Ngl I’m kinda sick of constantly being made out to be “racist” and “vile” for supporting someone. This is a joke. M fans constantly make fun of K for being white and ive seen numerous people wish death on the Cambridge’s so M&H can be King& Queen. (1/?)
You NEVER see articles talking about Meghan fans and how “vile” they can be. Where’s the article about these? Why does NO ONE talk about the hate kate receives? (2/?)
And more hate. People accusing kate of using black children for photo ops. Implying that she doesn’t want photos with black children & she is racist. THEY are the ones who see colour (3/?)
Not to mention how much they BODY SHAME kate for being “anorexic” literally if ur not her doctor stfu (4/?)
They talk about her kids and even Pippas baby saying they’re “special” and have ADHD. Again if you’re not their doctor literally stfu (5/?)
They call K&W racist but when they used a pic of Rosa Parks in a video this was the reply. Seems rather racist to me that M fans think that because W&K are white they can’t use an image of a black person who was of importance to the civil rights movement (6/?)
They even make fun of her HANDWRITING (7/?)
Death threats. Not to mention the tweet where someone said they’ll tell their kids Meghan is the President of GB (or something a long those lines) and her fans took to the comments to say they hope there is a crash (8/?)
Apparently Kate and William are racist because.... brexit?? (9/?)
This is my favourite one to show how hateful they are! Just delightful people not “vile” at alllllll, they’re only defending their duchess, thats exactly why they would wish this on someone (9/10)
@ellievhall @RoyalReporter @MailOnline @RE_DailyMail @danwootton @AlexisParrDiary @TheSun @BuzzFeedUK no shade no tea, but where is the article on this? (10/10)
Continuation (12/12)
Meghan fans saying Kate uses her kids for props.. I beg to differ and if this is using ur kids for props then Meghan is doing the same
Continuation, more screenshots of death threats (13/13)
Continuation of 13
(14/14) the accusation that Kate never associated with black people before Meghan and didn’t hug people before Meghan. Her midwife was literally black and Kate stopped to hug her and say hello during an engagement
(15/15) kate only uses black children for props since Meghan came along... maybe those who accuse her of being racist for taking pics with black children are actually the racist ones since they’re the ones who see colour
(16/16) the accusation Kate didn’t hug children before Meghan... again I beg to differ
(17/17) the hypocrisy of MM stans... every one of these people have made nasty comments towards Kate or her children. Not very kind or feminist of them
This one really does deserve a post of her own. This is vile, I don’t blame her for doing this anonymously because no person who isn’t calculated would do this on their personal account. She’s an embarrassment to Meghan (18/18)
(19/19) again with the copying of Meghan. Every member of the RF does this and has been doing it long before Meghan was on the scene
(20/20) so they Cambridge’s are upset about the split and are insecure, but your tweet after that suggests they’re the ones creating the hate campaign against Meghan? #hypocrisy
(21/21) the r*se rumours... despite there being absolutely no proof of this and Nicole Cliff admitting on social media that it was a rumour she had MADE UP MM fans are still trying to push that its true. Disregarding that it could destroy families
(22/22) the fake achievement sheet... I mean really? They had to make this up just to make Meghan look better 😂 I’m actually laughing how embarrassing for them 😭😂
(23/23) Are they REALLY sussex fans? Rebel Wilson made a PA/H joke at the BAFTAS and apparently SS found it funny... funny that their fave was mentioned in the same sentence as a pedophile. This goes to show they’re only actually W&K hate pages and not fan pages for H&M
Continuation of 23. Any fan would not find this funny in the slightest, H has been used as the butt of the joke. But if W&K laughed they would have been called sick. So I’m calling those in the SS who laughed at it, sick.
(24/24) The accusation that the Kate effect isn’t in motion anymore, or that Kate doesn’t have any influence/ impact. Clearly she has a fashion impact and some could even argue an economic one
(25/25) Kates expenditure on clothes. Why are Meghan fans so obsessed with this? Meghan has clearly spent more money than Kate has, & u hardly see M in high street. There’s no excuse for it IMO so maybe M fans should stop embarrassing themselves by asking how much kate spends.
(26/26) Kates negative press
(27/27) making fun of Kate for not being a good public speaker. Personally I don’t see an issue with how she talks, she gets nervous giving speeches and she’s over come it. People need to realise Meghan was giving speeches long before marrying into the RF.
Continuation of 27. Speaking of Meghan.. since she’s so amazing at public speeches one would have to wonder why she takes so many quotes from other people...
(28/28) Meghan does one thing and it’s not a problem, Kate does the same thing and.... you know how it goes. Here you clearly see M wearing gloves at Remeberance day, if you take the time to watch the video you see her shaking hands with multiple people, while wearing gloves
(29/29) that’s really funny that you would say that because it would appear Kate has been wearing those coats for quite a while now. Maybe Meghan is copying her? 🤣 (jk)
Continuation of 29
(30/30)do they really copy their PDA juliette?
(31/31) MM fans and supporters are obsessed with race.. change my mind
Continuation of 31
(32/32) they threaten children. I understand it comes from both sides, but what type of person threatens a child’s life and thinks it’s okay because of race?? Personally I think there is racist remarks, and then there is threats & neither are justified.
(33/33) The accusation Kate is a bad auntie to Archie. Kate was not ignoring Archie. M&K were talking when they got out the car and if this is “being a bad auntie” then M must be a bad auntie because I didn’t see her interacting with the Cambridge’s kids at all.
(34/34) they don’t believe rumours about their fave or other people who they support, but believe and spread rumours about people who they don’t like, which could actually have an impact on 2 families, but these people are so disgusting they would love to see the family split
(35/35) they say eveyone in the BRF and in Britain in general, are racist...Is this not racist? 🤨
(36/36) kates brother is a ‘natzi’ for producing anti-Semitic products, if this is anti-Semitic then surely dressing as a natzi is? Just to clarity- neither are okay. I just wanted to point out that Harry has dressed as a Natzi and it’s hypocritical they would attack James for it
(37/37) her fans constantly drag Kate and Camilla, as well as William, Charles,Anne and the queen (but mainly Kate and I’m starting to see some Camilla) while they support someone who is all about feminism and uplifting/empowering women. Meghan would be embarrassed
Just going to attach this thread in here as well 👀 #howthemediatreatskate
(38/38) apparently some MM fans think it’s acceptable and appropriate to post indecent pictures of Kate. What goes through someone’s head to think this is okay? I’ve cropped the images because I refuse to share something like that about ANYONE on my page
(39/39) their nicknames for William, Kate and @KensingtonRoyal
(40/40) hoping the Cambridge’s and the queen get the coronavirus so Meghan can be queen
Continuation of 40
Further continuation
(41/41) blaming Prince William for leaking Prince Charles has the virus
(42/42) Somehow thinking Prince William and Kate would take pleasure in Prince Charles being sick
(43/43) @instagram I felt I said all I had to in this thread, this is people who make accounts to bully Kate (not even to defend Meghan but just to bully Kate) they use Meghan as an excuse. If the accounts are still up then please report
Since you want to be apart of this thread so bad 😘
Screenshot of what she said in the replies
(44/44) using racial slurs
Continuation of 44
Continuation of 44
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