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Been digging on Q Posts re: #JeffBoyd
>The guy who claimed voices told him to kill @POTUS

In a Federal Judge's summary of the arrest Boyd is noted as telling LEOs of a CIA program called "BLUE WHALE"

What's Blue Whale?
Let's play THE Game
An ONLINE GAME named #BlueWhale requires players complete a series of sick tasks for an anonymous moderator

Successful missions culminate in death

Curiously this "game" is referenced in #Wikileaks Global Intel Files

Was Boyd a Blue Whale?
Was a PsyOp prompting his delusions?
Boyd was a normal dude prior to October '17. A college-educated, self-proclaimed "Jeffersonian Conservative"

He held a management position banking over 100k per year

A red blooded Oklahoma Patriot who staunchly supported @POTUS, Military & @NRA

Yet he spiralled into madness
Did the CIA develop or ADOPT the successful tactics AND NAME of this depraved game?

A survivor's account notes reading words in HEBREW

Once Jeff's obsession began what did this average Oklahoman do?

I know because I've saved all his short lived tweets
In a recent OK court filing Jeff provided intriguing background info regarding the events that ultimately landed him in Secret Service custody

Jeff was in early as #TheStorm brewed on #4chan

What took him from Autist to Assassin in under 6 mos?


Jeff told PA St Police & Kate the CIA was sending voices straight to his head & his desktop

He was influenced to:
A/ Fall in love with Kate
(unbeknownst to her)
B/ Kill @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr & the Kushners

Did the CIA or an outsourced organization radicalize Jeff?
Kate shared every msg she had from Boyd

When he 1st reached out to her (12/27/17) he's already "in love" w/her as evidenced by his choice of Twit Handle "SoInLoveWithK8"

He'd been "lurking" her for weeks while using #CBTS/4 & 8Chan

Q alerts us to how the [DS] targets weak minds. Jeff placed himself in the ring of fire when he began using the chans

It didn't take long for the jobless loner w/PTSD to be pulled into the game

By the time he reached out to Kate again (July) he was CONVINCED he'd been set up
Although JB now denies he made references to #MKUltra the Judge's summary (below) makes clear Boyd told not only Kate about the programming (which she recorded), he also told the LEOs who took him into custody

A statie saw JB "click over"
"Back & forth"
Was JB pulled into a world of illusion to carry out an attack on @1st5d, @POTUS &/or Q?

A New Blue Whale game inspired by the 1 created in Russia in 2013?
Boyd seems to think so

He recounts someone gained remote access of his PC & controlled it

Jeff faced trial in March 2019 on Federal weapons charges & was found guilty. There was no mention of the possibility of covert grooming in his defense. Perhaps there should have been.

An appeal has already been filed.
Will this situation expose & SHATTER THE CIA?
Sept 2019 Boyd filed a motion to dismiss PFA's obtained by his ex-wife, son, et al

The VERY FIRST EXHIBIT in defense of his actions?
None other than #CIA #Vault7

Sounding like a Movie yet?

Let's look into the Heroine.
Why Kate?
The breadcrumbs led to her.
Kate stirred the winds of the pre-Qual to #TheStorm

She was using 4chan /pol/ in the year leading up to Q to reveal a cover-up that she knew "went to the top"

She simultaneously exposed corruption & taunted those who had participated in it

She knew the battle ahead was epic
Kates story is on Twit too.
She detailed the covered up crime(s) using many different lDs

Her refusal to back down made her a target

A week before Boyd /activated/ Kate questioned if the DS would "get creative"

She used tags & timestamps as comms & hid many messages in pics
Kate's style is very much like Q but she predates Q.

She's a whistleblower & Patriot.
Anyone who looked through her accounts could see that very quickly

Finding tweets to even attempt to twist is near impossible

Kate bleeds Red, White & Blue.
Look for yourself


Here's a thread on that subject.
Scroll up from bottom tweet

Kate recently uploaded an exchange she had w/a friend who used to be a PI.
She reached out to him after Boyd showed up at her home

The DMs show she was not part of any assassination attempt

Kate was accused trying to hurt @POTUS.
Set up for the Psyop?
In post 1804 Q says USE LOGIC

Kate likened herself to "the female Seth Rich" in Nov 2017

Meaning-What are the odds this whistleblower was randomly chosen by an MK assassin?

Anons missed the connections all together & smeared Kate

Q1805 addresses the error
Kate was not Threat 2 but well crafted slander made accusations pour in

The day after Q highlighted Kate's feat lies were published by SB2 (who knew he was endangering Kate)

What should've been a "Q hero" story was respun after Kate foiled their Psyop
The 3 links below are about Shawn Christy who lived just 30 miles from the WB Rally & threatened to shoot POTUS online (threat 2)

Christy claims he was set up by the govt. He was on the run at the time
Q posted "The World is about to Change" the night of the Tampa Rally 7/31/18 - the same night SS heard Boyd's #MK confessions

The next day nearly all MSM outlets ran hit pieces on #Qanon

Imagine if Boyd killed Kate or took a shot @POTUS?

The damage could've been irreparable
I believe Kate foiled a DS psyop targeting her, Q, @POTUS or ALL 3 & the last thing MSM wanted was a hero instead of a dead body

The smearing of Q would've been complete if they could paint Kate & Boyd as Q crazed lovers whos dangerous plans went wrong
So was Kate on a DS hit list?
Read her 2017 tweets prior to Q & ask yourself:

Is it a coincidence the same person exposing a cover up in NJ had an armed would-be assassin stalk & ambush her?

Review Kate's multiple IDs where she provided evidence of the crimes in Ocean Co, NJ
This thread may help push the dominoes that ultimately reveal who was targeting Kate

But back to our dead body - MSM needed a stiff

Enter #AnthonyComello, mob boss Frank Cali's killer

When captured, Comello appeared at his arraignment w/a fresh Q on his palm in OCEAN CO, NJ
Did [DS] seize an opportunity to capitalize on a high profile murder?

A Gambino boss was dead & the accused was arrested in Ocean Co.-the SAME COUNTY where Kate says LEOs are covering crimes for a businessman named Costello

2 birds/1 stone
>"Violent" Narrative
>Qanon Corpse
Cali's death provided the dead body the [DS] needed. Was Comello asked to ink a Q on his hand? (photo op)

The stunt gave the MSM the exact headline they needed & Comello a defense. One hand washes the other.

#FakeNews has been desperate to label Qanons as violent extremists
Comello's defense should come up short since #Q has never promoted violence

But what of Boyd's defense?
Recall it was #Vault7

With WL & @Snowden's releases in 2013, Vault 7 exposed CIA Covert Ops run on US citizens

Was Boyd ID'd as GROOMABLE via data collection/profiling?
Did the [DS] lay a digital breadcrumb trail to move a man from autist to assassin?

Who is tailoring what appears b4 your eyes on a newsfeed?

With relative certainty, if a subject is presented enough to the right person, the radicalization begins

Operation Deep Dream Success
Was the cornfed conservative Jeff Boyd harvested via bulk data collection for use/activation by the #DeepState?

Do internet searches, online posts & even private messages show who's ripe for the picking?

US Intel shares this trove as needed w/Global Intel agencies like #FVEY
The programs are numerous & don't just target unwitting citizens

Similar malware, #RedOctober, was used to access the PCs of Heads of State & Govt officials

The data mined was then used as blackmail for manipulation

2013 was one helluva year.
An explosion of spyware & leaks
So what's Boyd doing after a year in jail? Now on probation, he's returned to the web to uncover the Truth

His 2 accts provide Big Picture clues. He longs for ghosts~a "kidnapped" Kate & a daughter "Ash"

Why is he so convinced it was 100% real?

Is it all part of #TheGame?
I monitor Boyd's 2 Twitter accts.
Not only to protect POTUS & clear Kate's name, but to help Jeff

If he was manipulated via black ops it MUST BE exposed

I'm asking Patriots to research these connections & find new 1's

#TheGame CAN END & a victor emerge

Does God Win?
Seems like a great place to wrap up the story & it would be if the dream didn't get deeper

The Radicalized Boyd tweeted a manifesto

Boyd locked both accts in late 2019 so he now uses his avatar & banner pic to post info

His disdain for POTUS is clear
What more does this tale require to finally interest anons?
Will autists ever be present to solve the puzzle?

Choices are waiting to be made

Can @Snowden's drops, good digging & the resolve of Patriots Worldwide finally free us from this bad dream #BigBrother has cast us in?
Perhaps you can find some answers in the movie by the same name 
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