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Izuku Midoriya is happy.

He is 26 years old, with bright green hair and ever brighter green eyes, attached to a smile that could rival the sun in brightness and warmth. He also has a nice little uptown apartment with his lovely boyfriend, Todoroki Shouto, and their cat, Soba.
He goes to college classes at night, and works in a diner that he co-owns with some friends during the day.

He is perfectly content.
/Rough hands, digging into his hair, yanking harshly until he cries out./
Shout is a registered pediatric nurse at their local hospital who specializes in traumatized children. They're fascinated and terrified of his facial scar, but are quick to calm once they hear his calm steady voice and kind, sort of awkward smile.
Izuku loves nothing more than going up to his partners job and seeing him surrounded by giggling children.

He loves his boyfriend.
/Pained, tearful gasps mixing in the air with the sharp crack of a hand against skin./
Their sex life is great too!

Shouto is such a caring lover, taking the time to kiss and touch him everywhere he can, using those long, delicate fingers to push inside of his push secret places while he whispers sweet nothings in his ear.
Worships him with his tongue, praises him with his words.

Loves him with his entire being.

Izuku feels so cherished and cared for when they make love.
/Dark, cruel laughter mixing with sweet, high pitched cries of pleasure as a rough hand moves between shaking thighs./
Izuku is perfectly happy.

So why-

/Rough hands./

Can't he-

/Sharp teeth./

Stop having-

/Blond hair./

These dreams???

/Red eyes./
Izuku bolts up in the bed with a sharp gasp, his hands roughly twisting in the sheets.

A cry for someone who isn't there just barely bitten back.

"Another nightmare?" Todoroki murmurs, his voice thick with sleep.

Izuku exhales a shuddering breath.

"Wanna cuddle?"

He chuckles softly, pushing back his sweaty bangs to flash the other a bright, if sleepy, smile.

"Maybe in a little bit. I think I'm gonna shower."

"Hurry back," the pale man whispers, already drifting back to sleep.
Izuku laughs softly as he shifts to a standing position, shuffling out of the door and down the hall, his smile dropping from his face almost immediately as he shuts the bathroom door.

"Fuck," he whispers to himself.
Staring with ashamed eyes at his throbbing erection.

'It doesn't make any sense,' he thinks to himself, biting down on a plump bottom lip as a shaking hand tugs his boxers down under his balls. 'It's been seven years! How are you still affecting me like this...'
He swallows back a moan as his hand wraps around himself, almost of its own free will.

"Fuuuuck," he breathes softly, his forehead connecting with the bathroom door with a solid 'thunk'.

'God, maybe it's me,' he thinks to himself as his hand starts to move.
He works himself slow and steady, the fingers of his other hand lightly playing with a leaking tip as bitten off moans mix with the slick, wet sounds of him jerking off.

'I gotta stop this', he thinks to himself, staring down at his moving hand lustfully.
'Gotta stop thinking about him.'
Wrong move.

At the mere thought of 'him', the floodgates open, sending him sliding down the door with the bottom of his t-shirt shoved in his mouth to drown out his sounds.
Like every other night, he gives in to his thoughts, and like every other night, he comes across the linoleum with a choked gasp, his body shivering uncontrollably.

"Fuuuuck," he groans softly, working out the rest of his orgasm with a few well placed twists of his wrist.
It doesn't take long for the guilt to settle in, staring down at the soiled floor with a frown. But he's become an expert at pushing it deep down inside.

In the next twenty minutes or so, he's sliding back into bed with Shouto, hair and bathroom floor now slightly damp.
Almost immediately, long, cool arms are wrapping around his waist, pulling him close.

"Feeling better?" Shouto grunts.

"I think so," Izuku says softly, intertwining their fingers to rest on his chest.

"Glad to hear it. G'night, 'Zuku."

"Night," he whispers back.
It takes an hour for him to settle down, and another hour for him to fall asleep, praying that he won't be awakened again tonight by wild blond hair and piercing red eyes.
Todoroki Shouto is not an idiot.

Sure, some jokes escape his humor now and again, but what he lacks in humor he more than makes up for in observational skills.
And what he observes on a daily basis is that Izuku is not happy.
Not to insinuate that he's /un/happy per say.

He just...could be happier.

Todoroki wishes that Izuku would be happier.
He wishes that he was enough to make him happy.
It's another afternoon in the Todoroki-Midoriya household.

Soba is God knows where.

Izuku is in the kitchen, washing dishes with his headphones in.

And Todoroki is in the living room, peacefully reading a book.

A peace that is shattered by a pounding at their door.
But not...not a normal pounding, as if something was urgent or someone was angry.


This was a singular 'bang', repeating over and over in a steady rhythm like the beat of a single drum during the opening of your favorite song.

He stands, frowning.
For some reason, the lack of urgency is making his heart pound more than anything else. He makes his way to the front door and yanks it open, only to be immediately pierced by red eyes.

"Can I help you?"

It's a man. And he's tall, maybe an inch or two taller than himself.
He's also blond, with a bar through the top part of his left ear.

Todoroki does a quick scan, and sees that he's in a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, and combat boots, with a leather jacket thrown over the entire ensemble. And there's a duffle bag strapped across his back.

At least until he opens his mouth.

"Who the fuck're you, Candy Cane?" The blond asks, a sneer crossing his face that turns him into someone ugly and mean.
Todoroki frowns, his back straightening unconsciously as he's challenged in his own fucking home.

"I live here. That's all you need to know. Who are /you/?"

The blond glares at him. "None of your fucking business. Where's Deku?"

He sighs, pained, as if Todoroki has just asked the stupidest question in the whole world.

"Yes. Deku. My Deku. Where is he?"

"I'm afraid there isn't anyone here by that name, and I would appreciate if you left now."

"I ain't going any fuckin' where, you discount peppermint."
Any retort that he could have had is interrupted by the sound of dishes crashing to the floor in the kitchen, followed by footsteps quickly making their way towards the living room.

Izuku slides into the room on socked feet, his eyes wide and shocked as he stares.

Todoroki's frown only deepens, the name niggling at something deep in his mind.

It was a name that Izuku had used to whimper when they'd first started sharing the same bed, sweat on his brow and limbs restless while tangled in the sheets. He'd hadn't heard it in months though.

'Kacchan' shoves past him through, cutting off his question mid-sentence as he walks over to crowd Izuku against the wall.

"There's my Deku," he murmurs with a slow, slightly sinister grin, long fingers reaching up and tangling into green hair.
And before Todoroki's brain can even catch up, Izuku is being kissed.

By a stranger.

His first instinct is to kill.

But that would probably be over doing it.

So he goes with his second instinct, which is to yell.


A muffled, drawn out moan cuts him off.
Heterochromatic eyes drop from the blond man to the freckled one.

Izuku...isn't pushing him away. He isn't reprimanding the blond for putting his hands on him, or loudly proclaiming that he's in a relationship and that the other man should leave their apartment.
Instead he's...

He's clutching broad arms tightly, nails digging into leather fabric as he melts against the wall and lets himself be kissed, little moans and whines escaping his throat as he arches his body towards another man almost desperately.
He wants it.


Todoroki can see it in the way he leans forward even as the blond pulls away, his eyes feverish and lips parted, eager for more kisses.

He's never been that way with Todoroki...

"Kacchan, Kacchan," Izuku whimpers, eyes bright and focused.

On someone else.
"God, Deku, did you get even more pathetic since the last time I saw you?" Kacchan asks, a smirk curling his lips as he slowly pulls at green hair, causing Izuku to arch away from the wall with a frankly whorish moan that makes Todoroki's stare.
He's never heard his boyfriend make that sound before.

"Yes, yes, ah-!" Izuku whines, his legs parting for the rough thigh suddenly shoving between his own.

"Greedy whore," the blond murmurs, and Todoroki is scandalized, but Izuku moans like it's his favorite name.
He's grinding his knee against Izuku's crotch almost viciously, but the freckled man seems to love it, his body spasming as his eyes roll into the back of his head.

"Fuckin' nerd. Did you miss me that badly, baby?"

"Yes!" Izuku gasps, and Todoroki winces because, ow? Rude?
"Mmmmm, I missed you, too. Missed the way those pretty eyes fill with tears while you gag on my dick," he murmurs, and that's when Todoroki decides he's had enough.

"Excuse me."

Izuku jolts, his eyes going from half lidded and lustful to wide and panicked.

"Yes, I'm still here. A surprise, I'm sure."

"And an unwanted one at that," The blond interjects, peeling himself away from Todoroki's boyfriend with an irritated sigh.

Izuku looks disheveled. His hair is all over the place, and his lips are red and spit slicked.
It's only been a few minutes, how does he already look so fucked out?

Todoroki frowns, staring directly into green eyes as he addresses the other man in the room.

"Listen, Kacchan-"

"Katsuki," the blond snaps, that ugly sneer curling his lips again. "Bakugou Katsuki."
"Whatever. Can you please leave? I think I need to have a talk with Izuku."


Todoroki's head whips around, shocked eyes tracking the way the other man settles on their couch like he belongs there.

"Excuse me?!"

Katsuki shrugs, kicking his feet up on the table.
"Not leaving. First reason, I ain't got nowhere else to go. Second reason, whatever you're gonna talk about with him involves me, and I'm gonna be a part of it. And third reason, you're not the boss of me."

Todoroki is livid, a vein throbbing in his forehead.
Izuku hovers uncertainly, green eyes darting from one man to the other.

"Leave our apartment right now!"

Katsuki snorts, whipping out a switchblade and beginning to clean underneath his fingernails.

"Eat my ass."

"S-Shou-chan..." Izuku mumbles, reaching out with a shaky hand.
Todoroki rounds on him angrily, a fire in his eyes that Izuku rarely sees.

"Izuku. Who is this man?"

"W-well, that, t-that's-!"

Katsuki laughs loudly behind them, setting Todoroki's teeth on edge.

"Damn Deku, you didn't even mention me to your little boy toy?"
Izuku wrings his hands together, eyes darting around the apartment wildly and teeth digging into already abused lips as Todoroki rounds on him too.

"Didn't I tell you to leave?"

"Oh, I would. But the thing is, I don't think Deku wants me to leave," he replies with a smirk.
"Well, I do, and this is my apartment, too," he snaps.

Katsuki hums, still cleaning his nails.

"Yeah, well, it's my apartment too."

That stops him in mid-rage, blinking rapidly.

"Excuse me?"

Katsuki's eyes flick towards him for a moment, and then he's reaching for his bag.
Digging through it's contents until he pulls out a thick manila envelope to toss onto the table.

Todoroki grabs and opens it, immediately noting that the date is only from around two years prior before he skims the contents.

It'sa lease.

Izuku Midoriya.

Todoroki Shouto.
...Bakugou Katsuki.

Todoroki has never wanted so badly to set something on fire.

"Izuku," he murmurs, watching the man flinch from the corner of his eye. "Why is his name on our lease?"

It's so quiet you could hear a pin drop onto the carpeted floor.
Todoroki inhales and exhales deeply through his nose when Izuku doesn't answer, still staring at the papers in his hands.

"How long has he been on the lease, Izuku?"

A beat of silence.

"The entire time..." Izuku murmurs.

Katsuki is watching them, red eyes narrowed.
Todoroki stares for a little longer before his mismatched eyes snap to Katsuki's, hard and cold.

"Fine. You stay. I'll leave."

"Todoroki, no-!" Izuku cries, but he's cut off.

"I'll leave."

They both blink at him.

"Wha-?" Izuku, confused.

"You /just/ said-!" Todoroki, angry.
"I'll leave if you win my bet, Candy Cane."

"...What bet?"

Katsuki smirks, and Todoroki is hit with the knowledge that he just walked right into a trap.

"I'll leave if Deku can resist me, without help from you, for a full thirty seconds."

Todoroki scoffs.
"Oh, please. Like you're so irresistible with your crappy attitude and out of season boots."

Katsuki's face becomes enraged.


"P-please, the neighbors," Izuku stutters nervously, hands held out in a placating manner.
Katsuki is obviously still fuming, but he decides to let it die.

"Are fuckin' in or not, Candy Cane?"

Todoroki pulls out his phone, setting up a quick timer.

"Fine. Thirty seconds. No interference. You leave."

Katsuki is shoving the table to the side, leaving plenty of space.
Todoroki settles in their arm chair, phone held in his hand.

"Thirty seconds."

"He won't make it twenty," Katsuki promises with a sharp smile.

It's like the blond becomes a new person in a matter of milliseconds. His arms stretch out across the back of the couch as his legs open wide, boots slamming heavily on the floor.

"Oi, Deku. Come here."

Even Todoroki shudders when Katsuki speaks, voice low and dangerous.
He watches the way Izuku jerks forward, almost unconsciously, his eyes flicking back and forth between both men nervously.

"Been missing that pretty little mouth of yours," Katsuki murmurs, reaching down to palm himself lewdly.

Izuku's breath hitches.

A step.
Todoroki glances at his phone.

25 seconds left.

"Been too long since I've seen your eyes filled with tears while I fuck your mouth," the blond growls, and Izuku whimpers, taking another step forward. "You always gagged so pretty for me." Another step.
The jingle of a belt buckle has Izuku stumbling forward another step, his eyes glued to Katsuki's hands as they reach into his pants, stroking himself inside his boxers where no one can see.

Todoroki swallows heavily, dragging his eyes away to look at his phone.

19 seconds.
He's watching Izuku closely, begging him silently not to take another step, but it's like the freckled man is om a whole other plane of existence, one where only he and Katsuki exist.

"It's been a few years, but you still remember how I like it, right?" Katsuki purrs.
And Izuku nods, his chest heaving as he takes another step, and then another.

"Y-yeah...I-I do..."

17 seconds.

"Well then," the blond hums, letting the head of his dick pop free from his jeans, the tip flushed red and leaking. "Why don't you prove it?"
Izuku drops like a stone between his legs, his mouth already opening eagerly.

Todoroki watches as he leans down and swallows half of Katsuki's dick in one go, with 13 seconds left on the clock.
The bet is over.

And he's lost.
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And yes, a big part of him is hurt. Like, really hurt. He's watching his boyfriend of many years pleasure someone else sexually, without any concern for said boyfriend who is sitting right next to him.

And yet...

Todoroki shift slightly in his chair, dick hard and throbbing.

Watching Izuku become so desperate, so hungry. His cheeks are flushed red, and his lips are swollen and shiny with spit. And when Katsuki forces him to take it to the base, the little, choked gag he makes on the way down making Todoroki whining almost silently.

Red eyes snap towards him, a smirk already curling pink lips.

"Well, well. Looks like you're little boyfriend is enjoying the show, Deku."

Izuku jolts, having once again forgotten about him. Green eyes fly open, glancing over at him as he tries to pull back.
But Katsuki forces him back down, his hips flexing as he shoves more of himself inside of the smaller man's mouth.

"Whoa, where are you going?" He asks mockingly, grinning down at his flushed face. "Don't you wanna give him something worth watching?"
Todoroki can't control the sudden flare of heat in his gut when Izuku moans shakily, tears spilling down his cheeks as he fights to properly breath.

Why is this so hot?

It shouldn't be this hot.

He's being cheated on right in front of his face.
He should get up and leave and never come back.

But the sight of Izuku's flushed, embarrassed face while he bobs his head up and down eagerly in someone else's lap is doing things to his insides that he never want it to stop doing.

So he exhales shakily, and he watches.
Katsuki is gonna be honest, this is not where he thought he would end up.

He figured that he would come back, and his Deku would be waiting for him, just like he'd always been.

But this.

This was definitely a kind of pleasant twist that he hadn't been expecting.
He groans softly as Deku takes him deeper into his mouth, little tongue pressed up against the underside of his dick as he fights to take one inch after another.

And beside him, Deku's boyfriend watches them, his pupils blown and mouth slightly parted.
Aroused by watching his boyfriend choke on another man's dick.

Katsuki chuckles, curling his long fingers into green hair and yanking roughly, until Deku pops off of his cock with a gag and a cough, sending a fuck ton of drool splashing onto the crotch of his jeans.
"You're such a little cock slut, Deku," he murmurs, relishing in his choked moan of need as he yanks his head back until he's able to look into tears filled green eyes. "You really like showing off for your boyfriend this much?"

Deku whines, shaking his head as best he can.
"N-no, I-!"

"No?" Katsuki asks, his other hand reaching up to curl gently around a freckled neck, feeling his Adam's apple bob frantically against his palm.

He can see Todoroki shift from the corner of his eye, his face flushed a light pink.
Katsuki ignores him for now.

He wants to play with Deku a little more.

"I find that hard to believe when you were choking on my dick so eagerly in front of him," he purrs, using only the slightest bit of pressure to begin squeezing, just to feel his pulse race.
Deku shudders violently, eyes fluttering, and Katsuki smirks as he watches the way his dick twitches pathetically in his sleep pants.

"Not only that, but you have a hell of an erection for you to not be enjoying it just a little bit."
❗TW for slight feminization❗
He pushes him down, using his foot to spread his knees so that he can watch the way the now wet fabric of his pants spreads across the head of his dick.

"You're hard as fuck, Deku. And wet, too. Just like a girl."

The freckled man groans loudly, his body twitching forward.
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Katsuki's laugh is deep and mean as he steps directly on Izuku's erection, causing his hips to jump. "You like it when I talk about how wet you're getting, Deku?"

And Izuku moans, because he does.

"Tch. Pervert," Katsuki murmurs, sliding his hand from his neck to his hair.
Grabbing a fistful of those green locks and yanking until his head is tilted back and he can see the way his Adam's apple bobs in his throat.

Todoroki makes a soft noise of protest, at the rough treatment and Katsuki pierces him with a glare.

"Y-you're being too rough," He murmurs, his brow pinched with concern. "Izuku likes it softer."

Katsuki blinks in shock for a moment before letting out a loud bark of laughter, sneering at the human candy cane fiercely.

"Soft, huh?" He scoffs, right before stepping on his dick.
Boots and all.

Shouto's gasp of objection is drowned out by Izuku's cry of pleasure, his fingers flying up and digging into the fabric of the blond's jeans.


"Y'mean Peppermint Patty over there doesn't know what a pain slut you are?" He asks, almost in disbelief.
He presses down harder with his foot, watching Izuku's eyes roll into the back of his head as he moans shrilly.

Todoroki is almost scandalized by how much the man seems to like it. But he's more shocked by how erect his own dick has become because of it.
"Fuckin' whore," Katsuki murmurs, but it almost sounds fond, as if he's saying 'sweetheart' or 'lovebug'. "Look at you, crying for it. Did he even take care of you like you needed, Deku?"

And just as fast as he's aroused, he's annoyed as well.
"Hey," he snaps, glaring into red eyes when they look towards him, "I fuck him just fine, okay?"

Katsuki hums, removing his foot and kicking his boots off while Izuku watching him, flushed and panting and still so very hard.
"Of course, you did. You were probably very nice too, weren't you? Loving even? Touching him gently and not being too rough with him?"

Todoroki is silent, flushing with anger in the face of his correct guesses.

Katsuki tsks softly, that infuriating smirk curling his lips again.
"Of course, you were. And I'm sure that he loves it. Loves being worshipped by you. But this..."

Todoroki gasps as Bakugou grabs a fistful of green hair, yanking Izuku's head back until he cries out and using the thumb of his other hand to force his mouth open.
"This is what he really needs," he growls, shoving all of his dick into his mouth in one harsh thrust.

He fucks Izuku's mouth brutally, hips snapping hard against his face as he grunts his pleasure. And Izuku is gagging and crying and choking, but he's still hard, too.
The precum again that has been soaking through his pants getting larger and larger with each thrust.

"Shitty Deku," Bakugou growls, a manic grin on his lips as he watches drool and tears drip down freckled cheeks to soak into the carpet below.
"I'm surprised that a useless nerd like you is such a good little fuck hole."

Deku whimpers, his hands clenching tight into the fabric of black jeans as Katsuki uses the grip on his hair like a handlebar, shoving his head up and down with no remorse.
He's rough almost the the point of abuse, and Todoroki can only imagine how fucked out Izuku's voice is gonna be after everything.

"God, you're mouth is still so hot," he grunts, burying his dick inside of Izuku's throat for a few seconds, grinding until he chokes.
And then he's pulling out, letting him breathe for all of two seconds before thrusting back inside with a growl, his hips snapping harder.

Todoroki gasps as Izuku's body begins to seize harshly, and he almost reaches out to stop everything, but a laugh holds him back.
"What, you gonna cum already, De-ku?" Katsuki asks mockingly, sweat dripping down his face. "Fuckin' selfish. I haven't even cum once, and you're already gonna cream your pants like some kind of pre-ejaculating teenager? Useless. Go ahead and cum then."
"Show your little boyfriend what you look like on your knees, cumming in your pants while I fuck your throat."

Izuku chokes on a moan and the dick in his mouth, his body convulsing violently as the wet spot on his pants becomes darker and more pronounced.
His eyes roll into the back of his head and his mouth goes slack, accidentally (or maybe not?) giving Katsuki more freedom to fuck deeper into his throat.

"Shit," The blond hisses, his hips snapping faster. "Gonna cum. And you better fucking swallow all of it too, nerd."
Izuku looks like he's half a second away from either passing out or dying, but he moans weakly, dropping his jaw open as wide as he can.

Katsuki curses shakily as he thrusts forward a few more times, until finally he's cumming, shooting his thick load down an eager throat.
And when he's done, he just...drops him, letting him fall to the floor in a gasping heap as he stumbles back to sit on the couch with a relieved sigh.

"Fuuuuck, that felt good," he breathes, his head falling back as his eyes slip closed.
He doesn't open them when Izuku slowly crawls forward to rest his forehead against a still clothed thigh, but he does reach down to lightly run a hand through thick curls.

"Good boy, Deku."

And Izuku just...lights up.

Todoroki has never seen that kind of smile on his face.
Not in their happiest moments has he ever seen a smile like that.

It's a combination of happy and pleased and smug and relieved that makes him look younger than 26 years.

And that's when he realizes that the gap between him and Bakugou Katsuki might be bigger than he thought.
Deku is floating somewhere between bliss and Nirvana.

Kacchan is back.

Kacchan is back.

He still smells the same, like leather and sweat and the smoke of a burning campfire.

He still kisses the same, wild and untamed and stealing the very breath from his lungs.
He still sounds the same, confident and sure that no matter what he says, Deku will obey without question.

He still tastes the same, like salt and skin and a little bit of something sweet that he has never been able to quite put his finger on.

Kacchan is back.

Deku's Kacchan.
And Deku desperately wants to fall into the relationship they had before, where Kacchan broke him down, built him back up stronger than ever, and then broke him down again.

He's missed everything.

The kisses.

The touches.

The ropes...

But now there is a Shouto.


Izuku's boyfriend.

He wasn't just some random man that Izuku could drop just like that. He's been a fixture in his life for a long time.

He's grown to know him.

Care for him.

Love him.

Deku is Kacchan's but Izuku...

Izuku is Shouto's.
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