The thing about Starmer is that it is very difficult to square his apparent leftism with the fact that people who have spent 5 years opposing the left really want him to win.

Either Starmer will disappoint his left-wing supporters, or he will disappoint his centrist supporters.
Starmer's leftist supporters seem to believe that he will continue with Corbyn's policies.

Starmer's centrist supporters seem to believe that he will abandon those policies.

Personally, I'll be voting for the candidate that everyone agrees will continue Corbyn's policies - RLB.
I think that it is important to point out that I do not think that Starmer is a Blairite. I like him. I think that he would be a reasonably good Leader, and I certainly won't be leaving the party if he wins.

I just think that RLB is better, and that she has better policies.
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