** More eyes please - disturbing find

Went on a dig and found a corp called "Centro Juridico E Inversiones Yenmor" in the Domican Republic. (Yenmor Legal and Investment Center)

Yenmor is ROMNEY spelled backwards and well, Delecto...
2) In looking at the Director(s) on this page, it only lists one:

Sujeidy Carolina Agramonte de ROMNEY

Specifically says ROMNEY.

Continued next post...

3) "Agramonte de" means "grateful of". So ... Agramonte de Romney is literally "grateful of ROMNEY".

Creepy, right?

Searching further, the very first goog link to Sujeidy Carolina is a listing on "Children International" featuring a 10 year old girl... https://www.children.org/make-a-difference/sponsor-a-child/child-details/1160615
4) It is interesting to note that her "profile" states:

"Sujeidy Carolina has been sponsored by an amazing world-changer! "

Is this 10 year old girl the same one that is listed as the Director of the corp in the Dominican Republic?

I don't know...
5) I don't believe it's a coincidence that the Director's name includes "grateful of ROMNEY".

WHY does the Director's name, for a corp in the Dominican Republic include "grateful of ROMNEY"???
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