Q provided instructions to anons on deciphering his posts and interpreting news and current events to help us understand the ebb and flow of global events.

I'll examine point by point (see the numbered comments) what Q said about reading his posts.
1) There have been (and still are) coordinated efforts underway to misdirect those who wish to learn from Q.

(In my opinion, the attempts to misdirect have only increased as the movement has grown.)
2) Q said a guide to reading his crumbs (messages) was needed and he would provide it.

(This post is the guide.)
3) Q had previously asked anons to regularly compile all of his posts in a single graphic for review. Q confirmed the current graphic was correct but linked graphics were incorrect.

Having a correct graphic of all posts is vital.
4) Anons did not yet know the value of timestamps but in the coming months, timestamps would become important as Q and POTUS would post at the same time or at pre-determined intervals, which requires careful analysis of timestamps.
5) After big news events, Q told anons to review his past posts and analyze them for topics that were mentioned in the news.
6) A story being in the news doesn't make it relevant. Disinformation is provided by both white hats & black hats.

Curiosity over "interesting" but irrelevant information distracts us from seeing important (relevant) information and it keeps us from connecting the dots.
7) Q will often ask questions that seem confusing prior to big events.
The questions are markers. They need to be re-evaluated after a news story breaks.
8) Q's questions and hints are intended to make us look back into the past to see the truth, which was revealed in prior posts.
9) What is a map?

A map is useful for showing you information about where you are and it can be used to find a destination.

Q's posts, collectively, are called "the map."
10) What is a legend?

A legend helps interpret map symbols.

Some of Q's posts contain symbolic meaning and must be decoded.

Q provides confirmation of correct decodes.
11) What is a sequence?

A sequence is a series of posts that when put together and analyzed, reveal important information.

(The "Bunker Apple Yellow Sky" and "Red Red" posts from November of 2017 can only be correctly decoded by putting together posts over several weeks.)
12) When does a map become a guide?

Q said we needed a guide. The map (a collection of all posts) along with instruction from Q on how to decode them is our guide.
13) What is a keystone?

Intelligence collected by the NSA is the key.

The power of the office of POTUS + the U.S military is the stone.
14) Everything posted by Q has relevance.

(I would add that each post has relevance to someone, at some time.
Whether we correctly understand the relevance of every post is a different matter.)
15) Future events provide insights into understanding past posts.
16) The map (a collection of all of Q's posts) provides a glimpse at the events happening on the geopolitical stage.
17) A complete and correct analysis of all of Q's posts gives us a look at the big picture—what is happening behind the scenes and who controls global events.
18) The big picture, (40,000-foot view) is classified, but correctly interpreting Q posts gives us an understanding of those events which would not be possible outside of a classified briefing.
19) Q's map helps us see where global events are headed and how Trump is leading the way.
20) The deep state has controlled the narrative for years through a compliant and dishonest media.
21) The fake news narrative has kept the public asleep as if they under a spell.
22) Because the media bombard society with a false narrative, we have been asked to help disseminate a true narrative in the hope of waking up a sleeping world.
23) Although it sometimes seems as if nothing is changing, operations are underway and good people are changing the world for the better.
24) Forget about interesting (but unhelpful) distractions.
Focus on the graphic.
Read Q's posts.
Commit them to memory.
Review them after big news events.
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