All the Fire Emblem Games but I’ve retitled them all based on what I arbitrarily deemed most important (a thread)
Fire Emblem: The One with Marth
Fire Emblem: Across the Sea there are Weird Gameplay Changes and Massive Codpieces
Fire Emblem: Someone Found Marth’s Pants
Fire Emblem: Surprise! Incest is a Horrifying Plot Point
Fire Emblem: Before We Help My Cousin Liberate his Kingdom Let’s Liberate Mine First
Fire Emblem: Our Boy Discovers Dragons and Humans are Both Pretty Terrible.
Fire Emblem: Future Dad of Previously Mentioned Boy Must Stop another, Evil Dad who Kidnapped his Dad. Dragons.
Fire Emblem: Bro, Did You Invade our Kingdom and Kill our Father?
Fire Emblem: Ike Fights for his Future Queen, Furries, and Most Importantly his Friends.
Fire Emblem: The Goddess Blocked Furries and Non Furries on Twitter. Let’s Cancel Her.
Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Forces Marth to Crash at His Girlfriend’s Place till they Can Evict said Dragon
Fire Emblem: The Dark Dragon Ruined an Already Shaky Marriage and Started Another War
Fire Emblem: Bring Your Time Traveling Daughter to Work Day
Fire Emblem: A Literal Custody Battle
Fire Emblem: Gacha Giveth and Taketh
Fire Emblem: Long Distance Relationship is Complicated Further Due to Cults
Fire Emblem: Crossover that’s Not Heroes
Fire Emblem: Two Morally Grey Women and the School Field Trip to Therapy
Macross, SMT and FE in a blender: buy it this time. # FE Encore
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