Ok, this one is right out of Twilight Zone.

Could the mysterious story of the Pied Piper still be relevant today?

Several versions of the origin of the story exist.

A mysterious person, possibly connected to the ancient story, is posting very particular messages about it 👉
June 26, 2016
Lord Mayor Griese, Wettin extends to you our warm regards on this day of mourning. It is 732 years since our children left.
The earliest mention of the story seems to have been on a stained-glass window placed in the Church of Hamelin c. 1300. The window was described in several accounts between the 14th and 17th centuries. It was destroyed in 1660.
This window is generally considered to have been created in memory of a tragic historical event for the town. Also, Hamelin town records start with this event. The earliest written record is from the town chronicles in an entry from 1384 which states:
"It is 100 years since our children left."

"In the year 1284 on the day of [Saints] John and Paul on 26 June, 130 children born in Hamelin were led away by a piper clothed in many colours to [their] Calvary near the Koppen, [and] verloren."

Verloren can be translated as:
Jesus died on Calvary hill. The children's Calvary means they were taken to the Koppen, and killed there.
But what was the Koppen?

Well here are the remains of Castle Coppenbrügge, situated 15km east of Hamelin.
This property was handed over to Count von Spiegelberg in 1281, which gave rise to the Counts of Spiegelberg and the main town of Coppenbrügge.
Well let's search for "Count von Spiegelberg"
Hüsam believes that the stained glass commissioned in the early years of the 14th century explains it all. Witnesses, grieving parents, whomever, wanted to make sure the culprits and their crime would never be forgotten.

And the von Spiegelberg brothers are at the center of it.
So we have 👉
A ritual killing of 130 missing children.
And the people who told the tale think it involved Lucifer, who walks the earth in a coat of many colors.

Just how long has this shit been going on?
This topographical map shows the area known today as the Ithberg, historically known as the Koppanberg in official county land deeds as early as 1013 AD.
These are estimated to have been a significant destination for pre-christian pilgrims for as many as 8,000 years. There is ample evidence to suggest that the Koppen never passed out of use as a site of worship and has been in continual use to this day.
So, a very complex and tangled history, and a Lady of the House of Wettin, still writes about the event every year on the anniversary of the tragedy.
Oh, and House Wettin ruled Saxony... you know, where HAMELIN is.
I wonder what really happened on June 26, 1284... and if a certain descendant of the Wettin family knows all about it.

All I know for sure is in 160 days, on June 26, 2020 she is going to write:

"It is 736 years since our children left."
The Hamlin street named Bungelosenstrasse ("street without drums") is believed to be the last place that the children were seen. Ever since, music or dancing is not allowed on this street... to this present day!
You have to admit they are clever, and the Pied Piper tie in was interesting.

How it was done.
Chose persona... descendant of House Wettin.
Where was it? Saxony.
Any useful legends to exploit? Pied Piper!
And the hill, with the Adam & Eve stones that are estimated to many 1,000s years old. LONG before the modern Bible was compiled.
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