, exposing the Obama administration’s nefarious actions. 
General Flynn was not holding back.
General Flynn could not reveal classified information.
Among the many national security secrets Flynn could not expose was that Brennan and Clapper had commandeered a secret foreign surveillance system, THE HAMMER, and were using it for domestic political spying purposes.
Military sources say that sign-off procedures, including FISA court sign-offs, were in place to document the identities of all personnel who accessed to “THE HAMMER,” up to and including the President of the United States.
"The Hammer,” Montgomery explained, was transformed from a legally-authorized foreign surveillance system into Brennan and Clapper’s own, private, illegal surveillance system.
General Flynn, as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was certainly in a position to know about the existence of the foreign surveillance tool THE HAMMER.
On February 3, 2009, Obama, Clapper, & Brennan installed THE HAMMER at a secret CIA facility at Fort Washington, Maryland, in close proximity to the White House. At Fort Washington, they illegally turned the powerful surveillance tool on all of America, according to Montgomery.
That does not mean that General Flynn had knowledge that Brennan and Clapper had commandeered THE HAMMER for their own private use — spying on President Obama’s domestic political enemies.
Montgomery states that he saw Brennan and Clapper at Fort Washington. Montgomery also states that he never saw General Flynn at Fort Washington.
Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.), formerly the third highest ranking U.S. Air Force official at the Pentagon, referred to the Trump Russian Collusion Hoax investigation as a “tactical deception” operation deployed by the Deep State.
It was to cover up Brennan & Clapper’s use of the foreign surveillance tool THE HAMMER that was used to illegally spy on Americans, including Donald Trump.
U.S. Navy Four-Star Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.), former Pacific Fleet commander, agreed with General McInerney, stating that “THE HAMMER is the key to the coup.”
FBI Officials Comey, Baker, Strzok, And Page Knew About THE HAMMER, Targeted Trump And Flynn In Hoax Russia Investigation.
FBI Director James Comey, who President Trump refers to as a “a bad cop and a dirty cop,” worked with “the worst CIA director in history” John Brennan in the joint CIA/FBI Crossfire Hurricane coup d’état.
FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was later appointed Special Counsel for the Hoax Russia Collusion Investigation, supplied the FBI computers to build the super surveillance system THE HAMMER, according to Montgomery.
In order to provide cover for their illegal use of the foreign surveillance tool THE HAMMER, the cabal cooked up the Trump Russian Collusion Hoax Investigation using supposed “foreign agent” Carter Page as their entrée point, knowing full well that Page was a long-term CIA asset.
Carter Page was not the only hoax “Russian agent” who in fact was working for U.S. intelligence. Stephan Halper and Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud both worked for the FBI. George Papadopoulos was sent to meet the supposed “Russian contact” Joseph Mifsud.
Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, who supposedly had sources inside “Russian intelligence,” was working for the FBI and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.
Carter Page was not a “Russian spy.” Page, as now known, was a decades-long CIA asset. The CIA knew this. It remains a conundrum why he waited over 2 1/2 years before revealing his CIA past, while 40M tax$ were burned on the Hoax Russian Collusion brush fire that consumed the USA
Papadopoulos was ground zero for the scenario devised by the coup plotters to frame Trump & Flynn as “Russian agents” w/the Trump Russian Collusion narrative. Papadopolous planted the seeds that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton that Russia could provide to the Trump campaign.
Mifsud disagreed. Mifsud claimed that he did not say those things to Papadopoulos. In fact, Mifsud was a long-time FBI asset. Mifsud was involved in training FBI personnel. Mifsud is now missing.
Papadopoulos is connected to President Clinton’s CIA director James Woolsey through Papadopoulos’ former manager at the Hudson Institute Richard Weitz.
Papadopoulos was at the Hudson Institute for four years as an unpaid intern. An unpaid internship lasting four years is a rather unusual arrangement — in fact, it is unheard of.
Richard Weitz, Papadopoulos’ manager while at the Hudson Institute was James Woolsey’s associate and fellow collaborator on a book.
Richard Weitz collaborated with James Woolsey when they co-authored a book called The Age of Consequences with John Podesta at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS).
John Podesta & James Woolsey both worked for many years, and very closely, with President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. 
CNAS is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation among a very few others.
Ironically, the individuals who were setting up General Flynn — Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and Steele — have questionable ties to communism or have already openly self-identified as communists.
Former Clinton Administration CIA Director James Woolsey told a fantastical story to the Mueller Russian Collusion Hoax team that General Flynn planned to kidnap Fettaluh Gulen. Woolsey also immediately ran that fabricated story to Vice President Joe Biden.
Those in attendance at the meeting with General Flynn and James Woolsey, who arrived late to the meeting, claim that they heard NO SUCH STORY.
Gulen has put his schools across America with taxpayers paying $7-8 million per year toward tuition, and is a printing press for H1B visas, and who ludicrously brings alarmingly large numbers of Turkish “teachers” into the United States to teach English.
Fethullah Gulen, a CIA asset, came into the U.S under the Clinton administration in 1999.
That Woolsey tried to frame General Flynn with his bizarre assertion that the former Director of the DIA would be kidnapping anyone, only brings Woolsey’s own background into sharp focus.
Clinton Appointed Woolsey To Lead CIA At The Behest Of Al Gore Jr, Whose Patron Was Suspected KGB Agent Armand Hammer.
Woolsey was CIA Director for the Clinton administration. Woolsey was out after just two years amid fallout over the disastrous discovery of Aldrich Ames and Woolsey’s laissez-faire attitude about Ames.
Suspected KGB agent Armand Hammer was the patron of Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore Jr. and Gore’s father Al Gore Sr.
Woolsey not only had Aldrich Ames working under him. Ames began working as a Soviet agent just 4 short months after U.S. naval intelligence civilian analyst Jonathan Pollard was discovered to be a Soviet mole.
Pollard failed to get hired by the CIA after failing a polygraph test. U.S. Naval intelligence eventually hired Pollard as a civilian analyst in September 18, 1979, while President Carter’s Undersecretary of the Navy was James Woolsey.
Woolsey left his position as Undersecretary of the Navy in Dec 1979, about 3 months after Naval intelligence hired Pollard, who turned out to be a spy who passed highly classified secrets, the most damaging cache of U.S. secrets ever stolen, to Israel and the Soviet Union.
Pollard was the most damaging spy bar none since the Rosenberg espionage ring betrayed U.S. nuclear secrets to the Soviets in the 1940s…
…In other words, information that would make the United States vulnerable to attack by an enemy or would limit its ability to respond…
The fact is that the Pollard spy operation was approved at the highest levels of the Israeli government and to this day Tel Aviv has reneged on its agreement to return all of the material stolen to enable the Pentagon to do a complete damage assessment.
Aldrich Ames, the Soviet spy was caught while working under CIA Director Woolsey. Ames began working for the Soviets four short months after Jonathan Pollard was caught working for Israel and the Soviet Union.
Pollard material was sanitized & dictated to a secretary before being turned over to the Soviets. Some material was directly provided to Yevgeni M. Primakov, the Soviet Foreign Ministry specialist on the Middle East who met publicly & privately with Yitzhak Shamir while he was PM
Woolsey was criticized for his nonchalant attitude about the Ames case and for failing to discipline CIA personnel following the disastrous national security breach.
Prior to 9/11 attacks, PNAC (Project for A New American Century of which Wooldey was a member) predicted that a shift toward the use of U.S. military forces to remove Saddam Hussein from power would come about slowly in the absence of “some catastrophic & catalyzing event..."
Woolsey pushed hard for launching the Iraq War, and served as an executive on firms that were awarded contracts in Iraq. Woolsey’s wife Suzanne Woolsey was on the board of directors Fluor Corporation. Fluor received contracts to rebuild electric power plants in Iraq.
Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, the rogue Iraqi nuclear scientist who who was the mastermind of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program, was placed on the U.S. CENTCOM Operation Iraqi Freedom Blacklist of Iraqi regime officials wanted for capture or kill.
Dr. Jafar, like Fluor Corporation, later received contracts to rebuild Iraqi power plants, even though Dr. Jafar had been caught on the Saddam Tapes revealing that he covertly used Iraqi power stations to provide electricity to his secret underground uranium enrichment facilities
Dr. Jafar’s brother and business partner Hamid Dhia Jafar is a founding shareholder of The Abraaj Group and the co-owner of Gulftainer.
The Obama administration facilitated Project Pelican, a secret operation that awarded Gulftainer a 35-year lease to the cargo container terminal at Florida’s Port Canaveral.
The U.S. Navy uses Port Canaveral as a base for its Ohio Class nuclear submarines that carry Trident II ballistic missiles. Port Canaveral is adjacent to Canaveral Air Force Station and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
Hamid Dhia Jafar’s son Majid Jafar co-launched the Business Backs Education initiative with former President Bill Clinton in 2014, while the secret Project Pelican negotiations were underway.
The Abraaj Group was the largest private equity firm in the Middle East, has been compared to BCCI, and collapsed in 2019 after coming under multiple investigations.
The Trump administration issued an arrest warrant for the CEO of Abraaj. President Obama’s Pakistani college friend Wahid Hamid was an Abraaj Group managing director.
Woolsey waged a campaign to punish a whistleblower who released audio tapes, known as “The Saddam Tapes,” that exposed Saddam Hussein talking about the detonation of a nuclear weapon in Washington D.C. by “terrorists” who could not be traced back to Saddam’s regime.
Gulen claims he's estranged from Erdogan’s power base in Europe, yet Gulen has been bringing tens of thousands of Gulen operatives, primarily military age men, into the U.S. through H1B Visas granted to Gulen-run charter schools & other shadowy Turkish-controlled U.S. businesses.
Gulen and Erdogan share the same anti-Western and anti-American world view. Perhaps Gulen and Erdogan secretly work together with Obama.
A cable from the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, released by WikiLeaks, revealed that “as applicants, Gulenists are almost uniformly evasive about their purpose of travel and their relationships to Gulen, raising questions among Consular officers.
Our unease is also shared by secular segments of Turkish society…These applicants generally are not forthcoming about the source of their travel funds.
Mike Zullo Secretly Recorded CIA Whistleblower Montgomery, Says Montgomery; Zullo Was In Contact With Former CIA Director Woolsey.
Those recordings later became known as “The Whistleblower Tapes,” audio recordings that first revealed THE HAMMER.
Zullo told these reporters late in the evening of December 15. 2016 that he was in contact with Woolsey.
Pacepa, Highest-Ranking Communist Eastern Bloc Defector: “To a knowledgeable eye, Obama’s actions suggest he might have had some intelligence connection with the Kremlin, such as Whittaker Chambers once had.”
Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and Steele are not the only ones with communist connections.
Barack Obama’s mentor in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis. Davis, who also spent time in Chicago, was a CPUSA member and a suspected KGB agent.
The FBI placed Davis on the secret FBI Security Index (SI) of individuals who posed such a high national security risk that they were to be arrested in the event of a war between the United States and the Soviet Union.
President Obama was caught on a hot mic promising Russia more “flexibility” after his “last election” in regard to missile defense.
Much thanks to Mary Fanning and Alan Jones for their report. I only hope this thread does justice to that report.
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