Thoughts on media/society/travel aspects of #coronavirus. Ongoing 🧵- send items. Nothing will make me happier than to end this thread!

@CDCgov issued Level 3 China warning - Avoid non-essential travel - for China. I learned its scale only goes to 3. 1/
I’m aware of panic in US around Ebola exactly 5 years ago, but #coronavirus is on bigger scale already.

There was also panic around SARS in 2002-2004, especially in Asia. How they compare, via CNN @juliaholli :

And death rate comparisons as of Jan 29. 2/
The media needs to be super careful about not fanning flames of xenophobia in the US as the atmosphere is already poisoned. Even jokes about #coronavirus can add to the confusion and other problems. Time for great care, folks.

Looking at some headlines from @DRUDGE... 3/
This is the moment when the people of the US and the world need to be able to believe the US government and its leadership when it speaks or shares info about #coronavirus

But everything’s that happened in the last three years has only served to undermine that faith. 4/
Earlier in this #coronavirus thread, I mentioned that @cdcgov has only three levels. @StateDept has four and just hit the fourth level for China.

Any CDC folks or experts on the CDC here who can explain why it doesn’t have this 4th level - do not travel?
Today’s WP and NYT frontpages, prominently featuring #coronavirus. • ht @oliverdarcy @brianstelter @ReliableSources newsletter:
The details of this are pretty unprecedented. #coronavirus
Perfect post to add to my thread on #coronarovirus coverage. ht @myhlee and thanks, @DWongDC.
So many folks don’t seem to get this. #coronarvirus
NEW: @appcoronavirus, web app that lets you “follow the coronavirus in real time, see the latest victim toll and track the spread of the epidemic by country.”

Link, screen grabs and creator’s note... • ht @ProductHunt @rrhoover

Items for this🧵welcome.
Mini tales from Wuhan, by @once.
One way to track how #coronavirus saga is going to figure in American media outlets is to see what kind of play @drudge gives it. Even now, his display and emphases guide many editors and reporters across the country. Here's this morning's page and play.
From @hildyjohns:
Put a healthy person next to a sick person and you get two sick persons. Chinese doctors report in the largest case study to date that 40 percent of a disease cluster got #2019nCoV IN THE HOSPITAL.
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