I was living my life in England as an academic. I was 9 months pregnant with my first child. My life was destroyed, when my name was used in a corrupt political game. Stefan Halper peddled lies about me, @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump /1
Halper masqueraded as a "professor" at the University of Cambridge in England. Halper is a veteran dirty political operative. He is a spy. Halper embroiled me, an innocent woman, in a conspiracy to undo the 2016 Presidential election and topple the President. /2
For 40 years, Halper has been intimately involved in clandestine campaign-intelligence gathering operations. NYT reported in 1983 on Halper's first operation "to collect inside information on Carter Administration foreign policy... identified Halper as the person in charge." /3
The Dow Jones, Times, Post and MSNBC are well-aware of Halper’s shady and controversial past. Halper’s father-in-law was Ray Cline, a former deputy director of the CIA and director of intelligence and research at the State Department. /4
Halper is a veteran political operative. He has participated in or been associated with dirty tricks and scandal his entire life. Halper is an “accomplished political operative” linked to several dirty trick campaigns" /5
Halper was a co-founder and chairman of Palmer National Bank from 1983 to 1990. Halper had no banking experience. As part of the Iran-Contra scandal, the bank was used to funnel money to a Swiss bank account and ultimately to the Contras. /6
Halper was "sued for bank fraud, RICO violations through his formation of a bank, a scheme that saw him pocket over $500K" Halper settled out of court. "It would have subjected Halper to federal charges for wire fraud, bank fraud, perjury, etc. But Halper was never prosecuted"/7
Halper was caught in possession of crack cocaine whilst driving. He got away with a fine and Halper's case files were destroyed. /8 https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1004001829548580864?s=20
Every single time that Halper gets exposed, be it spying, drugs, fraud- the Deep State covers for him.
Stefan Halper:
-a subject of 2 congressional and a Special Counsel investigations for election meddling
- tried in court for possession of crack cocaine
-sued for bank fraud/RICO
1984-2001 a Senior Advisor to the Department of Justice, paid by taxpayer‼️/10
Halper is the Master Manipulator of the media with decades of experience and contacts. His media portfolio included: "a weekly nationally syndicated column appearing in 30 newspapers", appearances "on ABC, CBS, NBC, the major cable programs, and radio." /11
In 2004, Halper appears at my university in England, flush with cash. Having never taught students in his life, Halper suddenly becomes the director of American studies in the Department of Politics and International Studies at University of Cambridge, world's top university. /12
A dirty trickster with conviction for crack cocaine, allegations of fraud, and 3 investigations for election meddling under his belt reinvents himself as a respectable academic. With the help of cash and CIA contacts, "Professor" Halper begins teaching classes at Cambridge /13
At Cambridge, Halper began working with Dearlove. Dearlove spent decades with British Secret
Intelligence Service, known as MI6, and was its Director from 1999 to 2004.
Dearlove is responsible for one of the greatest intelligence failures of all time: the Iraq Dodgy Dossier /14
Whilst a "Professor" at Cambridge, Halper became a paid informer for the FBI in 2008. In 2011, he was fired by the FBI for being aggressive, greedy and having "questionable allegiance to" his intelligence "targets". Yet the FBI re-hired him the same year on the "last chance"! /15
In addition to being paid by the FBI, between 2012 and 2018, Halper received a total of $1,058,161.00 USD from the Department of Defense (DoD). Halper’s contract was funded through annual awards paid out of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA”) /16
Halper and Dearlove organized and hosted a series of Cambridge Intelligence Seminars that were attended by intelligence community members, academics, and researchers from around the World. We now know that the Seminar was used by Halper as a cover for his other activities. /17
I have been associated with University of Cambridge since 1998. My mentor/supervisor was head of History Faculty Professor Christopher Andrew. He introduced me to Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. I was peripherally aware of Halper as a member of the Seminar. /18
But I never had a single conversation with Halper.
Halper went to great pains to avoid social interaction with me to the point of rudeness. Halper made it a point to sleep through my presentations and, despite the small size of the forum (maybe 20 attendees), Halper would.../19
..refuse to sit even on the same side of the table as me. Other members of the Seminar evaded or simply refused to answer any direct questions about Halper’s role or background. He was described as “very rich” and the “money” behind the Seminar. /20
Unlike me, Halper had connections with Russian intelligence. Between 2012 and 2015 Halper invited General Trubnikov to teach at the Seminar. Halper knew from his connections to Trubnikov that I was not a Russian spy. /21
One Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in 2014, put together by Halper, Dearlove and Andrew was attended by then-President Barack Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency Director, General Michael Flynn. /22
Gen Flynn's speech at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar was followed by a dinner in his honour. A month previously, In January 2014, Dearlove and Andrew invited me to attend a group dinner with General Flynn at Dearlove’s house at Pembroke College. /23
Dearlove – former director of MI6 – knew that I was born in Russia. Dearlove had no concerns with me. Dearlove would never have allowed me to attend an event with General Flynn, the Director of the DIA, if Dearlove had had any concerns with me. /24
The purpose of the dinner was to promote the program that was to become the “Cambridge Security Initiative” (CSI), a group chaired by Dearlove. The object of CSI was to advance education in international security and intelligence issues and to help... /25
...support graduate students, such as myself, while they were studying at Cambridge. I arrived at the dinner with Dr. William Foster. Foster is Fellow in History and Vice-Principal of Homerton College at Cambridge. He is Director of Studies and Senior Lecturer at Homerton /26
At the start of the dinner, Foster and I discussed a troublesome student. Gen Flynn briefly introduced himself to Foster and me. Approximately 20 people attended dinner. I sat between Foster and Dearlove on the other side of the table from Flynn. I never sat next to Gen Flynn /27
At the end of the dinner, Andrew invited me to address General Flynn. I participated in a brief, public, group exchange with General Flynn and Dearlove. No one expressed any concerns of any kind. /28
I took photographs of the dinner event which completely debunk the false narrative that Halper and the media published about me, General Flynn and the February dinner event. Although General Flynn appears in the photographs, Halper does not: /29
No one remembers Halper attending the Flynn event because, in truth, Halper was not there.
In fact, Halper was never present whenever an American official visited. Halper is SO dodgy, he had to hide from anyone, such as @GenFlynn who might have exposed him. /30
After the dinner, Dearlove was very happy and unconcerned about the events that transpired that evening. I photographed Prof Andrew and Dearlove smiling and shaking hands with General Flynn: /31
Andrew asked me to stay in contact with Gen Flynn. Andrew hoped that Flynn might speak again at the Seminar or do business with CSI. I had occasional email contact with Gen Flynn after February 2014. Andrew was copied or saw email exchanges, which were general in nature. /32
Between 2014 and 2016, I continued to participate actively in the Seminar and with CSI without any issues. I was invited to meet many former and serving security chiefs, including General Vincent R. Stewart who succeeded General Flynn. /33
Neither Dearlove, nor Halper, nor Andrew, nor anyone else ever raised any concerns about me. In fact, in September 2015, Lokhova participated in a Cambridge – U.S. Conference sponsored by the United States Department of Defense and CSI. Dearlove chaired the conference. /34
Andrew was a keynote speaker. The conference schedule identified Dearlove and Andrew, and contained the following biographies: /35
Dearlove and Andrew’s names and reputations were behind the conference. They had every good reason to invite the most highly qualified, reputable and trustworthy speakers. The credentials of all speakers were appropriately vetted. I spoke on September 28, 2015: /36
Dearlove, Andrew and Halper knew that I was not a Russian spy. In September 2015, long after the dinner in February 2014, Dearlove, Andrew and Halper approved my appointment to the prestigious, honorary position of CSI Fellow. /37
Dearlove, Andrew and Halper knew that nothing inappropriate had occurred between Gen Flynn and me at the February 2014 dinner in Cambridge. Dearlove, a veteran of British intelligence, never would have allowed me to actively participate ... /38
...in the CSI conference in September 2015 (or any other Cambridge event for that matter), if Dearlove had any concern whatsoever with my interactions with General Flynn in February 2014. /39
In 2014, Andrew suggested I write a book based on my historical material from the Soviet archives. He introduced me to his literary agents. Following the dinner with Flynn, Andrew was so impressed by the quality of my material he suggested we should co-author the book. /40
A lucrative publishing contract were obtained. I shared all her research with Andrew. Under his editorship, I copyrighted my material in an article published by Routledge in a book in April 2014. The article publicly lists all my sources. /41
Gen Flynn's visit became a distant memory at Cambridge University. In 2014/2015 I was living a regular life as an academic in England: teaching students, doing my research, publishing papers, giving presentations. Periodically, news about Gen Flynn reached Cambridge. /42
When @GenFlynn went into politics with Trump he became a figure of interest to Halper. Halper received his first "Spygate" DoD contract in September 2015. /43
In December 2015, General Flynn traveled to Moscow for the infamous RT dinner. On Flynn's return, Halper became active in the field. /44
On January 7, 2016 Halper contacts Andrew. On January 12, 2016, Andrew emailed me, and invited me to Andrew’s house to have dinner with Halper and his wife. Andrew stated that the purpose of the dinner was to discuss the book that I and he were authoring. I was perplexed. /45
At no point before this unexpected invitation had Halper expressed any interest in my work. In truth, Halper had no interest in my work. Rather, Halper wanted to have dinner with me to probe me for information relating to Flynn in the hopes that his FBI handlers might... /46
...find a basis upon which to file an application to conduct surveillance and spy on General Flynn. /47
I declined the invitation. Halper was, in my opinion, a loathsome character with whom I did not wish to share time.
I, of course, knew nothing about the operation. To me, they were a bunch of old, retired men. /48
My mentor Prof Andrew became outraged by my refusal to attend the dinner with Halper. Thereafter, relations deteriorated between Andrew and me. In April 2016, Andrew walked away from the lucrative publishing contract with me. /49
My work in Cambridge dried up from April 2016. I stopped being invited to teach or give presentations, despite being considered a 'talented researcher' and having great feedback from my students. I could not understand why. /50
In April 2016, a university colleague informed me that Halper was making statements about my background and work. Halper was asking pointed questions about who I was meeting with, where and when. Dr Foster later advised me that Halper was spying on me to get to General Flynn. /51
Connecting Flynn to Russian intelligence was the foundation and launching pad for the Halper/FBI narrative that members of the Trump campaign were colluding with the Russians. /52
In July 2016, Andrew informed me that “ludicrous rumours were circulating” falsely connecting me to Russian intelligence. Halper was the source of those 'rumours' which was explained away to me as academics being jealous. /53
Also in July 2016, Halper resigned from his role as co-convener of the Intelligence Seminar. Halper reported that he was retiring for personal reasons and heading back to the United States permanently. Halper concealed the fact that .../54
Halper's resignation from the Seminar was because of his involvement as a spy in an FBI counterintelligence operation. Halper concealed the fact that he was aiding .../55
and abetting agents of the FBI in their efforts to create the false narrative ("the insurance policy") of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. /56
Halper resigned from the Seminar in July 2016 to assist the FBI in its covert investigation of the Trump campaign. He met with Carter Page in Cambridge in July 2016. On July 31 2016, the FBI officially began a covert counterintelligence operation known as Crossfire Hurricane /57
As a result of Halper's smears portraying me as "Putin's spy" around Cambridge University, I lost my book contract and my teaching assignments. I also lost friendships and relationships with colleagues. /58
I started looking for a new book contract in America on my own as Prof Andrew severed our co-author relationships. I needed references, and approached the only two people in US who have seen my research. One of them was @GenFlynn. /59
My email with Gen Flynn on July 4, 2016 about my book ended up with a known recipient of 'weird/incorrect' CIA leaks, Luke Harding of Guardian newspaper. In absence of any explanation from the Guardian, I can only conclude that Gen Flynn and I were subject to surveillance /60
Former DNI James Clapper: "to the extent that there was surveillance of anyone, it had…it was occasioned by contacts with Russians who were targets, validated foreign intelligence targets."
Halper's lies about Gen Flynn and I were designed to obtain surveillance. /61
Let's recap what we know about the Halper operation.
By September 2015, Halper has been activated.
Obama administration pays him, and Brennan/Clapper use his intelligence.
In summer 2015, @GenFlynn enters politics, meets with leading Republican candidates, fixing on Trump. /62
By fall 2015, Trump became the leader in polls and winner in primaries. In swing states, Trump is the only Republican who can beat Hillary. He's an outsider, not owned by anyone. Trump represents a clear threat to Obama succession planning. Halper is ordered to target Trump /63
Prospect of Trump-Flynn victory is a Deep State nightmare. The "patriotic disruptors" threaten Hilary's succession. Largest threat to existence of IG since Carter 1980. Enter Halper "Mr Election Fixer" with orders go dirty up the Trump Campaign. /64
How to dirty up an all-American hero, a White Hat Mike Flynn?
Halper fabricated a backstory, twisting events in @GenFlynn life since 2013 into steps on the road to treason.
Brennan et al. channeled the spirit of the Cold War. The narrative was lifted from "KGB archives", .../65
..spiced with tales from aged Soviet defectors. Halper's first Spygate contract from CIA slush fund at DoD includes a provision for American taxpayer to pay "former Russian Intelligence officers" /66
This is what your money bought from the defectors:
In 2013 Flynn goes to Moscow on an official visit. Soviet defectors claim that Russian Military Intelligence ( GRU) invited Flynn to "check him out"
"Maybe the Russians have some material on him, or have him under control" /67
Halper "work" ends up in the Steele dossier. "The Steele dossier suggests that Kislyak's wooing of Flynn [in 2013] was deliberate, and part of a strategic US-facing operation ... to identify "sympathetic US actors"... and bring them over to Moscow" /68
Halper's next contribution to Flynn's "treasonous path" is fictional account of Flynn's innocuous encounter with me. Halper said I was ordered by Russian intelligence to "compromise" Flynn.
In 2015, Flynn was paid for speeches, twisted into proof he was on "Moscow's payroll" /69
The finale of Flynn's "path to treason" story was the December 2015 RT Gala dinner and photo with Putin. Halper said that I organised it.
Halper was tasked to investigate this, which is why he re-appears in Cambridge in early 2016 and attempts to meet me. /70
Halper reappearance in England in early 2016 is the beginning of the OCONUS lures operation. OCONUS means outside US. Halper was sent to UK by CIA/FBI to circumvent US laws, including not spying on American citizens without warrant and not spying on a political campaign. /71
Halper would later lure Page and Papadopolous to England, but his first victims was Gen Flynn and I. (See my tweets about Halper's attempt to meet me in UK in Feb 2016.)
Halper's 3 trips to London to set up members of Trump campaign were paid for by you, the tax payer /72
Why Russia?
Why did CIA/FBI/DNC chose "links to Russia" as a way to dirty up members of the Trump campaign, including Gen Flynn and Trump himself?
The answer lies in history.
Halper, Brennan, Clapper are old men--with old tricks.
They created an atmosphere of New Cold War. /73
Plotters counted on enough Americans to swallow their scare stories to carry Hillary across the line.
Their propaganda arm, the "liberal" media, poisoned the minds of many Americans, getting them to believe in the most ridiculous tales of treachery. /74
When the head-to-head campaign began in summer 2016, Halper's operation assumed a new intensity.
Trump surged, Hillary slumped.
Desperate times called for desperate measures.
Halper dusted off the "October surprise" playbook /75
"October surprise" is a news event deliberately created or timed to influence the outcome of the US presidential election. It was first unleashed by Nixon in 1972.
Halper was involved in October surprises in the 80s. /76
As a seasoned campaign veteran, Halper spotted that Hillary's campaign had lost momentum and Trump was closing fast. Halper gave a talk in early July 2016, where he outlined his a solution: Hillary had to go negative on Trump. /77
"Professor Halper...stated that if the media focuses on Clinton, she will lose, whereas if they continue to focus [negatively] on Trump, he will lose. This will be true despite Trump’s adept handling of the media"
July, 6, 2016
The biggest element of the plan to shift negative media attention on Trump was the so-called "opposition research" of Chris Steele, paid for by the DNC. Halper was a key contributor, his role is described below. /79 https://twitter.com/ClimateAudit/status/1199818557078540289?s=20
The single largest accusation for the whole 2016 campaign was that Trump was Putin's puppet. This stems from the June 19, 2016 Steele "memo" attributed to former head of Russian intelligence. In fact, Halper was the source, as this thread shows: /80 https://twitter.com/RealSLokhova/status/1198329269539225604?s=20
In June Halper funded and organised an "emergency" election conference in Cambridge. He gathered Hillary supporters such as Magdalene Albright together with his allies such as Dearlove. /81
Halper lured Trump advisors to England. This was a deliberate plan to rob them of their protection under US constitution. Halper was conducting activities which would be prohibited in the US "such as investigating a major political party’s candidate for the presidency." /82
A second reason to lure members of the Trump campaign to England was "plausible deniability": Halper's covert operation would have been denied as being officially sanctioned by the FBI if Halper's targets had reported Halper's suspicious behaviour (as they should have done) /83
Halper's experience working on previous Republican campaigns proved invaluable. He knew how disjointed and vulnerable campaigns are, that junior advisors are open to approaches.
Page was bowled over by the invitation to Cambridge, to rub shoulders with famous people for free /84
Others in the Campaign JD Gordon, Stephen Miller who were also sent invitations declined. This part of Halper's operation shows the lie at the heart of the Clapper statement that surveillance was on the Russians. It was not. The Trump Campaign was the target from the start. /85
Obscure junior foreign policy advisor Page fitted Halper's long standing Russia narrative perfectly. As Page had sought media exposure within days of appointment promoting his Russia expertise Halper had him in the crosshairs. /86
Halper went all out to impress Page. The all-expenses paid trip to just sit in an audience included an intimate candlelight dinner in a medieval college, the chance to discuss his views with Madeline Albright, VIP front row seats etc. /87
Page is targeted by the press. They have false stories about Page meeting Putin's top allies in Moscow AND he gets the star role in Steele Dossier. Within days of meeting Halper. /88
I am really glad that I refused Halper's dinner invitation in Jan 2016. Unknown to me at the time, the dinner was a set-up. No doubt Halper would have worn a wire, as he did with Page and Papadopolous, and then use it to manufacture more stories about @GenFlynn and I. /89
While the FBI merely describes Halper as an “informant”, in truth Halper is actually a counterintelligence operative. In 2016, Halper actively courted at least 3 Trump campaign officials, offering to pay for travel and misrepresenting himself as eager to work for Donald Trump /90
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Halper was a “secret source” for the FBI. Halper was asked by the FBI to gather information on Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis. /91
On November 8, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America. After the election, Halper took action in furtherance of the conspiracy to defame me and Gen Flynn to advance the wholly fabricated and fictitious “Russian collusion” narrative /92
In order to carry out the conspiracy, Halper employed multiple agents across multiple platforms. Halper used his experience and skill as a counterintelligence asset to undertake the defamation campaign against me. Halper seeded the media, who already harbored extreme bias.. /92
...against and ill-will towards President Trump with false and defamatory statements about me and General Flynn – statements that were eagerly republished with no evidentiary support and for the sole purpose of advancing the sensational and false narrative. /93
On December 16, 2016 the Financial Times published an article entitled “Intelligence experts accuse Cambridge forum of Kremlin links”. FT reported that Dearlove and Halper had cut ties with “fellow academics” at Cambridge “in a varsity spy scare harking back to the heyday.../94
...of Soviet espionage at the heart of the British establishment.”Dearlove and Halper said they resigned “because of concerns over what they fear could be a Kremlin-backed operation to compromise the group.” Halper said he stepped down due to “unacceptable Russian influence” /95
The statements made by Halper were false. I was not part of a “Kremlin-backed operation to compromise” the Seminar because, in truth, there was no such “operation”. Halper completely fabricated the so-called Russian “operation”. Halper’s misrepresentations and... /96
...propaganda in the FT article were designed to seed the false narrative about me and stoke fears and paranoia about Russian subversion of the west and meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
CIA traditionally seed stories in foreign press to have them re-printed in US. /97
After publication of the FT Article, Halper began to contact other media outlets in UK and US to solicit help in publicizing the false narrative about me and Russian intermeddling. /98
In December 2016, Halper told a chief reporter with The Times of London (Britain’s oldest national daily newspaper), that I was a Russian spy.
The Times tried to print the story just as I was due to give birth.
I had to get lawyers involved to stop this. /99
I was later told by reporters who had also been approached by Halper in December 2016 that this was the first media attack on @GenFlynn using the false story about me and Flynn.
The plot was to stop Gen Flynn from being appointed Trump's National Security Advisor. /100
On January 23, 2017, President Trump appointed General Flynn as his National Security Advisor.
On January 30, 2017, DOJ and FBI cleared @GenFlynn of all allegations, such as of Flynn being a Russian asset which included Halper's false allegations. /101
DNI James Clapper called David Ignatius of WashPo around Jan 10, 2017 and said: "Take the kill shot on Flynn"
On Jan 12, 2017 Ignatius leaked information allegedly provided by ONA's Baker of @GenFlynn's call with Russian ambassador, causing Flynn to resign on Feb 13, 2017 /102
James Baker, Halper's handler at ONA, had just awarded Halper an additional $411,575.

Halper and the FBI saw General Flynn’s resignation as the catalyst and opportunity to accelerate the defamation campaign and solidify the belief that “Russian collusion” was real. /103
Halper enlisted Prof Andrew in his scheme to defame me and General Flynn. On February 19, 2017, Andrew published a poison-pen article in the Sunday Times. He included many untruths about me and General Flynn, and article was laden with sexual innuendo. /104
For instance, Andrew falsely stated that Gen Flynn was attracted to me and invited me to travel with him as a translator to Moscow. Halper and Andrew knew these statements were false. Neither Halper nor Andrew ever heard @GenFlynn ask me to travel with him to Moscow. /105
When I challenged Andrew, he refused to correct the article claiming that he wrote the article to head off “fake news”. In truth, Andrew published the article in concert with Halper as part of the conspiracy to defame and smear me, and to connect @GenFlynn to a Russian. /106
In March 2017, three competing US publications – Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post – contacted me within 48 hours. All asked about my “relationships” with General Flynn. All had been given my name, contact details and fake information by Halper. /107
Halper told the Wall Street Journal that Gen Flynn and I had an affair. On February 28, 2017, two WSJ “journalists” emailed me asking about my “relationship with Flynn”. I did not reply. I was ill and dealing with a newborn. /108
When they could not get a comment out of me, the WSJ “journalists” then put it to senior academics at Cambridge that Gen Flynn and I had had an affair. The WSJ was informed that the accusations were untrue. In spite of these red flags and reasons to doubt Halper’s veracity.../109
...the Journal published Halper’s lies. On March 1, 2017, Andrew emailed me: “Neil [Kent] rang me this morning and has probably briefed you by now about WSJ. Because I refused to speak to them when they rang, I had no idea they were following such an outrageous story." /110
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