I started my Xenoblade 2 replay last night so I'll be using this thread for various screenshots and random thoughts! There will possibly be some spoilers so I'll be using the #Xenoblade2 tag
New Game+ is pretty wild, walking around chapter 1 with Homura equipped is definetely a weird feeling, I'll be turning my levels down of course because I dont wanna straight up destroy the game early on #Xenoblade2
I'm really excited to visit my favorite game again! My first time through I mainly focused on plot because I wanted to experience the game before getting spoiled so this time I'll be taking my time to do way more side content #Xenoblade2
It's honestly gonna be a very intriguing experience replaying this game immediately after my gears replay since they have their fair share of similarities, I'll definitely set some time aside to talk about them as I re-experience the game #Xenoblade2
New Game+ feels weird for various reasons #Xenoblade2
I am so happy that I'm playing this game again #Xenoblade2
I love this little moment here Rex knows what he wants #Xenoblade2
One of my favorite things about Rex is how casually he does things. The only reason the Xenoblade 2 even happens is because he takes a job without learning everything about it because "WHOA LOADS OF MONEY" which is pretty unique for a Xeno protag #Xenoblade2
I love the one on one conversations in this game and how they go into the characters, like Rex's conversation with Nia in chapter 1 . Even though he's generally goofy and somewhat immature you can see he's a lot more insightful than you'd expect #Xenoblade2
Also I don't talk about it as much but I really like Rex's dynamic with Nia #Xenoblade2
Wholesome Malos #Xenoblade2
Man the cutscenes in Xenoblade 2 are so top notch I could watch the ending of chapter 1 100 times and I'd never get bored! #Xenoblade2
This is kind of random but Argentum is very similar to Thames in Xenogears which are both areas in the middle of the sea where salvaging is all they do. Argentum and Thames don't seem to have a rule against underage drinking either! #Xenoblade2
Man these early scenes with Homura and Gramps have kind of an interesting vibe to them after playing the whole game plus Torna #Xenbolade2
Obligatory Nia wanted poster tweet #Xenoblade2
Brighid/Kagatsuchi coming in by herself is one of those early game power moves and it emphasizes how blades can fight solo so that's cool! #Xenoblade2
Tora is a good nopon #Xenoblade2
The quick flashes of Homura's smug side are a thing of beauty #Xenoblade2
Hana/Poppi is also good and must be protected #Xenoblae2
That time Homura almost murdered Byakko #Xenoblade2
I love these dorks #Xenoblade2
Oh man the morag fight at the end of chapter 2 is so well done this is yet another fight scene I could watch again and again #Xenoblade2
Rex also gets to show off his resourcefulness which is a nice touch especially since Morag is so much stronger than he is at this point. #Xenoblade2
I am not entirely sure if I'll do this but I kinda wanna replay torna immediately after chapter 7 as in an interview Takahashi himself said Torna was meant to be playable after Chapter 7. I think it'd be pretty interesting to play it that way! #Xenoblade2
Gormott is such a nice area! #Xenoblade2
I really dig Torigoth too especially with that Titan Battleship that's usually in the background and that clear view of the world tree #Xenoblade2
Rex shoving Tora out of the way during his talk with Nia at the end of chapter 2 sure is something, Homura's silent gasp in the background makes it even funnier #Xenoblade2
Playing this game a second time really boosts scenes I already really liked, there's so much foreshadowing. #Xenoblade2
I am the biggest sucker for the end of chapter 2 #Xenoblade2
Man Uraya is so pretty #Xenoblade2
Man I love Vandham's introduction he comes in like a generic bad guy but then he turns out to be the biggest bro #Xenoblade2
I didn't notice on my first run but this little moment with Rex smiling silently at Vandham after hearing how he goes around helping kids without parents or anywhere to go is really nice especially when you remember that Rex has no parents. #Xenoblade2
The scene shortly after is nice too and adds to why I like how Vandham is used in chapter 3. Vandham gives Rex a less idealistic take on life but overall he still encourages him, this also helps set the tone of the game in general imo. #Xenoblade2
Man this is definitely one of my favorite parts in chapter 3 especially after Torna. Vandham talks about the life cycle of a blade and Homura in contrast to Rex finding it sad thinks that being able to forget can be a blessing #Xenoblade2
This scene always had a sad/bittersweet feel to it especially with the main theme being the track that is used here. But as I said earlier after experiencing the game plus playing Torna this scene has an even more potent feel to it. #Xenoblade2
I love how chapter 3 uses Vandham to push the whole there being no definite good or evil angle especially when you think about how the story unfolds ultimately this really holds true. #Xenoblade2
The Zeke scenes are always great #Xenoblade2
This scene with the play dramatizing the events of the Aegis war is kinda sad on a replay especially with Homura sitting there quietly during the entire thing. There's really a lot to gain from a second visit! #Xenoblade2
Also the fact she tries to play it off makes it even worse #Xenoblade2
I said it before and I'll say it again it's crazy how much Torna adds to scenes like these #Xenoblade2
Really digging these shots from the end of chapter 3 #Xenoblade2
Oh man #Xenoblade2
The end of chapter 3 is one of my favorite moments in the game for various reasons but one of them is how desperate this part feels #Xenoblade2
Man this absolutely blew my mind when I played this for the first time #Xenoblade2
Man the end of every chapter in this game is just a screenshot frenzy for me #Xenoblade2
The end of chapter 3 is too much..... #Xenoblade2
One of my favorite things about Xenoblade 2 is how it kind of masquerades itself as a light hearted shonen story. The second half kicks off with a flashback of the destruction of Torna which really gives you some insight on what kind of story this really is. #Xenoblade2
That isn't to say that the first half doesn't give any hints of going in this direction but chapter 4 and onward is when it becomes a lot more obvious #Xenoblade2
The funeral scene immediately after still kicks me in the feels! I didn't notice this before but Nia is clenching her fist in this scene which is a really nice subtle detail especially given what we learn later on #Xenoblade2
While sad, I love what Vandham's death does for Rex's character. He still has the same goals of course but he definitely now has a more grounded view on approaching the goal. This all falls in line with Rex's story being a coming of age story but it's good stuff. #Xenoblade2
Oh man gramps facepalming after Hikari reveals herself again is too good, it's like he's saying "Oh boy here we go" It's really a lot of fun to look through these cutscenes because often there's something I missed before even small stuff like this. #Xenoblade2
Torna really makes Hikari's dialogue super painful here sheesh #Xenoblade2
I love this #Xenoblade2
On another side of things I really love the heart to hearts in this game, I'm already obviously super fond of the characters and how they interact but I love these skit-like things that just have the characters goofing around. #Xenoblade2
Also I cant help but feel Homura was asserting her dominance here especially with that pose... #Xenoblade2
Crossette wasn't in the game when I initially played this but man her thing with admiring Homura and wanting to be just like her is really cute. This is especially hilarious since Homura's reaction to all of this admiration is just "oh..ok?" #Xenoblade2
Oh baby even with Torna PTSD I still love this shot of Siren and Hikari #Xenoblade2
I made it my header haha
Malos is channeling his inner Sephiroth #Xenoblade2
The localization frustrates me ofc but this case is a weird one! They have Homura refer to Hikari as her sister when in the original audio she is just calling her 'Hikari chan'. It's even weirder because I don't think the localization ever has her do this again #Xenoblade2
I'm a big fan of the Rex and Homura scenes in this game and one of the big reasons is because of how much of a lovable dork Rex is in them. This scene is especially nice since Chapter 4 has a pretty sad start. #Xenoblade2
God this game just really knows how to twist the knife, especially on a second run. XB2 never misses a chance to remind you how unhappy Homura is and these moments are part of what sold me so hard on her character. #Xenoblade2
It's nice how much presence Vandham still has in the early bits of chapter 4 especially with the whole roc/suzaku bit later. It still hits me in the feels though.... #Xenoblade2
It's funny that even Hikari's famous scene is enhanced by Torna #Xenoblade2
Wow she picked the perfect idle animation to say something like that #Xenoblade2
Nopons are very good #Xenoblade2
So I still haven't pulled KOS-MOS yet but hey at least I got Benkei/Patroka #Xenoblade2
Rex introduces himself to the kid who stole roc's core crystal, in the jp dub he's saying "It's Rex.". Although for some reason they have him say "Don't worry" in english and then he tacks on his introduction in the very next scene instead it's all so weird. #Xenoblade2
It feels especially bad in this chapter especially early on with Gramps and Byakko's dialogue being changed completely. It's almost like the localization is bothering me even more the second time! #Xenoblade2
The little arc with orphan stealing roc's crystal is a little bit better on a second run! Knowing about Rex's parentless background plus the stuff we learn in chapter 5, seeing him interact with and trying to helporphans younger than him is a nice touch. #Xenoblade2
Suzaku/Roc's reawakening is really good since he's really the first example you get of the blade cycle that's talked about in the previous chapter. This is also the first time we see how Drivers rub off on their Blade which is super important in the long run #Xenoblade2
Also please let me escape these Vandham feels Xenoblade 2.. #Xenoblade2
You gotta love how Rex gives the kids that just robbed him a job as salvagers because "they've got quick hands". These small moments throughout the game are part of why I think Rex is so great! #Xenoblade2
Nopons doing push ups because yes #Xenoblade2
Mor Ardain is such a cool Titan #Xenoblade2
Man Tora does not give a FUCK #Xenoblade2
Also on a semi serious note I like how Tora and Hana get an arc outside of their introduction that's full of mazinger and astro boy references. Takahashi is such a nerd. #Xenoblade2
I'm trying to chill as hard as these Nopons from now on. #Xenoblade2
Clearly Hana is made from Super Alloy Z #Xenoblade2
Holy shit I did not notice the absolute despair on Hana's face before #Xenoblade2
I love how even the chill/goofy moments sneak some foreshadowing in. #Xenoblade2
One nice touch is how they kind of balance Hikari being the stronger half by making her powers harder to use especially indoors or in tight places. The gameplay is also consistent with this too since you can't use Hikari's lvl 4 indoors #Xenoblade2
It's actually kind of funny I didn't expect the game to stay consistent with this when I first played it, so for a little bit I'd be like "uhhh why isn't Hikari's lvl 4 working!?" #Xenoblde2
Another weird translation moment! In Japanese Rex goes "They're not a member of Torna!/Ira" since its Lila in a hood but they just translate it as "What the-? Who's that?" Seems kind of weird to change it especially since it just makes Rex seem less observant.. #Xenoblade2
What dorks these two are I love it. Obviously I always enjoy Rex's interactions with Homura but I get a lot out of his interactions with Hikari as well (though I mean, they are the same person so duh) #Xenoblade2
Among many things this chapter has Kiku/Laila a robo maid with cool thrusters #Xenoblade2
Man I kinda forgot even Tora has sort of a sad story
As always the Morag stuff is really good! #Xenoblade2
I love the way foresight looks in this game. It's also made cooler by the fact that Rex doesn't really use it THAT much so when he and Hikari whip it out it's always fun to watch! #Xenoblae2
Okay so I obviously love how Chapter 4 has Homura and Hikari switch during battle to mix things up, BUT I also love how when they switch here Hikari is on the left while Homura is on the right. This is consistent with how the two always show up together so I dig it #Xenoblade2
Holy crap, after playing through Torna the very idea that Kagatuschi would ever be honored by anything Hikari could say to her is insane! Really Torna just makes the game even more interesting than it already was thanks to stuff like this spread throughout. #Xenoblade2
Did I mention I love my dorks #Xenoblade2
I love how the screen cracks like some random encounter #Xenoblade2
Hikari just refusing to look at zeke while he rambles about chuuni stuff is also great #Xenoblade2
Between Tora reuniting with his dad and Hikari tearing up at them this scene is too much for my heart! #Xenoblade2
Don't mess with Hana. #Xenoblade2
Oh man I love everything about this transformation sequence. #Xenoblade2
This is so good especially with the boss theme sounding like a Mazinger OP. It's hard not to love the references in this chapter! #Xenoblade2
It's always fun when Rex gets to act like a smartass #Xenoblade2
Satahiko and Benkei (or Mikhail and Patroka lol) are first introduced at the end of chapter 4. They are definitely likable villains for even if they aren't my favorite villains in the game. #Xenoblade2
I love the switching mid battle strategy in this chapter so much #Xenoblade2
I love that this shot is basically Hikari thinking of a way to use Siren without destroying the entire building #Xenoblade2
Morag's entrance is so good! There are already so many good things about the end of chapter 4 but you can never say no to another good counterattack moment. #Xenoblade2
Rolling Smash but it's the cutscene version! #Xenoblade2
As I've said before they really do some cool stuff with the switching gimmick in this chapter and this is probably my favorite example of that. It's also interesting to note this is the first time Satahiko has seen Hikari in 500 years. #Xenoblade2
Kasumi/Haze's first appearance! #Xenoblade2
Hikari's pained and confused expression at Kasumi's new name hits a lot harder this time... #Xenoblade2
Her, again. #Xenoblade2
One thing I really like about the end of chapter 4 is that we see the group's team work! The end of each chapter is kind of an example of this, but chapter 4 really ramps it up since every team member gets a moment to shine. #Xenoblade2
Also this image has a certain kind of energy to it #Xenoblade2
One thing that I think is underappreciated about Homura and Hikari's designs is how they play off of and counter each other. Every part of the outfit that is empty on one's end is filled on the other's and so on. #Xenoblade2
This all falls in line with the two playing off of each other in general but I think it's a nice touch that a lot of people miss #Xenoblade2
The Torna flashback at the start of Chapter 5 is really nice especially considering how much more serious this chapter is in tone compared to the last one. It's also kind of interesting to remember that Addam wears a hood in all of his main game appearances. #Xenoblade2
It's funny because Addam only wears this hood for like 5 seconds in Torna! #Xenoblade2
Also wow, I never noticed Satahiko/Mikhail in this specific flashback! I guess there would be no way of knowing who this kid is at this point but that's a really nice detail! #Xenoblade2
Chapter 5 is one of my favorite chapters in the entire game. There are a ton of 1 on 1 conversations in this chapter that just really stand out to me. Hikari's conversation with Fan while short has a lot of emotion in it especially if you've played Torna... #Xenoblade2
I've pointed this out plenty of times already but it's nuts what you notice on a second playthrough. #Xenoblade2
I never thought about this before but since it's been 5 years since Rex has been home that means he left the village to become a salvager when he was 10 which is pretty nuts! I guess with Gramps to look after him maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. #Xenoblade2
Also if the Salvager codes are to be believed this also means it's possbile Rex has been drinking since he was 10 which is uh... something. #Xenoblade2
In the Thames area from Xenogears which is very similar to Argentum (as I've pointed out earlier) one of the NPCs complains that kids these days can't hold their alcohol. I guess underage drinking in Xeno isn't a problem at all! #Xenoblade2
I really love Leftherian Archipelago! Every Blade game has at least one moment for me where I'm floored by how good the area is and Leftherian Archipelago is definitely an example for me. #Xenoblade2
No KOS-MOS still but I got this guy...yay?? #Xenoblade2
I also pulled Sever, Malos' blade from Chapter 1 and 3 so that's something #Xenoblade2
Homura's conversation with Corrine is really good! Chapter 5 does a good job of both humanizing Rex and exploring Homura's sadness. Corrine notes that Rex has suffered enough loss and Homura wonders if she should even be by his side due to her constant self loathing. #Xenoblade2
There are plenty of hints up to this point that show how sad Homura and Hikari are about what happened 500 years ago but Chapter 5 is where you really see how bad it is. Because of that I was sold on Homura's character for the long run. #Xenoblade2
There are plenty of reasons I admire Homura's character to the extent I do but I also love how convincing the trauma that she suffers from is. She's surrounded by people who care about her but she can't truly accept or appreciate it due to her self loathing. #Xenoblade2
Jesus Christ how horrifying #Xenoblade2
I finally got around to doing more Challenge Mode stuff and it's pretty funny actually seeing these three on screen together #Xenoblade2
I was able to unlock Shulk and Fiora at last as well! Unfortunately Elma's second fight kicked my ass so I'm still working on that but it's good to finally have these two. #Xenoblade2
I'm really fond often how chapter 5 delves a bit more into Rex as a character. While he's an energetic, optimistic youth he is not without his own baggage. Between this and his scene later in Indol/Arcadia I think Chapter 5 humanizes him a decent amount. #Xenoblade2
Indol/Arcadia is such a good area, even though it's not as big as other Titans I really love the vibe of it. This is also the first area to have a Mitsuda track as background music! Our Eternal Land is easily one of my favorite tracks in the OST. #Xenoblade2
Also one thing I love about Xenoblade 2 is how you can see the world tree from almost every area in the game. It's obviously an important plot point but seeing that fact represented visually really adds to the overall effect. #Xenoblade2
The duality of Homura and Hikari is super important but it also gives us quirky moments like these. #Xenoblade2
This is easily one of my favorite Rex moments because it really nails how he's a lot more aware than he acts. He realizes that the world moves on more than just ideals and happy thoughts, and while he has a goal in mind he's really just blindly moving forward. #Xenoblade2
I love this scene between Rex and Homura A LOT. Also I didn't really notice it before but it's kinda funny that Rex seems insecure about measuring up to Addam. #Xenoblade2
Homura has too many strong scenes in chapter 5 I'm dying all over again #Xenoblade2
It's pretty messed up that even during an adorable moment like this it's still blatantly obvious how sad Homura is. If anything chapter 5 makes it more obvious than any previous chapter. #Xenoblade2
Seeing Homura sew is nice. That's it, that's the tweet. #Xenoblade2
Another great scene in this chapter is the conversation between Homura and Kagutsuchi. Kagatsuchi sees right through Homura's endgame and it's actually a really interesting and sad conversation. I am definitely appreciating the interactions between these two more. #Xenoblade2
What's interesting to me that Kagutsuchi is the only one in the entire party that's aware of what Homura is trying to do. It's also really different seeing these two act like friends as well since Kagutsuchi really didnt get along with Hikari in Torna. #Xenoblade2
Man I love this scene with Amalthus coming off as Malos to Rex. It's insane how important this moment ends up becoming. #Xenoblade2
Temperantia is a cool little area, I really like how it's just the result of a clash between Hikari and Malos 500 years ago. The game really goes out of it's way to show you how strong these characters are. #Xenoblade2
Small moments like these are part of why I love Rex as a lead! He thinks people are spreading rumors about him because of his heroic exploits but in this case it's just because he messed up a water tower. #Xenoblade2
This is actually one of the few times a character model makes this face and it isn't just timing from the person taking the screenshot. The boy is actually that disappointed. #Xenoblade2
I cannot stress enough how much Torna adds to this game #Xenoblade2
This part is also made worse. Hikari sealed herself away in Torna in order never repeat her mistake but even that action caused misfortune at least from Jin's perspective. #Xenoblade2
I've said it before but I truly adore how Xenoblade 2 makes it's strong characters really feel powerful. Jin is technically limited by Kasumi's ability to stop a blade's movements but all that really does is make him not curb stomp the party immediately. #Xenoblade2
Jesus Christ this scene is actually way too much now and Kasumi looking like Lora makes it even worse. #Xenoblade2
God and to make this chapter even better Jin delivers his speech about how Blades are controlled by Indol/Humans. This speech really touches on one of the major things I love about Xenoblade 2 and that is the relationship between Humans and Blades. #Xenoblade2
I've always felt it was one of the games strongest points considering that it concerns almost everyone in the plot and the game drives it very hard until the very end of the game. #Xenoblade2
That's it for Chapter 5 finally! I've been done with it for a while but it's one of my favorite chapters in the game so I wanted to take my time to talk about it! #Xenoblade2
I played Torna again after finishing chapter 7 to get a feel for how it was originally going to be implemented in the main game. I really liked revisiting it from this angle especially since I didn't rush through it this time! #Xenoblade2
I actually bothered to complete the community aspect which had some fun side quests I didn't do the first time. This kinda makes the ending a bit more depressing but oh well. #Xenoblade2
I really love how immature Hikari and Malos come off here compared to their main game counterparts. Hikari is a lot more aggressive and petty in Torna and Malos while still full of malice comes off as a bit more jovial and childlike #Xenoblade2
These lines before the final battle in Torna feel like they were put in specifically to hurt the player #Xenoblade2
Another thing I absolutely adore about Torna is the final battle with Malos. Hikari and Malos' artifices clashing in the background while you fight to the death is just awesome. Being over leveled for the fight doesn't really matter either due to the Siren gimmick #Xenoblade2
When you think about it Addam's life is pretty awful. His best friend dies protecting him, his wife and unborn child fall with Torna and he ultimately fails to become Hikari's true driver. For a character that's basically an adult take on Rex that's depressing. #Xenoblade2
On the subject of Addam his presence in the overall story really reminds me of Roto/Erdrick from Dragon Quest. He's an ancient hero who's on a quest to defeat a great evil and his life's work is setting the stage for his "descendants" to defeat a great evil again. #Xenoblade2
Malos' role in Torna adds to this vibe a lot for me. His presence in Torna is more akin to a Dragon Quest villain in that he's the big bad that no one has seen but everyone is afraid of. Not to mention defeating him is a goal the entire party shares. #Xenoblade2
Compare this to Malos' presence in the main game. No one really knows who he is and he operates more in the shadows to achieve his goal. He doesn't even really take up his role as the main villain again until very late into the main story. #Xenoblade2
OH JESUS CHRIST FUCKING FINALLY!! I was honestly starting to lose hope! #Xenoblade2
Oh how I hate that it took me this long to get KOS-MOS
It's interesting to note that the Xenoblade 2 art book cover looks very similar to the scene in chapter 8 where Homura and Hikari accept themselves in their inner world. #Xenoblade2
On the subject of this scene I have to say it fits like a glove after playing Torna between chapter 7 and 8. With the emotional peak that is Torna's ending you can really feel the pay off from these two finally moving forward with their lives. #Xenoblade2
Man I love the robot designs in this game #Xenoblade2
I finished my second playthrough of XB2 a few weeks ago but I wanted to take some time and gather my thoughts again before talking about it. I had a great time experiencing this gem again, it goes without saying that it remains my favorite video game. #Xenoblade2
It's really crazy to me that I've replayed Xenogears and Xenoblade 2 and at the end of the month I'll be replaying Xenoblade 1. I've never been good with replaying games but something about this series makes it very easy for me to do. Also I finally did THIS #Xenoblade2
I'll definitely continue to use this thread as vehicle to talk about other stuff that I haven't addressed here yet. I'm thinking of making a separate thread for 1 when it releases and I'll probably work on both as I think up more stuff I wanna talk about. #Xenoblade2
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