Everyone is always asking me about how I know about the #greatawakening and the upcoming #ascension. My answer: Research! Research! Research!

Let’s start with the “Great Awakening Map” https://greatawakeningmap.co 

It details how it all connects, make sure you stare at it long & hard
Next there is whistleblower @CoreyGoode

@david_wilcock interviews Corey over a series of several seasons as CG lays out the hidden space program called Solar Warden as well as the upcoming Solar Flash which will trigger the Ascension. Estimated to occur 2020-2024.
These interviews also include the prediction of the QAN0N alliance by made over 4 years ago!

IMDB -“They discuss the predictions of an impending great solar flash.”

Next is #ProjectLookingGlass Whistleblower –Bill Wood
He was given the task of intuitively figuring out a solution to LG tech for the DS
“A new beginning. An end of this reality, the beginning of something that we cannot understand based on the level of our beliefs currently”
"When all that information comes out, there is going to be no denying what is true and what is a lie & what is an illusion.
1 scenario is what most people would understand to be Ascension. An evolution of consciousness that brings us out of the cocoon & turns us into a butterfly”
Next up is Dolores Cannon
Dolores in her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of volunteers. Some have come direct from the “Source” & have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions...
...Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they help all of us ascend to the New Earth.

Next is the Law of One-Ra Material.

This is a series of books that were channeled by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty between 1981 and 1984. Ra emphasizes how humans need to be 51% or more service to others in order to ascend or be harvested
Questioner: Am I to understand that the harvest (ascension) will occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread?
Ra: I am Ra. This is an approximation. We have stated we have difficulty with your time/space. This is an appropriate probable/possible time/space nexus for harvest. Those who are not in incarnation at this time will be included in the harvest. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLymcQt63IVuJdT3dpBu5nKY_6rnvUAtIU&fbclid=IwAR3QCEp60RjEfA1yQecu0ggDgTBGXkpqjgdSZXK36YvII_prtBCL3WWmGfc
Next is all of the whistleblower's in Above Majestic by
@Jordan_Sather_ & @david_wilcock

They support alien life and the secret space programs. (SSP)

Available on Amazon or YT
Above Majestic was the original movie that busted wide open the information on the secret space program being hidden from us for many decades. And of course QAN0N makes a splash in the movie as well! It is a must see! https://tinyurl.com/vy33dwr 
This movie is followed up by the Cosmic Secret by @david_wilcock

"Prepare yourself for a film that may very well challenge your every belief system and in the process unveil the secrets of humanities long-lost cosmic origins."

Next we sprinkle in some religion..
Gnostic Gospels- Gospel of Thomas
Long buried and suppressed, the Gnostic Gospels contain the secret writings attributed to the followers of Jesus. These hidden teachings help us ascend.
They teach you what you need to know to be a forgiving, loving person and of service to others. Thomas documents direct quotes from Jesus.


Rainbow Light Body - is Accelerated Ascension-achieved by some Buddhist Monks.

“Achieving RLB is the result of reaching peak enlightenment & refers to either shrinking the body before/at time of death or completely transforming the body into light." https://tinyurl.com/so2k42u 
Then there is Q-AN0N
I have put some of the related drops above in the thread.
Archived drops located here: http://Qmap.pup

Best summed up by Jordan Sather below...
Also check out Check out this video with Peter Maxwell Slattery 🙏

The question on everyone’s mind!
What’s it going to be like?
Alison Coe is a QHHT therapist like Delores Cannon. These are her views on ascension based on all her sessions.
More from Allison, a hypnotist featured in
@david_wilcock’s Cosmic Secret


“It will happen during the protests” https://tinyurl.com/wxohfsq 
And more from her regarding the trends and details of #QHHT
#5D https://tinyurl.com/szg4ra7 
Be sure the search (QHHT "New Earth") on youtube to discover practitioners all over the world that have recorded and posted their sessions. Clients from all over describe the #ascension and the 5D New Earth.

Happy Viewing! 🙏
#wwg1wga now takes on a whole new meaning.
My Soul purpose in this life is to connect the paths of Truthers in this world to the paths of the Lightworkers. Both sides need to awaken to each other then move forward on one timeline of ascension. 🙏
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