A thread about wrestlers as #warhammer40k primarchs :
(based on gimmick, wrestling style, Heel/face and finaly look)

1- Lion El Jonson --> Edge
A tweener, known as the Ultimate Opportunist. Makes a lot of plans.
3 - Fulgrim - Dolph Ziggler
He is perfection, has a thing for rock star attitude and mostly heel.
4 - Perturabo - Bret Hart
Hard worker, master of technical precision, bitter at some point and got badly screwed (but as some sayd Bret screwed Bret) famous for his rivalry against Shawn Michaels
5 - Jagathai Khan - Shinsuke Nakamura
Strike hard and fast, usualy a loner, you'll know which side he his once he has striked.
6 - Leman Russ - Roman Reigns
Big dog of course, very face but aggresive. Defend his yard. Has 2 followers.
7 - Imperial Fists - Shawn Michaels
Sexy boi !! Carried at one point the weigh of an empire. Famous for his feud with Perturabo. He and Guilliman worked together.
8 - NightHaunter - Randy Orton
They hear voices in their head, they talk to them.
Attack out of nowhere, Apex Predator
9 - Sanguinius - John Cena
Poster boy, eternal face, will go to the fight even if he knows odds are agains him. Lot of people tried to drag him to the dark side but none succeed.
10 - Ferrus Manus - Eddie Guerrero
Loved by a lot of his peers, a great technician, missed by a lot.
12 - Angron - Brock Lesnar
The beast incarnate, almost uncontrolable, has no friend. Will make you bleed for fun.
13 - Roboute Guilliman - HHH
The favored son (in law). Is now almost in charge of the Empire. Is very ambitious behind a good look.
14 - Mortarion - The Undertaker
Death incarnate, scythe is their groove. Mystic and powerful. Unkillable. Loner
15 - Magnus the Red - Seth Rollins
The architect, uses his mind to defeat mighter foes. Sometimes makes poor decisions.
16 - Horus - CM Punk
Best in the world, biggest heel, biggest face and huge pipe bomb which change the universe. Now his gone and his name is tried to be forgotten
17 - Lorgar - Bray Wyatt
Sometimes powerful and scary, sometimes laughed at. Has often a cult behind him. A man of lot of words
18 - Vulkan - The Rock
The good guy, Voice of the people, a true warrior. Will smackdown your ass without hesitation !
19 - Corax - Sting
Crow vigilante... Spooky... white face... stealthy...
20 - Alpharius (Omegon) - Sin Cara
No one knows his true face, there have been more than one at one point, nobody really know what they were doing here.
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