Look what popped up on Netflix ...
They pushed 3 alerts at 12.40am...

this show- Pandemic

Right now?
As Corona virus ramping up?
Uh huh...đŸ€”

Listen closely.
"Will happen"
"Existential threat" (lefty talking point)

Planting the seeds
Now listen to Bill Gates talk about how to manage over population with vaccines etc

Rosacrusian beliefs
Population control
Same as the UN mission

These people are crazy!
This is NOT freedom đŸ˜łđŸ’ŁđŸ’„

Now have a look at this info on Corona virus outbreak

I dont think china is being completely honest with the world
From Hacking the Headlines YouTube...
China says they are building a hospital in a week-
Yeah.... I'm sure....one of those hazmat tent ones that people don't leave and gets torched after... https://twitter.com/LATAMforTRUMP/status/1220875321051963397?s=19
This is their big big holiday time in China. Like Xmas here.

People traveling.

And the riots getting worse in Hong Kong...

And the patents on coronavirus floating around online...

All this 3 months almost exactly after event 201 with Bill Gates
And lets not forget
There are patents galore dor Coronavirus related products, people

Nothing says engineered bioweapon quite like getting a patents for it 😈

Rat bastards...
Big FđŸ‡ș🇾...big...huuuyyyyuuuuggee.

More info on patents
Called Antiviral Compositions Foe The Treatment of Infections linked to Coronaviruses

Of course, inbresponse to the Anons & autists digging this information up?
Who's right on hand to tell us it is bogus?
Why, Snopes and http://factcheck.org  of course....
Talk about frickin cover up mouthpieces - wow
😈 Nothin to see here, right?
See 3rd pic DATES.
I love how people are jumping on this expired patent đŸ’© and lying right to our faces that it's fake news...

That application is dated THIS MONTH as pending approval!!!

Doesn't look expired to me at all...
More patents
Not same as the others I posted above...this is the one set to expire next year for a fee issue....
Critical thinking caps on.
How can an active unexpired patent prior to outbreak be a "hoax"?
Why are there active patents for human extracted variants?
Why now?
Why blame snakes & open air markets?
Why the smear mentioning Q and Anons?
Look at qmap. Not much on this topic at all
I went back thru my stuff....
Here is the thread and sub threads where Biden popped off about a pandemic.... was around the time Bill Gates Event 201 happened in MD @ John's Hopkins.

Shortly thereafter Colorado thing happened...

And now - Corona... https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1197782295052247041?s=19
Yikes this looks suspect AF too!

Wtf are they spraying?
If they are spraying stuff is it to combat or to spread??

I'd go watch that video before it gets scrubbed, tho, jes sayin.... https://twitter.com/1Naasty/status/1221012884328607745?s=19
I'm going to add another note here:
Deep back in history when the black plague was spreading, there were numerous reports claiming a noxious mist was emanating from the scythes of tall figures cloaked in black...and the sickness followed.

Don't mistake my intent
I'm not saying C.or.on.a is a hoax - at all...
I'm saying it could be ON PURPOSE tho
I'm saying Colorado noro.v.i.rus spread could have been a trial run 2 see where/how things spread during peak travel times...
I'm laying in supplies so I don't have 2 shop
What happens when a virus that can live on surfaces is flown out of a hotzone with evacuees?

I guess we will find out by Valentine's day, roughly...
Cases up over 7000 now, and phillipines has confirmed case in an asymptomatic 38 year old woman.

US response slower than rest of world stranded citizens are getting pissed, travel bans now popping up worldwide

https://time.com/5772481/china-coronavirus-latest/ https://time.com/5772481/china-coronavirus-latest/
Thread I did after Biden popped off about pandemic prep in October following Event 201. Dig into the subthreads and you will see a story that says even our own govt admits flu shot vaxis cause lots of injuries to folks. Yet they pushed it & continue tođŸ€” https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1197782295052247041?s=19
This...right here

During the noro outbreak in Colorado, media crickets on Norovirus, but Flu Flu Flu and get your shot.

What's in that shot? https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1209227465001984000?s=19
Updates as of Sunday Feb 3rd
And somehow the World Health Organization has GOOGLE stemming the flow of information that appears hi up in your search information!!!

How many more ways can I say this?

This is an engineered GLOBAL FINANCIAL COUP, people!!
Wake the hell up!!!
A cruise ship of 3000 is quarantined after a case of Corona is confirmed aboard... https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1224746992267669504
Supply chain breakdown?
Coming.... https://twitter.com/WPatriot2/status/1224775323079860226?s=19
2/6/20 latest updates:
Those wondering why I keep grabbing same website? Cuz It is consistently updated - & I can step around the search block the World Health Org has Google doing for them. Notice how search results have been pulling up days old stories ?
Watch fox Maria Bartiromo speak with Steve Mnuchin about Corona and economic impact.

Companies here that are impacted by supply chain disruption already were listed for everyone to see. Apple, Tesla, Ford, many many more
2/10/2020 WHO says "tip of the iceberg...

This is very worrying

Reports of burning bodies, people being turned away from hospitals...and much higher case numbers than we are being told officially

2/13/2020 - yesterday 232 deaths bumped up numbers - the total cases numbers were bunged up tho. The 14k case increase they gave us was only added as about 6000 cases going from 42k to over 48k - when the real number should have been 56k cases...
If china has been wildly underreporting the death toll for 2 months... Wtf is the real story?

Cuz...you don't weld buildings shut for under 1000 cases - c'mon.
And that door welding started about 2 -3 weeks ago in late january according to vids I've seen and shared

Here's another look at Bill Gates saying we can get a population of 6.8 bil heading to 9 bil down 10/15% by vaccines, healthcare, etc
The vid got scrubbed in above link, but here is another. TED talk by BGates.
PS C02 can't go to zero - we exhale C02 😈
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