Just 25 days since detecting this new strain of #coronavirus,

22 Million, 7 cities on transportation lockdown.
25 dead, 800 infected, in 6 countries including US.

Upcoming Lunar New Year traffic will make it worst.


#WuhanPneumonia #WuhanOutbreak
Day 29:

Chinese authorities CONFIRMED that,

"patients who have contracted #coronavirus but don’t have typical symptoms are still contagious"

So it will be really hard to contain this.


Check out this live map to track locations:
Surprisingly & luckily, there are no cases so far from India, Russia, South America & Africa.

Places like Delhi, Brazil & many African countries offer perfect breeding grounds for viruses.

Day 31:

Deaths: 170(+29%, all Chinese)
Infected: 7711

More cases in few new countries + more human-to-human transfers involving people did NOT travel to China recently.

A great explainer by ASAPScience on"What Actually Happens If You Get #Coronavirus?"
Study: 63% of infected WILL NOT get detected at airport screening.

Though #coronavirus is relatively not dangerous,

containing is a challenge as it can transfer from patients without visible symptoms. Proper quarantine is vital during incubation period.

Day 32:

Deaths: 259(+22%)
Infected: 11790(+27%)

US & Australia ban all from China.
More human-to-human transfers outside China & new cases including in Rusia.

This chart shows unprecedented outbreak of #coronavirus compared to SARS.
https://thewuhanvirus.com/  #CoronavirusOutbreak
Day 39:

Deaths: 639
Recovered: 1540
Infected: 31161

As China continue to struggle, 28 other countries remain contained.

Li Wenliang, whistle-blower doctor who warned about #coronavirus & got PUNISHED for "spreading rumors" died after getting infected.

To contain social media outrage after whistle-blower doctor's death,

Chinese officials have ordered to put his dead body back to life support and change status from "dead" to "critical".

Let that sink in.

https://twitter.com/BBCRosAtkins/status/1225550217912688640 #coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #LiWenliang
Day 41:

Deaths: 813
Recovered: 2684
Infected: 37553

#Coronavirus global death toll overtakes SARS epidemic worldwide in 2002-2003. However, rate of new cases declined during last few days.

Citizen journalist covering outbreak from Wuhan goes missing:

An informative summary of a Chinese study.

Incubation Period: Median: 3 days, Min:0, Max:24

Symptoms: Fever 88% of cases, Cough 68%, Diarrhea: Uncommon

Transmission: Mainly respiratory droplets + traces found in saliva, stool, urine, blood

https://twitter.com/WilliamYang120/status/1226880825968349185 #CoronaVirus
Day 58:

Deaths: 2768 (SK + Italy + Iran: 41)
Recovered: 29990
Infected: 81177

Brazil announced its first confirmed case, 61 old who traveled from Italy.

With that, all continents except Antarctica have reported the virus.

Date rate increased to 3.4%
#coronavirusus #COVID19
#Coronavirus spreads faster outside China.
A global pandemic is likely -US.

Italy & Iran emerging as epicenters.

Detected for the 1st time in Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Romania & Algeria.

Cases outside China grew 702% during 10-27th Feb.
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health/coronavirus-spreads-faster-outside-china-stoking-global-fears-idUSKCN20J0B4 #COVID19
Day 60:

Cases: 83361 (Outside China: 4,537)
Deaths: 2857 (69)
Regions: 54 (+16 during last few weeks)

World is preparing for a global pandemic.
While death rate is relatively lower, the modern world has never seen a transmission rate like this before.
Sharing a sort-of open border with China, North Korea has not confirmed any cases of #coronavirus yet. Nobody knows what's really going on there due to regime's secrecy & complete isolation from the world.

South Korea has the most cases outside China.

Day 69:

104 countries have reported the virus now.
It was 41, eleven days ago.

The number of infected outside China grew 3,034% during the last 11 days.

Italy just declared a virtual lockdown in north affecting millions.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaVirusItaly
Day 75:

75% (146/195) of countries have reported it.
Europe(Italy) is the epicenter now.

While the overall death rate is 3.7%, few countries including Italy's current mortality rate is above 7%.

Cases outside China grew by 176% during the last 7 days.

#coronavirus #COVID19
Day 95:


I started this thread on Jan 20th, when China confirmed human-to-human transmission.

Rest of the world had so much time to learn, but almost all of them downplayed it, missed critical containment windows, just like China did.😞
#coronavirus #COVID19
Day 107:


While the West see signs of slowing down, cases in Brazil, Russia & India are rising.

Indonesia, 4th largest pop. with a poor health care system is also growing & they're slow to adopt social distancing measures.

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/14/world/coronavirus-news-world-global-live.html#link-5dbdd8f4 #COVID19
Current state of #coronavirus vaccines/drugs/therapies.

While a safe, effective vaccine is still more than a year away, researchers are rushing to re-purpose existing drugs.

70+ vaccines are in development, about 5 started human trials. #COVID19 https://graphics.reuters.com/HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/yxmvjqywprz/index.html
28,000 Missing Deaths:
Tracking the True Toll of the #Coronavirus Crisis.

Based on mortality data & historical average. This could include both direct & indirect deaths due to pandemic.

https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/21/world/coronavirus-missing-deaths.html?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email #COVID19
Day 121:
Probably the best news so far on #coronavirus

Oxford vaccine leaps ahead.
6 monkeys (closest to human) inoculated & exposed to heavy doses of virus. 28d later, all monkeys are healthy.

If human trials succeed next month, can mass-produce by Sep.
A 5-year-old has died of a mysterious (but currently very rare) illness linked to the #coronavirus in New York.

73 kids in the area had been reported, which doctors have labeled “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.”

https://twitter.com/dumindaxsb/status/1257875048796499969 #COVID19
Day 151:

5 months later, studies show that only a small portion of the population has developed antibodies against #coronavirus. At least 60% is required to build a herd immunity.

A vaccine is the one & only hope now.

Cases: 6m
Deaths: 367k

https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/28/upshot/coronavirus-herd-immunity.html?campaign_id=154&emc=edit_cb_20200528&instance_id=18902&nl=coronavirus-briefing&regi_id=68426923&segment_id=29483&te=1&user_id=0f46b8320e67275dde26789428079c77 #COVID19
Italy found #coronavirus traces in wastewater collected in Dec 2019. Suggesting #COVID19 was already circulating in northern Italy before China reported it.

Earlier France found the virus in a pneumonia biosample taken on Dec 27. https://twitter.com/dumindaxsb/status/1257893166205685763


Cases: 9m
Deaths: 471k

As the world ease restrictions for economic & psychological reasons, #coronavirus keeps accelerating exponentially.

The global cases count just passed 1m new cases per week mark.

(those drops are Mondays, probably due to closed labs in weekend)
Day 232:

Thousands of people packed into a mask-less water park party in the central city of #Wuhan, where the #coronavirus originated ~9 months ago. https://twitter.com/AFP/status/1295345558270488577


Cases: 22m
Deaths: 779k

Day 275: Cases: 34m Deaths: 1m

India, to be #1 in reported cases in few weeks.

According to 1 of the largest study their:
-Children of all ages spread it.
-5% responsible for 80% of infections.
-Avg hospital stay before death is only 5d (vs 2w in US)
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