I really miss the days where our actors were picked based on their talent rather than ONLY for their attractiveness.

I think that a lot of the characters/actors we grew up with & marked us the most either had "atypical" looks or looked like regular people (as opposed to models).
With Semi Fehri's rise to fame, the new "it actors" are very mediocre to say the least.
He obviously often just scrolls his insta feed and chooses attractive models and influencers who can't act to save their life.

Let's not even talk about Semi's plain screenwriting skills.
Obviously, attractive actors will always be needed for certain roles and surely I don't mind it.

This is merely a #rant considering Semi Fehri lately just got released from prison (again) and I'm convinced his amateurish work deteriorated the artistic value of our TV production.
Considering his big CENTRAL influence in the media sphere, whatever comes from Semi easily overshadows any other production.

He is in every Tunisian household.

He privileges sensationalism over reality and then dares to claim that he's merely "portraying Tunisian society".
No. The average Tunisian society isn't living in a vue sur mer villa in Gammarth, Marsa or Carthage wearing heels for all hours of the day, driving expensive cars and spending nights drinking wine with their other socialite friends.

That's YOUR life, Semi (and your friend's).
Many people criticize his work from a moral & religious perspective.
In fact, as mentioned by actress Julia Chaouachi, his scenarios mostly revolve around a young woman marrying an old man only for his wealth, a woman having a child out of wedlock, all types of infidelity etc.
I think this is a valid criticism & the image he gives on Tunisian women doesn't uplift us one bit.

Furthermore, even when he "tries" to represent the disadvantaged, his privilege is apparent & prevents him from giving an accurate image that gasps the complexity of our society.
Anyways, I should mention that I'm glad that there are still quality productions out there that save the day.

Eg, El Maestro (aired last Ramadan), sophistically portrayed a lot of the issues that Semi failed to address efficiently and moved us a lot.

It deserved to be praised.
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