Shehnaaz's Childhood

1. A lot of ppl on SM have been bashing Sana for her insensitivity towards her parents stating that she is rude n has no control over her words, but have u guys ever tried to find out the reason behind all this? No right? #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13
2. Sana has had a rough/abusive childhood. She wasn't raised by her parents but stayed with her extended family for nearly 4 years where she was responsible for doing all the chores & even faced regular emotional & physical abuse as a child. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13
3. After that, she was sent to a hostel for her remaining studies where she was obviously on her own again & had no source of her parent's affection. A person's childhood is the most critical period of one's life as our childhood experiences are what shape our .... #SidNaaz #BB13
4. ... personality, thought process & behaviour 4 the rest of our life. Growing up, Sana wasn't with her parents who would have taught her as to how one should or should not behave. Don't u guys see it? Growing up, our parents r one who teach us the diff btw right & wrong....
5. ... who teach us that what is appropriate n what is inappropriate, but Sana never really had this opportunity.
Soon after completing her studies, she moved out n started working. Again, there was no one to guide her as she lives alone. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13
6. She is insensitive towards her parents' cuz she never had the chance to bond with them. In her recent USUD, she questions her father's claim that he raised with love cuz she doesn't think that she was, as she spent most of her childhood living apart from them. #ShehnaazGill
7. I am in no way bashing her parents or questioning their parenting cuz I dunno what factors must have contributed to all this, I am merely just offering a deeper analysis of her childhood exp which explains her current personality & behaviour. #ShehnaazGill #BB13 #SidNaaz
8. Even now, she was expecting her brother to come & more excited to meet him probably cuz she bonds well with her brother than her parents. Shehnaaz is a complex human being but anyone would be who has been through much especially childhood trauma. #ShehnaazGill #BB13 #SidNaaz
9. Instead of quickly judging her, u must at least try to broaden your perspective & find out the critical underlying mechanisms which have shaped her personality. Despite all this, she is an absolute sweetheart who never creates drama or plays.... #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13
10. girl card to gain sympathy. All she needs is love, guidance & protection to become an even better version of herself. If u compare her behaviour now to when she 1st came to BB, she has come a long way & shown exceptional maturity in many instances. #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill
11. So plz don't pour hate against her or judge her as we are all imperfect & have made mistakes in our lives. Instead, take inspiration from her as to how she constantly tries to improve herself & spread happiness even to those who have been rude to her 🙏. #ShehnaazGill #BB13
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