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A week after Seulgi got dumped, she found out that her ex-boyfriend already has someone new.

Not wanting to look dumped, sad, and miserable, Seulgi quickly introduced her new boyfriend on Instagram.

And that's when the problems started coming.

- replies will be blocked
- forgive the shortcomings of the edits. fake apps can only do so much
- time stamps matter
- names on edited pics weren't removed to give credits to the OG editors
- gotvelvetjisoo (she's probably included)
- english (trial basis. might change)
- enjoy~
the breakup
park sibs: chanyeol and joy
one week later
her reaction
more reactions
reactions from her friends
red flag: ignored
a few days later...
seulgi's ig stories the following days
enter park jinho
the park jinho on IG
same caption
impending doom says hello
the answer she got in her time of need
@/pjinho's real situation
introducing jaebeom and his dumdum friends
her valentine's day 💕
his valentine's day
his real account~
a few days before Wendy's birthday~
the DM
the "reply"
thursday. same week.
same day
the dilemma
jackson and his web of friends
hello user kkseul
run, girl
his message
yeah you are
yeah let's just hide til it dies down
a few minutes later...
so he sent a message to pjinho
you should be
his message to kkseul
brilliant idea!
jackson making his presence known
final warning
okay now he's being nice for real
the truth
message, relayed
got6 vs jb
a piece of advice
what he said ✊
several days after the deal
women are online stalkers
let's play "bring me"
it's just dinner, not a war lol
march 5~
jackbam wants to be updated
fried chicken >>>>> that
this is literally one bite
seulgi's tweets for the past hour
he had to stay
seulgi's tweets past 9PM
observations from luviduvs
more lies?
good night~
a sound plan

(convo on previous tweet date mar 6 btw, a day after the dinner. this is also friday night)

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and if anyone didn't see their own watermark on the edited pics (if it's cropped) and you want to be credited properly, pls let me know.

thank you!!

(might update later. adulting first)
(okay i might have some updates before i go out)

tuesday afternoon, the following week.
when people are used to seeing you happy, you kinda don't want to ruin that image.
what she wants them to see vs the full context

his ig story. still wednesday.
her reaction to the ig story. she checks his stories and sends him messages but doesn't follow his account or interact publicly
girls >>> friends

(wednesday night)
the sooner, the better
right? right.
planting.. 🌱🌱🌱
as you should
friday.... poor bambam
you haven't met bambam yet... and it's probably for the best 😂
friday night~
wait until they find out you've been playing them
updating the "boyfriend"
sunday. did he finally meet her?
he did!
he wants to say he's cooler
march 19, thursday. game con. small world 😂
user pspspsps's message
why are you so mad hahaha. later that night~
she mad now
yeri 😂
it's done
are you sure?
when he told his friends
friday night.
full context. she's chatting with Jackson btw
double celebration!!
and the bumped into saga continues...

jinyoung and his universe bs
crumbs lead to the gingerbread house lol
DMs from her friends to user pspspsps
too late, jack
run, jack
yeah you do
irene already knows
later that night. after the talk
poor jb 😂
at least her stupid phase is over
jackson still shooting his shot
friday. markjin vs jackbeom
it's official!
hey hey hey
saturday night
jackson's IG stories
lf: user pspspspspsps
more ig stories
reactions from her friends
reactions from his friends
are you really okay tho?
won't you?
when it rains, it pours
a few minutes later...
"you horrible human being"
enjoying the movie?
at starbucks
jackson's post before they all part ways
when seulgi got home~
sunday night~
monday morning
monday night

(i just discovered that the app has this feature omg)
tuesday morning
tuesday afternoon
right, jaebeom???
good advice.
i miss reading books
a book a day...
oh she knows haha
happy april 1st
wednesday lunch~
thursday morning~
so which is it? 🤔
holy week plans
don't bother
pics from Jack's phone
jinyoung relaying the saltiness of the group
more pics later that night~
monday afternoon
tuesday afternoon
wednesday night
changed how?
thursday morning
her thursday
convo during the stroll
jackson you sneaky bastard
u mad bro?
sunday (jisoo came from a family event the day before and just got back to the city)
before they go back~
that night~
jack 😂
will she ask him?
false alarm
friday of that week
tuesday, the following week
thursday 🍵
friday night
user @/pjinho is back from the grave
sorry it was cut short. full circle moment again. i'll make more, i promise haha. maybe other ships but not this universe. we'll start a new one.

thanks for reading until here. since i finished the entire thing using english, the next one would probably be in english again. tysm
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