A MASTER THREAD full of insight I've accumulated over time. I've learned this from all my Sagittarius life experiences, so you can expect witchcraft, finance, psychology, sociology, seduction, and unpacking methods to be featured here.

It's time to Grow Up!
The Astrological Guide to Unpacking Imposter Syndrome (Specifically for people born during 1989-1999)

Y'all learned a lot, trust in what you know you know and you'll thrive. Take more risks!
How I GOT "excellent credit" (No astrology, just stocks, investing, etc).

This is a twitter thread and I am not a financial adviser. Do your own research, I'm just showing you what's in my apple phone and how I use the apps on it to help me financially.
We all need to look at the bright side. Yes shadow work is needed, but we also need to know how to recognize the light. Here are my personal examples:
CONSPIRACIES, astrologically examined.
Conspiracy: @AvrilLavigne was replaced by a clone named “Melissa.”
Conspiracy: Truman Capote actually wrote “To kill a mockingbird,” not Harper Lee.
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