2. Roads in and out of #Wuhan (even small side roads) being barricaded with piles of dirt/rocks to block all traffic in or out.
3. "Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times. Ye shall not .. print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom"..." https://apnews.com/d59f43a911996a729cdf8636f5aa4ce4
5. There are still some cars on the road. https://twitter.com/ChuBailiang/status/1221252728619294721
7. At #Wuhan Union Hospital, a staff member said that the amount of protective gear at the hospital would only last another 3-5 days. People line up outside a drugstore to buy masks in Shanghai.
8. "More than 100,000 infected. The government provides no medical supplies...People are dying right in front of our eyes... We are on our own." https://twitter.com/Terrence_STR/status/1221228736252719104
9. "No one gets out"
10. "We have confirmed Collapse of the hospitals in the city of #Wuhan." https://twitter.com/Terrence_STR/status/1221161723375292423
11. " #Beijing just declared a first level emergency response. All interstate transportation services going in and out of Beijing are suspended beginning tomorrow."
12. Doctor now dead from #coronavirus - "Liang Wudong, a senior doctor at a hospital in #Wuhan, died on January 25 after failing treatment for the new pneumonia at the age of 62" from #WuhanCoronavirus. https://twitter.com/Secret_Beijing/status/1220897091750203393
13. Despite internet censorship by the Communists, reports emerge that all gas stations have closed, and hospitals system has collapsed. https://twitter.com/la_nimboni/status/1221235100702117888
14. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband, Keding Cheng, were escorted from the National Microbiology Lab after their security clearance was revoked. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/ebola-henipah-china-1.5232674
17. Snakes — the Chinese krait & Chinese cobra may be the orig source that Chinese brought into the human population to now highly infectious human to human transmission, infections now being flown in & seeded all around the US. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1221357390580285440 #Wuhan #coronarvirus
18. The #Coronavirus is HIGHLY infectious. In China every 1 infects 14 others. There is <2 wk time period for incubation, during which time asymptomatic people may infect others. The fatality rate may be 10%. There is no effective treatment or cure for this " #wuhanpnemonia".
19. The only cure is time, time for ppl do dev their own immunity, if surviving. A vaccine should soon be available, but probably not before the epidemic has run its course. Travel has been shut down in China. But China travel to US continues, expert officials say "not worried".
20. Well, not all officials lack worry. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1220348041582071808
21. #CoronaOutbreak report from Dr. Jinnhui, "I am currently at the infected Hankou District in #Wuhan.. infected by #Coronavirus...without immediate quarantine or effective treatment, one infected person can pass the virus to 14 more nearby. The infection rate's extremely high."
22. With gas stations closed and all travel restricted, videos of deserted #Wuhan streets emerges. Such severe quarantine of populace contact should be more effective containment than mobs in paper face masks. #WuhanCoronavirus #wuhanpnemonia https://twitter.com/PDChina/status/1221493585406767104
23. Not sure if this represents >300 new cases/hr reported. https://twitter.com/ASBreakingNews/status/1221583860426792960
23. If we are flying in US travelers from having been in #Wuhan (we are), and if ✤asymptomatic✤ people can transmit virus (I haven't seen this contested (maybe up to 14 days)), and if we are only quarantining ✤symptomatic✤ travelers from Wuhan, what would this tell you?
25. Flights bring #coronarvirus into US: Now a 7th case thought here (see 15-16, above).
•∙TEXAS suspected
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
• LA COUNTY “returning” from Wuhan
• ORANGE CO came frm Wuhan https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/los-angeles-countys-first-case-of-deadly-novel-coronavirus-confirmed/2298402/
26. CDC has confirmed 5 of the 7 cases (AZ, CA, IL, WA) as of today. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
27. MicroRNAs regulate autophagy until the virus-driven degradation of mRNA overwhelms the immune system. https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4409/9/2/276
28. Another #Wuhan doctor suddenly falls to the ground, he after 36 hours of continuous work on #CoronaOutbreak, but returned again.
29. France expects to fly in few hndrd of its 800 citizens living in #Wuhan midweek. "Evacuees will have to spend 14 days in quarantine...temperature screening of air travelers from China.. serves no purpose.. sxs can emerge later & aspirin can" disguise. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-china-health-france-evacuation-idUKKBN1ZP0QC
30. BAD NEWS: #Wuhan seafood is infected with #CoronavirusOutbreak.
31. #Coronavirus confirmations can only be made in a fraction of select cases, and even though there are only 2,744 "confirmed" cases so far, experts, eg, Prof Neil Ferguson, Public Health at Imperial College estimates 100,000 affected by the virus today. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jan/26/coronavirus-could-infect-100000-globally-experts-warn?CMP=share_btn_tw
32. Shops close by order of the Chinese government in #Wuhan with quarantine. #Coronavirus infection of the food supply, Chinese seafood supply (30., above), is not good news.
33. Flying #coronarvirus into US: 10th case thought here (see 15-16, above).
•∙VA 3 poss
•∙TEXAS suspected
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
• LA COUNTY “returning” from Wuhan
• ORANGE CO came frm Wuhan
34. Word is Texas A&M student has been cleared of #CoronaOutbreak.
Flying #coronarvirus into US updated: 9th case thought here (see 15-16, 33. above).
•∙VA 3 poss
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
35. Infected still flying in: Possible US #Coronavirus cases skyrocket to 110 Persons Under Investigation (PUI) now in 26 US undisclosed states. 32/110 have tested negative leaving 73 cases unknown after 5 positive US cases.
https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html #Wuhan
36. Suggesting it might have been genetically engineered as a researched bioweapon, Indian researchers are baffled by non SARS segments of #coronavirus's RNA closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.30.927871v1
37. Sound On! #WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1223745968333520898
38. #Jinping #China Reportedly Showing Chinese Police Officers Reloading Their Sidearms & Rifles After Putting On Protective #coronavirus Gloves, Masks, & Gowns. https://twitter.com/JohnBasham/status/1223677318603988997
39. National Health Commission in China just announced that the bodies of #coronavirus victims should be cremated close by and immediately. Burials or transfer of the bodies not allowed. Funerals not allowed to avoid spread of the virus (Global Times)
40. Oh no. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/status/1223446336474763265
41. Do you believe in coincidences? A #coronavirus deep dive: One of 4 Chinese laboratories engaged in bioweapons development was located in #Wuhan 8.6 miles from epicenter of the outbreak. The weapons lab was researching #SARS #corona funded by NIH & DOD https://archive.fo/kMl5m 
42. "Significant Increase" In #Coronavirus Cases This Weekend | "Up to 5 million people left #Wuhan"
43. Many say the #coronavirus deaths are being grossly under-reported. One source indicates 70-120 bodies a day - from one funeral home, #Wuhan Yi Funeral Home. https://twitter.com/IsChinar/status/1223833702683303937
44. Communists touting their rapid #Coronarivus hosp construction in #Wuhan, but others suggest the #WuhanVirus quarantine system are jail cells where people'll brought to die under China's med military system. More being built now in other cites as well. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/shocking-footage-inside-chinas-newly-constructed-hospitals-jail-cells-where-you-go-die
45. The #WuhanCoronavirus has been taxing to medical staff, to say the least. "Doctors fall while operating on the coronavirus. Transmission is immediate."
46. People react to being involuntarily quarantined for #coronaviruschina https://twitter.com/12gourmetfoodie/status/1224039359600582663?s=20
47. Taxi driver kicks out a coughing man from #Wuhan amid #coronavirus outbreak. https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/1223732758737903616?s=20
48. Man reportedly'd just returned from #Wuhan, the city where the epidemic has spread. When the police tried to return him to Wuhan, he refused so police killed him in cold blood. https://twitter.com/khalid911haider/status/1223299759886209024?s=20
49. Communists seal off a whole block until Feb 16 where someone who returned from #Wuhan has #corona. https://twitter.com/maree_jun/status/1223894959951990784?s=20
50. In Shanghai, police remove a body from the subway. https://twitter.com/UmbiSam/status/1223407955527262208?s=20
51. Reports of Communists nailing infected people into their homes in #Wuhan. https://twitter.com/TomthunkitsMind/status/1223797510105333760?s=20
52. #Coronavirus suspects or those in contact with confirmed cases in #Wuhan are being ordered into quarantine zones, forcibly as needed, as number of new cases rises sharply. https://twitter.com/ChoZynWordZ/status/1224038224399609858?s=20
53. #Wuhan streets largely deserted save the occasional citizen, occasional Communist authorities, or the occasional corpse lying in the street. https://twitter.com/deutsch365/status/1224041892410687489?s=20
54. Orders reportedly also go out to keep up with cleaning the #Wuhan streets of the #coronavirus-infected pet corpses as well. https://twitter.com/myteks/status/1224042583678164993?s=20
55. I fully concur with this doctor. Fast forward to 39 min. https://twitter.com/Cocopuffster12/status/1224027926577836033?s=20 #wuhanpnemonia #Coronarivus
58. ELEVEN US cases confirmed by CDC as of Feb 3 2020, 82 possible cases pending under review. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html
59. Newly built #WuhanHospital encampment has incarceration bars on the exterior windows as well as the interior corridor windows (above).
61. This morning's scene in #Wuhan - hundreds dressed in hazmat suits preparing to enter a tower block. #coronavirus #Hubei #CCP #ChinaCoronaVirus #PRC #WuhanPneumonia https://twitter.com/freddie1999/status/1224441620424097792
62. Long trains of Communist medical military vehicles in procession move to carry people to their new destination at #WuhanHospital incarceration camp for #coronavirus detention. https://twitter.com/IsChinar/status/1224408944078217217?s=20
63. In #Ningbo a detainment camp is assembled even more readily, looking much different than the press release pictures of the #Wuhan hospital for
#coronavirus. https://twitter.com/IsChinar/status/1224342544525537283
64. Reports are that #Wuhan is also now converting public venues like the #Hongshan stadium & city international exhibition center for those with "mild symptoms" into group #Coronavirus settings. #WuhanCoronavirus #nCoV19 #China https://twitter.com/detresfa_/status/1224455134177968128
65. Those with #coronavirus are being removed from #Wuhan's buildings by the hazmat army, dead and alive.
66. You can't go home but you can't stay here

#WuhanCoronavirus #coronaviruswuhan
67. Those fleeing from infected areas may find themselves unwelcome. #CoronaOutbreak
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