Till when we will see conflict in Middle East??

Conflict in middle East will continue till they have oil to offer to Western world, or let's say till Western countries need oil before EV or other technology catch up.

Many ME country attract foreign dollar for oil they export
If there is no conflict then those countries can reap benefit from wealth for which no real effort made by citizen
Too good scenario, so west export terrorism /infighting among neighbours /among diff communities.
West also export means to fight, expensive arms & ammunition
Many times west also export their countrymen to make ME feel west earnest interest in the region.

With this round tripping, dollar flow back to Western countries and they keep fueling their economy with needed oil, arms are used in far away land & hence destruction is elsewhere
When it can end.
In next two decade, dependence on ME oil can reduce substantially, thanks to EV, renewables & shale gas.
Once flow of dollar to ME stopped, wait for few more years till stock of dollar in reserve flow back to originator.
Then ME will return to its original form.
ME could have learned from China.
China used new accumulated wealth in purchasing assets /companies in West.
Hence got substantial influence in geo-politics, West have to think twice before speaking against Chinese regime
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