1. The word "thought" is derived from the Ancient Atlantean Priest King, Thoth the Atlantean! Imagine if you will, an INDIVIDUAL person SO REVERED that even after hundreds of thousands of years, a derivative of his accomplishments are still with us!
2. Yet, most Earth Humans don't even know who Thoth was/is!!! TRAGIC! Do yourself a HUGE favor and learn for yourself about the "13 Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean!" There's even presentations on Youtube in your choice of male/female voice. YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW THOTH!
3. Thoth was known by MANY titles and ALL his titles were attributed to his Love of Earth Humans! One of his titles was as the Lord/Keeper of Knowledge which is where the word "thought" originated from.
4. His father is Enki of the Annunaki and his mother was an Earth Human. Marduk (Amen-Ra) is his brother and fell to The Dark Side. In fact, most christians don't realize, when the say "Amen" after prayer, etc., they're actually paying homage to a Satanic/Luciferian Dark Energy!
5. Cool history you don't yet know: The original head of the Spinx was that of Thoth. As Marduk fell into Darkness he had the original head re sculpted into his own son's likeness. That is why the head of the Spinx today looks disproportional to the body.
6. Thoth says in the Emerald Tablets that HE built the Great Pyramid of Giza. He encoded ALL KNOWLEDGE of the Earth within the construction process! Additionally, he outlines THREE SEPARATE "Halls of Records." Two of those three HAVE BEEN FOUND!
7. But, have you heard anything about it's contents?! Think about it!
8. All of the "gods" of Native Cultures throughout Central and South America was THOTH! That information was written into the 13 Emerald Tablets by Thoth himself!

Check it out!
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