With this speech, Bernie burnt up any chance of good relations between India and US in a potential Bernie Presidency.

1. During the temporary restrictions period in Kashmir, Indian Govt took extra care that the Valley had all the medicines that were needed and ppl received care.
2. Temporary restrictions on phone services was to stop Pakistan's stone-pelting gangs from organizing. It was meant to save lives, and save lives it did.

Violence came drastically down. Only deaths were from terrorists killing apple farm workers transporters, not by sec forces.
Moreover #Article370Abrogation was India's internal matter, which was undertaken by a democracy in a constitutional manner.

So Bernie was essentially just parroting Pakistan's talking points about "oh the Kashmiri Muslim suffering" obviously ignoring ethnic cleansing of K Hindus
What Bernie has shown through his speech is

1. His campaign manager, a Pak-American named Faiz Shakir totally controls Bernie's FP and it is aligned w/ Islamist propaganda line of Pakistan's ISI.

2. Bernie lives in the old Western racist mindset which treated Indians w/ disdain
3. Bernie is zilch aware of US foreign & security policy paradigms in the Indo-Pacific.

4. Bernie doesnt appreciate that Modi got the biggest democratic mandate ever in history of the world bigger than that of all Western leaders put together, and that too as a Hindu progressive
5. Bernie is not even aware of the tremendous work even Obama did to improve Indo-US relations.

6. Bernie has inherited anti-Hindu Hillary Clinton line on doing everything to hurt Modi, like she sent a team to look for imaginary mass graves in Gujarat from 2002 riots to FIX Modi
7. Bernie's team and supporters is full of India-haters like the Clinton henchmen Ro Khanna & Pramila Jayapal, new ones like Cussack and pro-Pakistani Islamists like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour.
So basically Bernie will be a disaster for both Indo-US relations and USA's own overall FP.

He is too old a dog to learn new tricks, to let go of his outdated negative & condescending attitudes towards India. And India-haters in his campaign are taking advantage of his senility.
Bernie has lost control over his campaign.

If Bernie becomes the Democratic candidate for the US Presidency than ALL Indian-Americans in the swing states will en-masse vote Trump.

If Tulsi is the nominee then all Indian-Americans will vote Democrat.

#TulsiGabbard šŸŒŗ
Hillary's hatred for #Tulsi is quite likely of much deeper nature than Tulsi's endorsement of Bernie in 2016.

If Hillary can show such virulent hatred of a Hindu Modi, who had done her no harm and against whom no court could find even a shred of evidence of any religious hatred
then it's quite likely that Hillary has the same attitude towards a strong spiritual Hindu #Tulsi who advocates good relations between USA and India currently ruled by Modi.

So smear attacks against Tulsi will be incessant from Hillary's surrogates embedded in Bernie's campaign
Context for above tweets https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1219137905970548737?s=19
A somewhat simplistic analogy https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1219149179949371393?s=19
As we see anti-India activity runs deep in the Democratic establishment, which uses all sorts of HR arguments and selective outrage to castigate, humiliate and "punish" a culturally-different democracy.

#AmyKlobuchar is also a šŸ

Another Hillary shill. https://twitter.com/Indosphere/status/1219327244402708482?s=19
Here's Pete Buttigieg re-confirming that the anti-India drivel is part of operating system of Democratic establishment, and that Pete is a small man incapable of forging a new path for the Democrats.

For Indian-Americans, it's either #Tulsi2020 or Trump. https://twitter.com/PeteButtigieg/status/1209180757975060481?s=19
From what I read, one sees Bernie is not "evil", but he is a coward wrapped in armor of leftist moralism, always wagging his fingers.

All one needs to do is to produce some leftist narrative of persecution and injustice, and he will go along with it.

Truth be damned.
Bernie cannot accept any criticism of him from any "human rights" propaganda industry, which knows how to produce tear-jerking selective content of atrocity, persecution & what not.

When Faiz Shakir came to him and proposed to him, he shd go and castigate Indians, did he resist?
Did Bernie for one moment of his frickin life stop to think over how Indians have bent over backwards to try to give dignity to a population in Kashmir, and to minimize casualties there with a Pak sponsored Jihad which wants to provoke India to kill Muslims for political benefit?
No, the leech Bernie just wants to plz his new votebank of Islamists, because the guy pees in his pants at the thought of that most heinous of accusations against a leftist - ISLAMOPHOBIA. So better to just play along

Bernie cannot exchange a missing backbone w/ a wagging finger
Bernie is a coward.

In 2016 he gave in meekly to Hillary. In 2020 he is seen rolling over for Joe Biden cuz some surrogate said Biden may have a corruption problem

Warren knows about Bernie's cowardice and so she accused him of sexism. The coward was seeking to make up with her
So anybody can toy with Bernie just by accusing him of all those things left-liberals accuse others of.

Instead of resisting them, he chooses the easy way out of giving in unto them and doing their bidding.

But he will gladly bark at all those who are too civil to do him harm.
Bernie may have built an aura around him of not bowing to power and wagging his finger at them.

But Bernie showed no spine when he faced Hillary. She had a reputation.

Bernie also has no spine to face the Islamists now ensconsed within his own campaign.

Even if people elect Bernie as President, it is not as if he is ushering any change in Washington DC.

Whole Democratic establishment remains hostage to Hillary Clinton, and Bernie simply becomes the new face, while most of the administration remains in her hands thru surrogates.
#BernieSanders will not be able to implement absolutely any of his signature policies, neither #M4A nor #GND. The Congress will not play ball. So what else is left of his Presidency? He will simply end up as a pawn for Hillary.

Only #Tulsi is willing to go up against Hillary.
Only Tulsi is willing to clean the Democratic stables, full with Clinton filth. It is a mute point, whether she succeeds, but only Tulsi has the courage.

It is in India's interest that there is less anti-India venom in the Democratic Party. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1219981665772212231?s=19
Quite likely Bernie Sanders will become a Manmohan Singh to Hillary's Sonia Gandhi to command around from behind the veil.

The spunk Bernie shows is only a mirage.
This is the kind of anti-Indian vitriol which #TulsiGabbard has to face often.
The first Hindu ever to run for President of the United States #TulsiGabbard is being boycotted by CNN in the debate just before #FITN first-in-the-nation #NH #NewHampshire Primary. They are giving no reason.

So #BoycottCNN

#LetTulsiSpeak #Tulsi2020

Correction: #Tulsi isn't invited to the Town Hall meetings organized by CNN. I said "debate", which is wrong info.

Distressing to know that the first Hindu Presidential candidate is being smeared, cancelled and silenced by the whole corporate media in US & attacked by bot swarms
Bernie campaign has been coopted and is now controlled by Pakistanis, Clintonites & George Soros.

Even Hillary's comment about nobody liking Bernie is a misdirection tactic to build up Bernie's anti-establishment credentials, intended to hide that she is the face behind t mask.
There is a reason why most of the candidates standing against Bernie are weak. They are all distractions to confuse voters as to who is really fronting Hillary.

Bernie was from the beginning intended by Hillary to win 2020. She will however be deciding everything thru appointees
Most likely Pakistan-origin Faiz Shakir, campaign manager for Bernie, and Pakistan-origin Huma Abedin, Hillary's assistant would be coordinating this smoke and mirror primaries show.
It's not unthinkable that Bernie Sanders will accept Hillary Clinton as VP on the Ticket calling it a Unity Ticket - *healing*.

This wd be even easier if the voting during the Democratic Convention goes into 2nd round, when superdelegates come into play. https://twitter.com/seanhannity/status/1222168539009880065?s=19
Bernie basically uses 2 small tricks to fool everybody:

1) His grumpy gruffy attitude to underline that he has an independent spirit and doesn't give a f what others, read powers, think of him

2) His pointed wagging finger to show he has a moralistic academic incorruptible core
People are easily taken in by that, and look at him as the Grandpa of old who still has altruistic and uncorrupted socialist values, who has a golden heart under a rough exterior.

People feel a calling to make this grumpy man smile by supporting his movement and his struggle.
But beneath this carefully managed exterior lies a WEAK man, who once became an "Independent" Senator of Vermont and since then lives on mercy of DNC under a deal.

When they say: bow, he asks how low, as long as it is far from public view

Now DNC uses his image to capture power
Tulsi stans have serious difference with Berners for two reasons

1. Direction: Berners ideological core consists of the Pakistan Lobby, diverse Islamist groups, anarchists like Antifa, George Soros ops, Clinton groupies in new bottles, etc
2. Ad-hominem attacks against Tulsi from Bernie's campaign: Tulsi is RSS princess, Too close to "fascist" Modi

There is a large anti-"establishment" progressive platform which Tulsi and Bernie share, but the steering elements behind the campaigns are totally different.
In this election, everybody would have been looking for the candidate being supported by Hillary, so Hillary had to oblige the public with an "establishment candidate". Hence Warren among others. She did not wish people to find out whom she supported. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1222873666557480961?s=19
Tulsi says clearly that Hillary Clinton intends to continue her destructive foreign policy through the democratic nominee.

That nominee is Bernie Sanders. https://twitter.com/PeopleforTulsi/status/1222881929176997893?s=19
Bernie & Hillary have made a strategic error in going for an attack on Biden.

If Biden collapses, Bernie loses his "establishment" boogey he is using to frighten Tulsi's supporters to support him. If Biden collapses, Tulsi becomes Bernie's main opponent. https://twitter.com/EoinHiggins_/status/1222684242364289030?s=19
This is Bernie's support base

Rashida Tlaib
Pramila Jayapal
Ilhan Omar

All of these Bernie surrogates have said something nasty about India.
Hillary Clinton's and Bernie's deep financial, ideological and network connections to the Islamic world, especially the #PakLobby, is what forms the glue between the two Democratic Party leaders. https://twitter.com/girlyGRRRL/status/1223376203379200000?s=19
How did Hillary faction screw Obama-Biden-Kerry faction? Biden had questionable dealings, but everybody keeps everybody's secrets, so Hillary wasn't going to push Biden under the bus herself. She wanted Republicans to do it. For this reason Dems started whole impeachment process.
Basically it was Hillary's plan to have Trump & Biden fight it out in the open! For this reason whole case for impeachment was made so weak. It was meant to hurt @JoeBiden from the beginning. The more Dems went after Trump, the more Biden's connections w/ Ukraine will be exposed.
Basically after the whole farcical impeachment process, Dems will not be voting for Biden because there is enough smoke around him. Biden has been hurt, and that helps Hillary of course. Biden still hasn't learnt how he has been screwed

Too bad. Now Hillary's man Bernie will win
There is another thing happening: Bloomberg has just entered the race. Why?

Again, it has to do w/ Raptor theory: Hillary has sent many Raptors into the field to take out the lone Tulsi-Rex. Bloomberg would probably eat into Tulsi's NY supporter base.

But there's another reason
Hillary is hoping to disgust & infuriate Tulsi to such an extent that she decides she has had enough and leaves the party for an Independent run. That's why CNN is boycotting Tulsi and not giving her a town-hall before NH. It is to disgust her supporters.
So Hillary is laying a trap for Tulsi by provoking her to leave. As an Independent, she'll be totally erased from MSM, including by Fox, n with next to no money, she will be forgotten

Including Bloomberg in debates for money was just one more provocation https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1223356793805398018?s=19
So one can only hope that Tulsi doesn't bite, or fall into the trap.

Tulsi should continue in the Democratic Party and fight it out there. Or be a martyr for the party in the fight to reform it.

Tulsi, don't allow yourself to be provoked by disgust. https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1223356793805398018?s=19
Here is Bernie Sanders showing his deep #Hinduphobia, where he simply cancels Hinduism.

This man does not deserve to be US President.
Knowing that Bernie is fully invested in fanning the flames of Islamism and Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent and elsewhere, it was natural to expect that Bernie would be considered a hero in Pakistan. https://twitter.com/kashmirArchives/status/1224728496964022274?s=19
Bernie and his coalition of Sharia Bolsheviks

That closeness to #PakLobby, Sarsour, Ilhan and Rashida is not just for selfies and inclusiveness, but also to collect 100% of all Muslim votes in USA. https://twitter.com/jihadwatchRS/status/1226491447630848006?s=19
The democratic campaign after the NH Democratic Primaries is at stage where one has

#PakLobby, Soros-Clintonites
ā€¢ Bernie

ā€¢ Buttigieg
ā€¢ Klobuchar
ā€¢ Warren

ā€¢ Bloomberg

ā€¢ Steyer

AND #TulsiGabbard
In the Democratic field, the only two besides Tulsi, who will make to Convention are Bernie Sanders & Michael Bloomberg, both representing anti-India lobbies.

Tulsi will be gathering some delegates, but hardly enough to make a difference.
Most of the support that flows to Pete, Liz, and Amy will then flow to Bloomberg.

So at the Convention, most likely there will be a #BloombergSanders2020 unity ticket. Cheen-Pak bhai-bhai.

Despite substantial support, Tulsi will not be winning the nomination in 2020.
I expect Tulsi to be considered for VP by Trump, because Trump would fear the money of Mike, and Pence may not be having much to offer to Trump this time.

Of course Tulsi would only agree to it if Trump agrees to her FP and Climate-Change worldview Agenda.
It is becoming more likely that Bloomberg will get the Democratic Party nomination, as all who don't like Bernie will gravitate towards him, as the others suspend their campaigns.

What does that mean for Tulsi? https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1228552363071414272?s=20
Another interesting possibility

There is a lot of hate for Hillary, both among the Republicans and Progressive Democrats, but let's not forget that in 2016, Hillary still got more votes than Trump.

Bloomberg will win the Democratic nomination. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1228718467794296833?s=20
Putting this out there for everybody to see, means there will be a speedy culling of the pipsqueek candidates like Pete, Liz, Amy, Joe and Tom.

Basically the media will now crown Bloomberg as the nominee even before he has won a single delegate.
Soon even Bernie may face a media blackout similar to how Tulsi has been erased, or he or some other candidate like Pete Buttigieg may be kept in in order to keep the excitement up.
But it looks more and more likely that Bernie's only function in these preliminaries was to eclipse Tulsi, to obstruct her way, to keep a lock on progressive votes, so that Tulsi doesn't receive any prominence.

Bernie other role is to endorse Bloomberg and sheepdog voters to him
For India, it does not bode well.

Mike is too pro-China, and Hillary is too anti-India and anti-Modi.

One can only hope that African-Americans, Independents and Desis this time reject Bloomberg & Hillary and choose Trump.
Tulsi's future looks bright, as when this election is over, she will be the sole inheritor of the Progressive mantle, with a solid ~20% vote-share among the Dem voters giving her a leg up in 2024, after Trump's 2nd term is over.
Check this Bernie supporter Ben Burgis spew his venom against India on Kashmir and Modi. That is the kind of crap thinking that resides within Bernie's campaign staff and why Bernie should never become US President.
Here is another one of the #PakLobby entrenched within Bernie's campaign showing her hatred of Hindus.


Now Kshama Sawant who sponsored a resolution against #CAA/NRC in Seattle City Council against India is invited to share a rally with Bernie Sanders, the most anti-India candidate till date.

For the time after Super-Tuesday, Tulsi has bought herself a new pair of wings to keep the campaign going.

#Tulsi2020 šŸŒŗ https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1229895168272347141?s=20
Once upon a time in Moscow ...

This is how #BernieHillary2020 ticket is being prepared.


#BernieSanders https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1230056498111373312?s=19
One may ask why Bernie is so abusive towards the Saudis and MbS.

Well one main reason is that there is an internal Sunni conflict between Turks under Erdogan on one side and Saudis/Egypt on other.

#PakLobby is pissed about Saudi friendliness with India, so they want to push em
Now, it is true that Saudi War against Houthis needs to stop, so USA needs to distance themselves from the Sauds somewhat.

But Bernie is leading USA into a stronger alliance with Pakistan and Turkey and their terrorist proxies, operating all over the place.
That could make Bloomberg potentially winner nominee.

Just then enters Hillary into equation and promises Bernie her superdelegates in lieu of including her on the ticket as VP, thus saving the day from the "obnoxious oligarch" and the "rat". Many Berners will embrace Hillary.
#DemDebate tonight makes 3 things clearer

1) Bloomberg is being used as the billionaire punching bag, standing as a strawman for Trump, to hone people's hatred for billionaires & capitalism. Bloomberg is supposed to represent a caricature of capitalism to be projected onto Trump
#TomSteyer was found as unworthy to play role of billionaire demon, so he was excluded from the debate. He would have shown a different side of billionaires and that would have spoilt the billionaire-demon narrative of the establishment.

Q is, is Bloomberg into the plan or not?
2) What also becomes clear is that the establishment wants to make it a contested convention.

Bernie's progressives don't like Hillary. Only way they'll accept her is if she comes as the savior Jeanne D'Arc with her superdelegates and saves Bernie from Bloomberg's effort to buy.
It is for this reason, that the narrative is being spread around that Bloomberg can just buy up everyone. It is scaremongering.

It is designed to prepare people for the contested convention, which goes into second round, pledged delegates are freed, superdelegates come into pic.
Now Bloomberg seems to be playing his role pretty well as the billionaire strawman and scarecrow.

It is quite likely that he is doing it as a favor to Hillary and the establishment, as well as his foreign benefactors.
3) Another aim of the establishment is to bury Tulsi using Bernie's movement. Hence the wide-spread and in fact total blackout of Tulsi from polls, from debates, from media town-halls, from media talk, from print articles

Candidates have also abided by diktat of cancelling Tulsi
So the tactical aims of the establishment are:

1) Demonizing billionaires & capitalism, using Bloomberg as caricature of Trump

2) Rehabilitating Hillary thru contested C

3) Erasing Tulsi, minimizing her support thru #TulsiBlackOut, smears, Bernie's stranglehold on progressives
Of course this is a power grab by the elite by doing away with the whole Constitution of America, its capitalist foundations, the notion of freedom and liberty.

USA is supposed to become more like an oligarchic China w/ freedoms abolished.

All power to Hillary, Soros, Bloomberg
Another clue that Bloomberg is supposed to act as the billionaire-demon for the Democratic candidates is when we see their placement in the Dem Debate. Warren was placed right next to Bloomberg. The drubbing he got was a well choreographed attack to boost Warren's position.
Some more on DNC's game plan. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1230522942708121601?s=19
Contested convention has one main purpose

ā™¤ Rehabilitate Hillary as Saviour Queen of Bernie's Revolution

However before that, Berners will be mercilessly spooked that Bernie will not be nominee and Bloomberg will buy all the delegates & superdelegates!

And so it begins:
The alliance of Hillary, Soros, Bloomberg & Bernie with backup from #PakLobby & China, is all set to challenge Trump

Tulsi has been marginalized, as the #RevolutionQuad wants to start a Chinese Revolution in free-loving America by seducing Americans with free stuff & high ideals
The American Far-Left which now has its home in Bernie's campaign has imitated the Congi-Islamist media in India and declared Modi a fascist and "butcher".

It is intrumentalization of hate for the Hindus and racism in free flow.

Here are supporters of Bernie from #TYT.
Like I said, a lot of hysteria and fear will be produced over the next months showing how Bloomberg is intent on buying delegates and stealing the nomination from Bernie.

Two reasons:

ā€¢ Fire up Bernie's base

ā€¢ Rehabilitate Saviour-Queen Hillary as VP

There's prophesy in some weak Hadiths called Ghazwa-e-HindĀ which talks of Islamic conquest of India. It doesn't get any more imperialist.

Considering Bernie's complete surrender to Pakistani narrative of India, very likely he will support that project. https://twitter.com/Global_Netizen1/status/1230794800376373249?s=19
Here is more corroboration that Democratic primaries are all a well-planned choreography to fool Democratic voters.

Bloomberg is in the debates just to play as a stand-in for "baby-eating billionaires" like Trump and to boost the popularity of some candidates like Liz.
It is being made out that Russians are helping Bernie, but he is not a Putin-puppet like Trump. This covers both bases.

1) If Russia really helps Bernie, then Bernie too can be a victim of Russian interference, so it means Dems aren't making this up, Russian interference is true
2) If Bernie is seen to be falsely accused of being favored by Russians by the Dems, then Trump can't use that against Bernie as an attack, since both are shown as victims of Dem machinations. So Bernie retains his anti-establishment pretense. Trump's victimization advantage goes
That means accusations of Russian interference helps the Dems against Trump, whether it's seen by others as a cooked up story or as having a basis in reality.

a) If it's cooked up, then Bernie wasn't part of it

b) If it's not cooked up, then Dem's accusations on Trump were true
In order to understand US elections, here are the facts

1. Dems want to get rid of Trump.

2. Hillary wants to retain/ strengthen her control over party and country.

3. George Soros funds Hillary.

4. Soros' groups are aligned with Bernie.

5. Only Bernie has an army up to task
6. Democratic Primaries are almost completely choreographed.

7. China wants to get rid of Trump due to trade war and rebuke on HR

8. Money is required to defeat Trump.

9. Bloomberg is close to China, and has money.

10. Establishment hates Tulsi and wants her gone
11. Both Bernie and Hillary share a anti-Hindu hate. Bernie's campaign often shows #Hinduphobia and anti-Modi hate.

12. Hillary's closest advisor was of Pakistani origin. Bernie's campaign manager is of Pakistani origin.
It looks like Bernie is supporting a Pakistani candidate in San Francisco running against Pelosi, and wants to replace her in the House. It looks like a coup is in the offing. https://twitter.com/SusanSarandon/status/1231417510198751237?s=20
More evidence that Bernie's policy towards India is a derivative of Pakistan's policy towards India. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1232817240870768640?s=20
Bernie Sanders and his Foreign Policy advisors.
Bloomberg went full pro-Democrat after Trump escalated Trade War b/w US & China.

Started in Jan 2018.

In Jun 2018 Bloomberg put up a war-chest of $ 100m to flip House blue.

Now he'll fund Dem nominee

So which country is interfering in US elections? šŸ¤”

Not to forget all that Chinese money will help to overthrow Trump, who has made life difficult for the Chinese on Trade, since Bloomberg funds Dem nominee.

Is that election interference?

Michael Bloombergā€™s China baggage is too heavy for the White House http://spotlight.licas.news/the-bloomberg-china-network/
Bernie Sanders' list of friends just gets better and better. https://twitter.com/AdamMilstein/status/1233981736754786304?s=20
Now, the race has come down to just 3: Biden, Bernie and Tulsi.

Tulsi should now receive more press, as

ā€¢ only woman in the race
ā€¢ only person of color
ā€¢ only millenial
ā€¢ only war veteran
ā€¢ only life-long registered Democrat
ā€¢ first Hindu to run for President
But the DNC and Bernie has decided to erase #Tulsi and they wouldn't even talk about her.

It is still not clear if DNC will #LetTulsiDebate, even though she has 2 delegates and the qualification criteria for debates till now was 1 delegate.
In fact, Bernie has let lose his horde of Pakistan-inspired #Hinduphobes who are attacking Tulsi for just mentioning Hinduphobia in a tweet. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1235708457136910336?s=19
One can see what kind of society Bernie will be imposing on America, as one watches his Orwellian methods.

Bernie has mainstreamed an unprecedented level of virulent #Hinduphobia in America's body-politic, which will be hard to heal. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1235644827573932032?s=19
More #OrwellianBernie https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1235673190463975425?s=19
#OrwellianBernie https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1235667335064809480?s=19
I am revising Hillary's path to nomination https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1236660171528683520?s=20
After Super Tuesday Mini, Biden has taken a big lead over Bernie.

There are rumors that Bernie will also suspend his campaign, and throw his support behind Biden.

The next primaries become only a formality.

But where does it leave the Berners? Yes, it leaves them high & dry!
Tulsi on the other hand plans to remain in the contest all the way to the Convention.

Bernie has successfully thwarted Tulsi from gathering the progressives around her, by capturing that space. Now it looks almost impossible that she canvget back into the race.
But Democratic primaries race does then become one of just two candidates: Biden and Tulsi, with Biden slated to win

The progressives cannot win anymore. They need to focus on rebuilding the #ProgressiveMovement around Tulsi now, where ever that movement leads: 2024 or 3rd Party
If Bernie does concede now, then Tulsi is going to be a major force from now on.

Bernie will of course not endorse Tulsi, due to his own bigotry towards Hindus and as she is really fighting against Bernie's owners, the establishment.

But many will now leave him for Tulsi.
Projections on how Tulsi's Movement moves forward https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1237656764054675456?s=20
Here Tucker really "puts the knife" into Bernie, calling him out for the fraud that he is.

Excellent summary! https://twitter.com/ColumbiaBugle/status/1237552325067026434?s=20
It is more or less sure that Biden would be the nominee at the Convention.

It is also foreseeable that Biden will be replaced after the Convention.

Most likely person to replace him would be Hillary

But it is Obama, who is pulling the strings, and talked Pete & Amy to withdraw
Pete and Amy withdrew and supported Biden, which allowed him to win #SuperTuesday on 3rd March more convincingly.

So post Convention, Obama may want to replace Biden with another confidante. That wd be Michelle Obama.

Bernie could still be VP

Trump may face #MichelleBernie2020
Now that Bernie has conceded to Biden, the imminent threat of an anti-Indian US President has subsided. But Hillary was still able to block Tulsi's rise in the Democratic party using Bernie with the same old trick. https://twitter.com/DharmicFundoo/status/1248116674051670018?s=20
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