Singapore on friday confirmed two more imported cases of the #WuhanCoronavirus, bringing the number of confirmed cases to three. The third case, a 37-year-old man, was the son of the 66-year-old Wuhan resident who was diagnosed yesterday.
JUST IN: Singapore’s health ministry confirmed a fourth imported case of #WuhanCoronavirus on Saturday - a 36-year-old Chinese national who arrived in Singapore on Jan 22. He is currently isolated at Sengkang General Hospital and his condition is “stable”.
JUST IN: Singapore confirms a fifth imported case of #WuhanCoronavirus on Monday - a 56-year-old Chinese national who arrived in Singapore on Jan 18. There are 57 suspected cases that are currently pending.
Three of the five confirmed #WuhanCoronaVirus cases in Singapore stayed at Sentosa (two at Shangri-La’s Rasa and one at Village Hotel), one at J8 boutique hotel near Bugis, and the just-announced fifth case was staying with her family at Ceylon Road.
The total number of confirmed #WuhanCoronavirus cases in Singapore climbs to seven, after the health ministry confirmed two more on Tuesday. Authorities also imposed travel restrictions on holders of passports issued in Hubei province, the epicentre of the virus.
#POFMA: Singapore has invoked its fake news law twice to tackle falsehoods about the #WuhanCoronavirus. The first was over a claim that a man died from the virus here, and the second was for posts alleging that the Woodlands train station was closed due to the virus.
Singapore reports three more imported cases of #WuhanCoronavirus, bringing total number of confirmed cases to 10. Its health ministry reasserts that there is currently no evidence of community spread in Singapore.
Another three cases of #WuhanCoronavirus were reported in Singapore on Thursday, totalling at 13 cases. The thirteenth case — a 73-year-old mainlander — is the oldest yet of the batch. All cases are Wuhan residents.
Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Baidu and HardwareZone will no longer be exempted from #POFMA, reports local media, given the “evolving situation” of the #WuhanCoronavirus. This comes days after the act was invoked twice to correct rumours about the virus.
JUST IN: Singapore will close its borders to new visitors from China as well as foreigners who have been there within the last 14 days - a move the health ministry describes as "prudent" given the spread of the #WuhanCoronavirus. Travel restrictions start Saturday night.
Three more cases of the #WuhanCoronavirus were reported in Singapore on Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 16. The fifteenth case is the first Singaporean citizen - a 47-year-old woman who travelled to Wuhan with her family.
JUST IN: Two more #WuhanCoronavirus cases in Singapore, totalling at 18. The 17th case, a 47-year-old female who travelled to Wuhan, is the second Singaporean infected with the virus. The 18th case is from China. Health ministry reiterates that there is no community spread.
Only 6 percent of 1.37 million Singapore households collected their free masks as of end-Sat, minister for social and family development Desmond Lee says, suggesting citizens are not panicking about the #Wuhancoronavirus situation. The “progressive” mask distribution ends Feb 9.
There are 524 persons quarantined in Singapore due to the #WuhanCoronavirus, according to authorities, with 302 of them serving home quarantine. They are required to report their health status thrice daily via video call and spot checks are conducted to ensure they are home.
Ministers addressed "irresponsible behaviours" amid the virus outbreak: landlords evicting quarantined tenants, the spread of falsehoods, and the anti-Chinese sentiments online. "I'm glad all these ugly behaviours are not representative of the vast majority of Singaporeans."
About 140 Singaporeans are still in the Chinese city of Wuhan, said minister Lawrence Wong, and most have spouses who might not be Singaporeans and they have chosen to remain there. “We have to work out arrangements,” he said. 92 Singaporeans were earlier evacuated on Jan 30.
Singapore reports six more cases of the novel coronavirus and four involved human-to-human transmission. Two cases are colleagues who worked in a health products shop which catered primarily to Chinese tourists, and their interaction with tour groups likely got them infected.
Singapore will provide a “seed funding” of S$1 million to communities hit by the #2019nCoV in China, according to its foreign affairs ministry, as part of an earlier-announced assistance package. It will also provide medical supplies and diagnostic test kits, among others.
JUST IN: Singapore reports four more cases of the #CoronavirusOutbreak, bringing total number of cases to 28. Three of them are Singapore citizens linked to the “local cluster” announced yesterday, and the fourth is a Wuhan resident. Among the new cases is a six-month-old child.
Singapore is preparing a second evacuation flight in the coming days from Wuhan, reports @Reuters, citing unnamed sources. National development minister Lawrence Wong had earlier said about 140 citizens remain in the Chinese city, and most have spouses who are not Singaporean.
JUST IN: There are 30 cases of #coronavirus infection in Singapore now, after two more cases were reported late-Thursday. One of the two new cases has no recent travel history to China and does not appear linked to previous cases.
Singapore PM @leehsienloong says the new #coronavirus cases are worrying as it shows that the virus is "probably already circulating in our own population". If numbers surge, the strategy will be relooked as it will be "futile" then to trace every contact. Singapore has 33 cases.
JUST IN: Singapore reports seven more cases of #coronavirus infection, totalling at 40. The health ministry also surfaced three clusters including an earlier-announced health product shop that serves Chinese tourists and the Grand Hyatt meeting as well as a church at Paya Lebar.
MORE: The seven new cases all have no recent travel history to mainland China, and two of them are taxi or private hire car drivers. The health ministry said, however, that the risk of infection from transient contact, such as on public transport, is assessed to be low.
Singapore confirms three new #coronavirus cases, bringing total number to 43. Two of them are Singaporeans and the other is a male Bangladesh national. Health ministry says four more cases have been discharged (six in total now), and six remain in critical condition.
The Kuwaiti embassy in Singapore urged its citizens to leave the city state “rapidly” after Singapore raised its alert level for #coronavirus on Friday, Kuwaiti media reported, advising them to delay travel plans there. This is the first of such advisory directed at Singapore.
JUST IN: There are a total of 45 cases of #coronavirus infection in Singapore now, after two more confirmed today. Both are Singaporeans who did not travel to China recently. One of them was a Certis Cisco officer who served quarantine orders on two infected Wuhan residents.
Singapore expects a 25 to 30 percent dip in visitor arrivals this year due to the #coronavirus outbreak, said its tourism board. This compares to the 19 percent drop during the Sars outbreak in 2003. Officials earlier said measures will be in place to help the tourism industry.
Two more cases of #coronavirus infection reported in the Lion City today, with total number at 47. One of them is the second Bangladeshi national infected. Health ministry says there are seven cases who are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.
Singapore's @dbsbank confirms that one of its employees has been infected by #covid19, and it has evacuated those on the affected floor at Marina Bay Financial Centre. Contact tracing is underway.
This newly-surfaced @dbsbank case has not been reported by Singapore's health ministry, which means that there are one or more cases of the #covid19 in Singapore pending announcement. The number of cases made known so far is 47 as of Tuesday evening.
Singapore confirms three more #covid19 cases with no recent travel history to China. Two belong to a newly-surfaced cluster — Grace Assembly of God church — and the third is the DBS staff. A Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site was listed as a possible fifth cluster.
Singapore’s NUS says it is aware that a screenshot of a Whatsapp group chat claiming that a professor from the School of Design and Environment has been infected with #covid19 was circulating online. The school has put in place interim precautionary measures.
Singapore reports eight new #covid19 cases today - the largest one-day surge. Five are Singaporeans linked to Grace Assembly of God cluster while two are Bangladeshi nationals traced to the Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site. There are now 58 cases, with 15 discharged.
Singapore on Friday announced nine more #covid19 cases, charting another one-day high, and bringing total number of cases to 67. Among the nine new cases, six are linked to an earlier-surfaced cluster involving the Grace Assembly of God church. Six are in critical condition.
#Singapore health minister Gan Kim Yong said added measures are in place to prevent community spread of #covid19, noting how several confirmed cases continued to go to work even when they were unwell. Measures include five-day medical leave for those with respiratory symptoms.
JUST IN: #Singapore reports five more #covid19 cases, totalling at 72. Three of the new cases are linked to the previously-surfaced Grace Assembly of God cluster while another is traced to the Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site cluster.
Breakdown of no. of cases linked to Singapore's possible #covid19 clusters:
- Grace Assembly of God church: 16
- Yong Thai Hang health products shop: 9
- The Life Church and Missions Singapore: 5
- Grand Hyatt Singapore meeting: 3
- Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site: 5
JUST IN: Three new #covid19 cases confirmed in Singapore today, bringing total number of cases to 75. There are five patients who are in critical condition now, down from six yesterday.
JUST IN: Two new #covid19 cases reported in Singapore, totalling at 77. 24 patients have been discharged, up from 19. Four are in critical condition, down from five.
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