All this talk about Q...
Is Q real?
Ever seen the resume of a patriot with Q (and higher) clearance?
Wonder no more 👉

This highly decorated AF Officer says Q is real.
What do you say?

So when the liberal MSM, the politicians, and guest speakers, all line up on CNN to bash Q (and Trump)... just remember not ONE of them has ever had security clearances as high as this guy, who happens to be my Dad.
Every day there are trolls online, and unqualified “security experts”, disparaging the person known as Q, making up all kinds of terrible things in an effort to convince you that Q is fake. I’m here to tell you Q is real, and have brought you real patriot who would know.
Nearly 10% of the U.S. now has a favorable opinion of Q, while the MSM still pretends Q doesn’t exist, or it’s some fat slob sitting in his mother's basement. You all know somebody who doubts because there just isn’t any “proof” they say.
Or why isn’t any high ranking person standing up and saying Q is real?
Ok, here’s your high ranking person. And he’s from the intel community. And he happens to be my father, which gives me some unique perspective on all of this.
Posting my fathers full resume may help some who are looking for assurances gain a measure of confidence, or maybe get a loved one to think about all this by balancing out the MSM false narrative.
2nd edition posting, now with highlights and annotations to help you quickly skim a very dense 11 page resume. This is the unclassified resume with many projects removed. I've never seen the other version.
I have only hidden his personal identifying information, and may choose to post that soon, if he grants permission, or if he passes on (does not have much longer in this world).
After a long career in intel my father became deeply discouraged about the corruption in our government.
He and many other patriots helped create classified systems and data gathering tools (NSA) to make our country safer, NOT to have them turned against the people. He's pretty pissed about having his life's work in the wrong hands.
We thank God every day that is behind us now and JUSTICE IS COMING. Instead of sadness that what he worked on was turned against us... now he's filled with joy that those same tools are going to bite them, and bring them down.
My father will not explain for you, the things Q has said, and what's going on with Trump, because (as other former intel people can tell you) doing so is highly frowned on. He served during a time when people didn't f*&$ around, and took their duty seriously.
It would also not be proper, because this whole movement is about getting the people enough information so they can make up their own minds. This is the only "cult" in history that teaches you to think for yourself.
All we are saying is... Please trust President Trump and Q. They are working together and there is a plan to take back our courts, our schools, our freedoms. Please follow what Q says, think for yourself, and pray for wisdom.
James 1:5 King James Version (KJV)
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
With his experience in such matters, and based on MANY details Q has posted, he is prepared to say "The person(s) posting as Q, are certainly highly experienced in the intel community. Their use of terminology, and operational details, and other clues hidden in plain..
sight within their communications, make it clear they are communicating on more than one level, to both the public, and other members of domestic and foreign intel communities. The ease and accuracy of their use of sigint nomenclature, and references to real historical...
classified events, with which I am personally familiar, are completely consistent, at times with the official records, and with hints for those who know, with the unofficial records. These elements are generally considered to be impossible to fake within intel ranks.
My NSA, DoD, DNI, and other contracts prevent me from commenting on the specific matters Q has discussed. I can only say what a reasonably informed lay-person should be able to deduce from publicly available information. We are dealing with real MI ops here."
Now I will post his full resume. Other service personnel, and certainly intel community members, can verify from many details of this resume that it is genuine. Anybody senior in the Cyber community can look at restricted books on their shelves, note the authors name...
compare to this resume, and know which patriot I'm talking about here. Lots of people have TS clearances, usually in just one agency at a time, sometimes 2 or 3. Rarely does a person have TS, TS Crypto, in ALL agencies at the same time.
If you Google the Air Force Human Reliability Program (HRP), you’ll end up at a DoE site. You'll see that one must already have Q clearance before they can even apply for HRP access.
My father was one of a group that were the digital plumbers that created MILNET, and basically the whole classified system used by modern intel. In the early days of the net, my father was the gatekeeper who configured and defined Intel community member's access.
Conclusion. If my dad says Q is real... I believe him. Take it with a grain of salt, you don't know him or me. But read some of this resume and ask yourself if a normal LARP on the internet would even have the knowledge to write like this?
Following are the full detailed pages from his resume.
This man gave his whole life, his health, and rarely got to spend much time with his family, to make you safer.

Please give a RT at the top of this thread so his words have a chance to be heard. 🙏
Update. Dad’s in ICU now and expected to pass in the next couple days.
Once he passed his identity will be revealed and a message that’s been held back will be delivered.
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