✨📚 Year 12, A Thread📚✨
📚Day 1 of year 12📚:
Day one and I’m already behind on my homework, complaining about the English books and resentfully taking ‘Last first day’ pictures.... This year’s gonna be interesting
📚Day 2 of year 12📚:
It was 42°.... I swear I almost died. Sat through an immensely boring assembly and only learnt that “the future is STEM”😓 thank god its the weekend
📚Day 3 of Year 12📚:
So I’ve apparently started a jogging group with @katiemahony5 🏃🏼‍♀️ let’s see how long this lasts

P.S: @amyynguyenn_ get out of bed it’s not even 4pm
📚Day 4 of Year 12📚:
Apparently our teachers want us to clean up spoilt milk and everything gross in the common room... nope.
📚Day 5 of Year 12📚:
I’ve finally had at least one class of all my subjects this year, and for once I don’t have 3+ subjects of homework!
📚Day 6 of Year 12📚:
I now have a regular cooking show at lunch times in which I make the same meal (a wrap) every single day and annoy my friends about it.
📚Day 7 of Year 12📚:
It literally just hit me that I’m in year 12 now.... y e a r 1 2 ... 😳
📚Day 8 of Year 12📚:
Well.. I’ve stopped thinking about it and finally got bangs💇‍♀️
Went back to looking 10 years old
📚Day 9 of Year 12📚:
That high achievers assembly got me stressed and doubting myself... looking forward to my >30 ATAR
📚Day 10 of Year 12📚:
Had my first test of the year, it’s all downhill from here boys.
On the plus side I found out that my bro @Ronnie_Smithy likes Train to Busan as much as I do (a true intellectual)
📚Day 11 of Year 12📚:
Bought my sister airpods and now I’m broke... happy birthday kiddo
📚Day 12 of Year 12📚:
Had a Valentine’s Day date with @Ronnie_Smithy and talked about zombie pregnancy....
Time well spent
📚Day 13 of Year 12📚:
Almost had my very first full year 12 breakdown, but luckily kept it together.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this is going to be a longggg year...
📚Day 14 of Year 12📚:
📚Day 15 of Year 12📚:
Realised today that I don’t know how to write an English essay after getting used to literature.... oops

📚Day 16 of Year 12📚:
Figuring out shit is hard, but memorising my English creativ task is even harder
📚Day 17 of Year 12📚:
Kids are so funny. I had one kid come into work today shouting “I LOVE WOODEN SPOONS! THEYRE MY FAVOURITE!!!” And I had another one confuse me for a security guard... wild
📚Day 18 of Year 12📚:
Life is hard.
📚Day 19 of Year 12📚:
Me and my groceries got absolutely drenched while walking home
📚Day 20 of Year 12📚:
Got asked what I plan to do when I finish school last night, and now I’ve realised that I actually have to think about it now...
📚Day 21 of Year 12📚:
To absolutely nobody’s surprise, literature was (yet again) boring aside from the horrible acting

📚Day 22 of Year 12📚:
Swimming carnival was actually not bad, we came first in cheering and second overall 💛🏆
📚Day 23 of Year 12📚:
Going to go see The Invisible Man tonight... I’m absolutely terrified
📚Day 24 of Year 12📚:
Why not?
📚Day 25 of Year 12📚:
The class: Miss how do you structure a lit essay?
Teacher: write it however you want girls
The class:
📚Day 26 of Year 12📚:
Somehow managed to put together a four page literature essay with no planning
📚Day 27 of Year 12📚:
Perks of being in year 12: you get free leftover baked goods from feast days in the common room
📚Day 28 of Year 12📚:
Scott Darlow is such an icon honestly, ignore the fact that I look like an overstuffed marshmallow
📚Day 29 of Year 12📚:
First day of Mum and dad being back... feels nice☺️
📚Day 30 of Year 12📚:
Open day = better school hours + free sausage sizzle at the end of the day
📚Day 31 of Year 12📚:
People are getting scared because our school might be temporarily closed because of the coronavirus.... welp🙋🏼‍♀️.
📚Day 32 of Year 12📚:
I met a cute cat at the pet store but it was adopted right in front of my eyes 😞 sad hours.

P.S: I’m still determined to get a cat, just give it a week or so
📚Day 33 of Year 12📚:
Had a small internal breakdown after seeing my horrible psychology score.....🙃
📚Day 34 of Year 12📚:
Had several break downs today all because of SACS... thanks VCAA
📚Day 35 of Year 12📚:
I wrote a 6 page document trying to convince my dad to let me buy a cat... pray for me🙏🏼
📚Day 36 of Year 12📚:
The end of term came earlier than expected... happy holidays everyone 🤷🏼‍♀️
📚Day 37 of Year 12 📚:
Here we go again, but online?? Man, term two is gonna be whack.
Get ready for the once daily school spam that nobody asked for😈
📚Day 38 of Year 12📚:
Had to do actual work for media class for the first time this year, wild.

...and I got half an hour of sleep last night bc of a mysterious stabbing pain when I lied down??
📚Day 39 of Year 12📚:
Man this thread is going to get hella boring like... today I saw a bird out of my window??

Actually, when I was on goggle meets with my health teacher today she saw my cat and went “oh! Hello pussy cat Erin” so that was cool☺️
📚Day 40 of Year 12📚:
Had a phone “interview” with a University to test my suitability for their course today... so that was cool
📚Day 41 of Year 12📚:
I’m gonna say it; our lit teacher is so unfair and I’m not learning anything (I’m sure my lit gals can agree)
📚Day 42 of Year 12📚:
Honestly I’m so lost in so many of my subjects... not good.
📚Day 43 of Year 12📚:
Online learning is legit making me fall so far behind it’s not even funny, but we got justice in literature so that’s good.
📚Day 44 of Year 12📚:
I went for a jog in my spare period... who AM I???
📚Day 45 of Year 12📚:
I feel like I didn’t even go to school today... this is bad
📚Day 46 of Year 12📚:
Handed in my literature work late again.... not sorry Miss.
📚Day 47 of Year 12📚:
I’m genuinely so far behind in psychology I could not tell you one thing from this unit.... Danks won’t be happy 🙃
📚Day 48 of Year 12📚:
Lit and English are tomorrow.... am I working on either of them right now? No.
📚Day 49 of Year 12📚:
Thank goodness lit and English are over, and thank GOODNESS for weekends
📚Day 50 of Year 12📚:
50 days of year 12 and I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing... great.
On the plus side, we don’t have to do our oral presentations for English so that’s fun.
📚Day 51 of Year 12📚:
Had a one-on-one google meet with my principal about my career plans after high school... lowkey awkward but she was still super nice
📚Day 52 of Year 12📚:
I’ve come to the realisation that analysing argument is my absolute least favourite topic ever, I’d rather be back in Caino’s history class, I’d rather read Heart of Darkness again, ANYTHING but this topic.
📚Day 53 of Year 12📚:
Finally figured out what I’m doing for media, only took me one and a half damn terms 😓
📚Day 54 of Year 12📚:
So places will start opening up again soon.... so I can apply to get my job back soon?🧐

Also: cramps.
📚Day 55 of Year 12📚:
So I was under the impression that VCE students were going back to school soon, but apparently Daniel Andrews said nothing of the sort... I’m confused.

Also: cramps. Still.
📚Day 56 of Year 12📚:
So we’re going back on the 26th, huh? Damn I have so much psychology work to catch up on it’s not even funny.
Danks will not be pleased with my complete lack of knowledge
📚Day 57 of Year 12📚:
Main upside of going back to school: better tweets

Main downside of going back to school: being at school
📚Day 58 of Year 12📚:
Imagine actually doing literature work.... huh.
📚Day 59 of Year 12📚:
📚Day 60 of Year 12📚:
I am officially a builder, for my references please contact Yuki O’Connor.
📚Day 61 of Year 12📚:
Omfg.... I LITERALLY did nothing today, not a single thing.... wtf.
📚Day 62 of Year 12📚:
My cat ran across my foot in an attempt to escape and now I have a lengthy scratch along my pinky toe that bled for a substantial amount of time.... thanks Yuki
📚Day 63 of Year 12📚:
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO today was the last day of online learning and I did 👏🏼lit👏🏼er👏🏼al👏🏼ly👏🏼 NOTHING
📚Day 64 of Year 12📚:
(Day off) seeing my friends for the first time in almost 2 months today🥺
📚Day 65 of Year 12📚:
(Yes this is a day late) we go back to school Tuesday........ :(
📚Day 66 of Year 12📚:
I wasn’t excited to go back, I told myself it would be shit and tiring..... I was right.

PS: I tried on my skates last night for the first time in months and now I miss skating
📚Day 67 of Year 12📚:
Met my new religion teacher today, she passed the vibe check.
📚Day 68 of Year 12📚:
Have to hand in my folio and have pre-production completed by next Thursday....... shit.
📚Day 69 of Year 12📚:
We need to make multi-group school birthday parties a more regular thing.

But I am NOT looking forward to these next two weeks, it’s like exam season but for sacs.
📚Day 70 of Year 12📚:
📚Day 71 of Year 12📚:
First day of SACs😬😬 I shall update on how spectacularly I fail the psychology test once it has been completed.

Update: actually, it wasn’t that bad🙂 just me overreacting as usual
📚Day 72 of Year 12📚:
Second day of SACs🙃😓 honestly this week wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for these damn literature chapter summaries, I swear it’s all we ever do.
📚Day 73 of Year 12📚:
I definitely didn’t stay up until 2am doing my literature summaries...nah no way.
📚Day 74 of Year 12📚:
Had a total of three separate mental breakdowns today.... fun
📚Day 75 of Year 12📚:
📚Day 76 of Year 12📚:
I skipped a bunch of thread days because I wasn’t at school... but I’ve done posts for days I took off/was sick on??

Oh well, my thread will just be inaccurate then🙃

*featuring spider-cat
📚Day 77 of Year 12📚:
Eyyyy I didn’t fail media!! But I put a clay face mask on and now I look like Trump🤡🙃
📚Day 78 of Year 12📚:
How is it that every time I have a day off I manage to do NO work?

You’d think I’d have learnt by now
📚Day 79 of Year 12📚:
Look, I’m not saying that waking up at 5:45 was a bad idea....but it definitely wasn’t my best idea.
📚Day 80 of Year 12📚:
Actually doing well in English.... literature can go suck it.
📚Day 81 of Year 12📚:
Man our whole year level is just having a month long communal breakdown. huh
📚Day 82 of Year 12📚:
Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cr-
📚Day 83 of Year 12📚:
I’m not saying that these past two weeks have been the worst for everyone.... but that’s exactly what I’m saying.
On the plus side, english is going well??
📚Day 84 of Year 12📚:
Had mars bar slice and sushi today... I’m winning
📚Day 85 of Year 12📚:
The term from hell is finally over!!! You shall not be missed 😌🧚🏻‍♀️💕
📚Day 86 of Year 12📚:
*sigh*.... back at it again I guess

(And no I’m still not using social media, just have twitter to do daily updates 😅☺️)
📚Day 87 of Year 12📚:
I have no updates so..... @Amber78384839 when I start actually using social media again I promise to like at least half your tweets bc they’re pretty entertaining.
📚Day 88 of Year 12📚:
@katiemahony5 bursting her bag of blueberries at lunch was the single funniest thing to happen this entire year, my sides still hurt from laughing so much
📚Day 89 of Year 12📚:
Honestly if we go into lock down again, is it even worth finishing year 12??
📚Day 90 of Year 12📚:
Days off are the best days... except for when you have a literature sac and folio due on Monday.
📚Day 91 of Year 12📚:
I vow to never even look at North and South ever again, Othello for the exam all the way
📚Day 92 of Year 12📚:
My principal told me “good job” for wearing a mask.. I’ve peaked.
📚Day 93 of Year 12📚:
Imagine staying home from school because you had a headache all day even after taking meds and then having to study for a health sac while it hurts to open your eyes
📚Day 94 of Year 12📚:
God damn it I couldn’t even last half the day before going home
📚Day 95 of Year 12📚:
Yes, I did in fact have two PLATTERS of sushi today because I bought some for lunch and then mum bought me some for dinner.... absolutely no regrets
📚Day 96 of Year 12📚
Literally just got engaged to @amyynguyenn_ and now she thinks I’m cheating with my bro @Ronnie_Smithy 😓🥺 but we’re soulmates
📚Day 97 of Year 12📚:
Literally HOW did I do well in media?? There must be a god after all holy shit
📚Day 98 of Year 12📚:
I told my teacher and my cast that we would start filming my media product next Tuesday and have it done that week 🤡🤡🤡
📚Day 99 of Year 12📚:
Every time I post on this thread I accidentally type “tear” instead of “year” and I think that says a lot about me as a person.
📚Day 100 of Year 12📚:
Spent two whole periods in the lecture theater dancing around and performing and now I’m sore...

I’m getting old tf.
📚Day 101 of Year 12📚:
I’m not going to lie, these past 24 hours have been some of the most challenging I’ve ever faced, but if nothing else I proved to myself that literally anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Stay strong VCE students 💕💕 we’ll get through this!
📚Day 102 of Year 12📚:

Back to online learning... yay...
📚Day 103 of Year 12📚:
Even THINKING about university and next year makes me want to cry...
As you may be able to tell VTAC applications are not going well 🙃
📚Day 104 of Year 12📚:
Honestly online school makes me so tired wtf, I’m napping like 4 hours a day
📚Day 105 of Year 12📚:
Sleeping <<< classes
📚Day 106 of Year 12📚:
Just had a phone call with a potential uni and now I have an interview with them?😳
📚Day 107 of Year 12📚:
Literally every day is getting more boring than the last 😕 I hate this
📚Day 108 of Year 12📚:
Our literature class is so wholesome and pretty I can’t even 🥺💕
📚Day 109 of Year 12📚:
Last ever SMC day and we spent in online and alone.... sad hours 🥺
📚Day 110 of Year 12📚:
JSJDKSK I FORGOT TO POST NOOO😭 but literally nothing happened so it’s fine 😬
📚Day 111 of Year 12📚:
Having periods 1, 2 and 3 off every second Tuesday is honestly the best thing ever, I literally don’t start the day until 12:30
📚Day 112 of Year 12📚:
I have so many SACs coming up and I’m not even remotely prepared for ANY of them
📚Day 113 of Year 12📚:
Food: coping mechanism
Study: avoided
Hotel: Trivago
📚Day 114 of Year 12📚:
I remember two (2) things from today;
1. doing my first online sac (v scary, would not recommend)
2. Looking up telletubbies/sponge bob gross c*nnibal fanfic with Chrissy and @Ronnie_Smithy
📚Day 115 of Year 12📚:
Was someone gonna tell me that my literature essay won’t write itself or was I meant to just figure that out on my own?
📚Day 116 of Year 12📚:
I cleaned my room and worked out today... who am I??
📚Day 117 of Year 12📚:
Psychology sac tomorrow... hahaha... yeah... I’ve studied...
📚Day 118 of Year 12📚:
Finishing my literature and psychology is literally the biggest weight off my shoulders, time to take a nap for the next 135784 years.
📚Day 119 of Year 12📚:
Keeping this thread going is honestly the best dedication I’ve had since like... ever
📚Day 120 of Year 12📚:
Health tomorrow.... yes, I’m totally ready... hdi and whatnot.... @amberthesimp
📚Day 121 of Year 12📚:
Omg thank gOD the health sac is over, my brain is officially fried
📚Day 122 of Year 12📚:
@katiemahony5 @amyynguyenn_ @Ronnie_Smithy we ready for lit tomorrow?😬😬 “yOu mAdE a fAiR eFForT”
📚Day 123 of Year 12📚:
The fact that I never have to do a literature sac again literally fills me with so much joy😌 but I’ll highkey miss the people in the class once it’s all over😔
📚Day 124 of Year 12📚:
I...I made pre-selection for the uni I want to go to🥺✨
📚Day 125 of Year 12📚:
I have parent teacher interview tonight... I’ll update y’all on how they go😬
Update: apparently I’m “intelligent” and “thoughtful”😌 and my English teacher said she was proud of me🥺💕
📚Day 126 of Year 12📚:
Doing work on a day off? Nah😌
📚Day 127 of Year 12📚:
So trial exams have been cancelled... 2020 just keeps on giving to year 12 students😓😔
📚Day 128 of Year 12📚:
Highlight of my day: my media teacher complimenting my cat, and then my mum (who’s allergic to cats) making Yuki her background 😌✨
📚Day 129 of Year 12📚:
Day off today but I’m still posting. The fact that we only have a week left of term 3 is wild... we’re gonna graduate in less than a couple of months😳
📚Day 130 of Year 12📚:
Actually went into school for the first time in weeks🥺 mayhaps... I will miss that place when it’s all over 😔
📚Day 131 of Year 12📚:
📚Day 132 of Year 12📚:
Just made dinner for my whole family, guess you could call me a chef 😌 (and yes, I’m aware this has NOTHING to do with school)
📚Day 133 of Year 12📚:
I just edited a full minute of my media film😌 and yes, I’m proud of the MINIMAL amount of work I’ve done
📚Day 134 of Year 12📚:

My friend got me a book about Alfred Hitchcock for my bday because she always jokingly calls me Hitchcock (bc she thinks I’m going to become a famous director)😭😭 I literally don’t even deserve friends like her🥺💕
📚Day 135 of Year 12📚:
Ladies and gents the thread is back up and running for our final term😌

aaaaaand I’m already extremely behind on work.... these next two months will be interesting.
📚Day 136 of Year 12📚:
Is my psychology trial exam due tomorrow? Yes.

Have I finished it? No.
📚Day 137 of Year 12📚:
The GAT really called me out for not doing maths this year and I don’t appreciate it
📚Day 138 of Year 12📚:
My complete media folio is due tomorrow.... I’m in for a longgggg night trying to get everything finished
📚Day 139 of Year 12📚:
I handed in the online version of my folio!!🤧🥰 still quite a bit of work to do but I’m super happy (plus Eck liked my film😭)

And now, I’m having sushi for dinner to reward myself🥰
📚Day 140 of Year 12📚:
That’s it... my media folio is forever completed😳😌 I feel both fulfilled and somewhat empty

On a slightly more Erin-ish note, I forgot my laptop for my first day back at on-campus classes😓
📚Day 141 of Year 12📚:
One essay down, five more to go (this week alone😭) I’m not saying I regret doing two English subject butttttttt.....
📚Day 142 of Year 12📚:
Having to memorise Shakespeare quotes is honestly the most difficult thing ever, like, why doth thine need to be so tricky to remember??
📚Day 143 of Year 12📚:
Completing the lit trial exam and psych sac is another type of relief, now all that’s left is English and health and then I can focus on exams😌😣
📚Day 144 of Year 12📚:
The fact that pretty much everyone else is done with sacs but I still have one for health🤢 time to study for exams?? Who is she😓
📚Day 145 of Year 12📚:
Just found out that all of my friends will be graduating together and I’m going to have nobody :)) absolutely nobody....

Literally ANY other homeroom would’ve been fine, thanks Rosaria🙃
📚Day 146 of Year 12📚:
Did I have all day to study for my health sac? Yes.
Have I begun studying? No.
📚Day 147 of Year 12📚:
(Jdjdkdkd shhh I know this is late)
That’s it. I never have to do a SAC ever again😌 good riddance
📚Day 148 of Year 12📚:
Didn’t fail the English trial exam, so that’s fun☺️ and omfg there’s only a week left of highschool classes😳
📚Day 149 of Year 12📚:
My final week of high school EVER has begun.... totally not having an existential crisis right now🙃
📚Day 150 of Year 12📚:
Ahh pj day, the only day I can see @katiemahony5 dress up as a cow and dance to WAP in front of teachers😌
📚Day 151 of Year 13📚:
I love being painfully average in ever single literature sac ever😌
Also I’m planning out all the books I’m going to read next year I’m so excitedddd😆🥰
📚Day 152 of Year 12📚:
Desperately trying not to think about how the life I have now is slowly collapsing around me😥😰 as IF tomorrow is my last day🥺😭
📚Day 153 of Year 12📚:
Well ladies and gents, that’s the end of school and thus the official end of this thread (however I shall continue to update during SWOTVAC and exams { @giuliaassenzaa I got it right this time!}

To all my friends I have just one thing to say: thank you💞
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