Put your pride aside.

Some people are not replaceable. Don’t let this generation scam you into thinking that you can experience the same thing twice in a person.

Some people are actually worth fighting for.
It takes humility to recognize this thing.
This generation is so stuck up.
Everybody wants to form ‘I can do without you’.

Relationships are the bed rock for everything you do in this life. The truth is that some experiences(read people) will only happen once.

Recognize who these people are and do the work.
There is nothing wrong with admitting this thing with your chest and then proceeding to do the work it takes to have sense.

Die to your pride. Kill it.
Be vulnerable enough to admit that this person is it, they make your life easier, somewhat better.
Then proceed to do better.
Don’t leave this world wishing you had done better when you had the chance to.
Don’t grow older asking yourself “what if” because you didn’t try enough when you had the chance to.

There are some relationships that are actually worth the fight.
Some people don’t happen twice.
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