I would like too announce 3 published Books I've made based on Marxian Economics, Historiography, Philosophy and Sociology. But this time I've Formatted them in Weibo Articles and are FREE to read. Thus far only 2 has been successfully formatted and literature been updated. 1/?
1. Understanding Marx and Marxism

This Book is self-explanatory, it details Marx's Theories & Biography of Marx himself in compact & simple educational format, this helps those who are interested learning Marxism but don't want to buy all his literature. https://card.weibo.com/article/m/show/id/2309404462337804337228?_wb_client_=1
2. Modern Britain: A Return to Victoria Era

This Book details historical accounts of Victorian Britain & compares it to Modern society of Political & Economical structure. It details how Thatcher's Neoliberal Austerity regressing Britain back to 1800s. https://card.weibo.com/article/m/show/id/2309404459785838788624?_wb_client_=1
3. Profound Truth of the DPRK

This touches on History of Korea during late 1800s, it's annexation in early 1900s, creation of 'PRK', then 'Division of Korea' 1946 by the US, then history of DPRK. But focuses on debunking lies propagated by Imperialist US.
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