Oh cool, some data science which provides support for the intuition that the organization "LGB Alliance" is a front for transphobes trying to drive wedges between trans people and the rest of the queer community. The whole thread is worth a read. https://twitter.com/DavidPaisley/status/1223002095357505538
This has been our belief for a while, but we try to refrain from speculating in public when all we have to go on is intuition. It's too easy to get into fear-driven reasoning that way, which would be letting disinformation win.
We'll elaborate on that because we suspect it's not obvious to most people. If you make the decision to let fear drive your thinking, it becomes very easy for anyone who's selling fears to make you do whatever they want. All they have to do is choose which valid fears to magnify.
So it's particularly satisfying to see such a thorough investigation of this particular organization. The way to not be driven by fear is to focus on what's actionable and look for information that will let you make a rational decision about how to fight.
Re-bumping this thread because it's still important.
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