remembering this
also: doyoung and jaehyun doing the iconic i feel pretty/unpretty faberry mashup
taeil: ‘when i get you alone’. yes in a gap. yes getting his crush fired.
warbler johnny singing teenage dream with backup from yuta jungwoo and jaehyun
God i really need to shut up but.... mark publicly serenading his s/o with “somewhere only we know” in blaine warbler fashion... mostly bc it’s a Very sweet gesture i could picture him making
johnny leading the valentines day love shack performance at breadstix. taeil belting on the mic. yuta doyoung and jungwoo on backup. mark hits the low notes at the end
donghyuck nails kurt’s “tiinnnnn roof, rusted!” i will b keeping my weird glee / nct mash up ideas in this thread i’m just linking this other part
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